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How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name In Alabama?

How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name In Alabama
Both a cashier’s check and a money order are acceptable forms of payment for the $25.00 charge that must be paid. For information on acceptable forms of picture identification, please check the webpage provided below for the Alabama Department of Public Safety (follow the links).

How do I change my name legally in Alabama?

A Brief Synopsis of the Name-Changing Laws That Apply to Adults in the State of Alabama – An adult resident of Alabama who wishes to change their name must initiate the process by going to the state’s Probate Court and submitting the necessary paperwork.

In Alabama, changing one’s name as an adult starts with the submission of a Verified Petition with the Probate Court in the jurisdiction in which the petitioner resides. This petition must be signed by the adult who wants their name changed. As was mentioned earlier, the petitioner (the person who starts the suit or application) is required to have resided in the State of Alabama and the County in which they will be filing their application for a minimum of one (1) year prior to the date on which they submit their petition or application.

Personal information is included in the Verified Petition, as is required by legislation. This information includes the petitioner’s current name as well as the new name the petitioner desires to take. Following the submission of the Verified Petition as well as any other necessary paperwork and the payment of the relevant filing fee for such, the Court will set a hearing date for the Petitioner.

  1. During the hearing, the court may accept testimony from any and all parties who have a stake in the matter, and it may also examine under oath the petitioner as well as any other person who has relevant information about the petition.
  2. In the event that someone files an objection to your request, your case will become disputed, and it is strongly recommended that you retain legal representation at this point.

In the event that you do not retain legal counsel, you will be required to act as your own representative during the contentious hearing. The change of name that has been sought may be granted or denied by the Court. If the judge is convinced that the petitioner has satisfied the statutory requirements, that the requested name change would be appropriate, and that the change would not be detrimental to the interests of any other person, then the judge will sign a Decree allowing the petitioner to take the new name.

If the judge is not convinced that the petitioner has satisfied the statutory requirements, then the judge will not sign the Decree. Generally speaking, the petitioner only has to make two appearances in court: the first one is to file the case, and the second one is to go before the judge and ask for their name to be changed.

However, there are circumstances when the court will hear the petitioner’s request for a name change immediately after the petitioner has sent in their documents (that same day).

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How long does it take to change your name in Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, how long does it take to change your name? – At the very minimum, two (2) weeks. Until the Social Security Administration provides a new social security card in the person’s new name, the person will continue to use the identification connected with their previous name.

  1. It is possible to argue that a name change order from a court should be sufficient to use one’s new name with one’s friends, family, and acquaintances, as well as for non-official activities.
  2. However, in order to make using the new name for official purposes legitimate, you will need to get a new social security card.

It is not necessary to have assistance in order to alter one’s name. To simplify the process of changing one’s name, however, interested parties typically retain the services of a family law attorney or a reputable name change business. This is because the procedure of changing one’s name can be onerous.

  • Despite this, it is important to be aware that the cost of changing one’s name may easily reach into the hundreds of dollars, especially if one follows step-by-step instructions on how to do it themselves.
  • As a general guideline, you should make as many copies of the official marriage certificate as are required.

The individual will be able to execute many legal modifications at the same time if they do this because the majority of agencies have similar standards for the bare minimum.

Can I change my last name without getting married in Alabama?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Name Via a Court Order in Alabama – In Alabama, if you want to change your name, there are some situations in which you cannot utilize your marriage certificate. In such a scenario, you would be required to make a formal request to the court in order to change your name on official documents.

  1. This may be the situation if, for example, you want to change your surname to something that is not the same as the last name of your husband.
  2. Unfortunately, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will not acknowledge your marriage certificate as a valid document for changing your name if you and your spouse are of the same gender.

Before you may change your name on your Alabama driver’s license, you will need to acquire a court order if the above description applies to you. Contact the probate court in the county where you live to receive comprehensive instructions on how to petition for a name change in that jurisdiction and to determine whether or not you are required to do so (it is in your best interest to verify this, as the process unfortunately requires additional investment of both your time and money).

You won’t be able to move further with the processes outlined below without a certified copy of the court order that granted you permission to legally alter your name. Once you get your marriage certificate or the court order, the first thing you need do is update your Social Security card. This is a vital step.

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Because of this, in order to alter your name on other legal papers, like as your driver’s license, you will first need to notify the Social Security Administration of your new married name. (It is also of the utmost need to make certain that you do not make any mistakes with regard to your taxes or your Social Security payments!)

What is the price to change your last name?

Changing your name will cost you around $170, or approximately $55 if you are a kid under the age of two.

What is a good reason to change your name?

Change your name to commemorate your background, race, or religion; change your name to honor a step-parent or other individual who has played an important role in your life; and change your name to honor a family member who passed away. Hyphenating your surnames together will result in the creation of a new last name for both you and your spouse.

How do I change my last name on my driver’s license in Alabama?

In order to change your name on your driver’s license or ID card, you will need to make an appointment with the Social Security Office, which is located at 4970 Research Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35805, and alter your name on your Social Security Card. In order to change your name, you will be given a form that you need to present to the office.

How old do you have to be to change your last name in Alabama?

Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce) – Under the following circumstances, an adult, which is defined as someone who is at least 19 years old (according to section 26-1-1), may alter their name: You must be a resident of Alabama; you cannot have been convicted of a crime or as a sexual offender; you must not be a defendant in a criminal case at this time; and you must not be attempting to evade financial obligations.

How do I change my name after divorce in Alabama?

Can I change my name after my divorce in Alabama? | Divorce & Family Law in Alabama Can I change my name after my divorce in Alabama? After going through a divorce, many women decide to rebrand themselves with a new moniker. People are allowed to use any name they choose in Alabama, as long as they are not changing their name for false reasons, which is against the law.

  1. Legal action is required in order to change one’s name.
  2. Your Alabama divorce lawyer will be able to assist you in changing your name throughout the process of getting a divorce by either adding the change to the divorce agreement and the final order, or by helping you file a legal procedure after the divorce has been finalized.
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This can be done by submitting a petition to the Probate Court in the county in which you now reside requesting permission to change your name. Adding the sentence “The Wife shall resume the use of her prior name, _,” to the divorce order will allow you to alter your name after the marriage has ended.

  • Any petition to change a name needs to be signed by the individual who wants to change their name, and it needs to contain both the current name that they are known by and the new name that they want to use in the future.
  • The legal process of adopting a child typically entails changing the kid’s name to one of the adoptive parent’s choosing.

It’s an interesting fact, but a former wife might not be allowed to use the given name or initials of her ex-husband after they divorce. According to the statute, “After divorce from the bonds of matrimony and within the discretion of the circuit court of the county in which the divorced wife resides and upon application of any interested party, the divorced wife may be enjoined from the use of the given name or initials of the divorced husband.” This provision gives the circuit court of the county in which the divorced wife resides the authority to decide whether or not to enjoin the divorced wife from using the given name or initials of the divorce In actual fact, this is a clause that is rarely utilized, particularly if you have children.

The vast majority of wives give their children their husband’s last name, and the vast majority of courts in today’s society will not compel a lady to give up her husband’s name unless there are exceptional circumstances. We’ve also been involved in the process of seeking to clear a child’s name of their biological father’s name.

Unless you are able to remove the parental rights of the father before the name change, this is very hard to do. Get in Touch with a Local Divorce Attorney in Alabama Today The attorneys at Alabama Divorce and Family Law, LLC have been practicing law for decades and have successfully resolved thousands of divorce cases, ranging from straightforward uncontested divorces to cases involving highly complex litigation.

They have a track record of success that speaks for itself. If you are considering filing for divorce in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Shelby County, or any other county in Alabama, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can provide you with a private evaluation of your situation.

You have a limited amount of time to safeguard your rights, children, assets, and reputation if you have been served with a divorce complaint. Clients come to us from all across the wonderful state of Alabama, including Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Chelsea, Alabaster, Pelham, and Bessemer, when they need assistance in the process of getting a divorce. How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name In Alabama