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What County Is Daleville Alabama In?

What County Is Daleville Alabama In
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In what county is Daleville Al?

The region in Southeast Alabama where Daleville is situated is referred to as the Wiregrass. This region got its name from a particularly resilient variety of grass that grew in abundance when early settlers arrived in the area in the early 1800s. Daleville, which is located in Dale County and contains around 14 square miles of land, is situated on the outskirts of Fort Rucker, Alabama, which is one of the most significant military sites in the state.

  • General Sam Dale was a pioneer scout, courier, and commander of settlers who traveled through the Creek and Choctaw tribes along the gulf coast region.
  • Daleville was given its name in honor of General Sam Dale.
  • General Dale, who was renowned for his ability to maintain composure under pressure, commanded forces during the Creek War in 1813 and 1814 before going on to serve in the Alabama Legislature (representing Monroe County) from 1813 and 1850.

In the region known as the Wiregrass, Daleville was one of the first settlements to be established. In 1814, the Creek Indian Wars came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Fort Jackson, which ceded the region that would ultimately become Southeast Alabama to the United States of America.

The 1820s saw the arrival of the region’s first pioneers who were not of Native American descent. In 1831, the town of Dale’s Court House was built as the county seat of the recently created Dale County to serve as the county’s administrative center. In 1838, the county seat was moved to Newton, which was located nearby.

Today, the county seat is located in Ozark. In 1841, Dale’s Court House was renamed Daleville with the move of the county seat. Throughout the entirety of the 1800s, Daleville maintained its status as a sleepy farming village. The railroad was completed through the middle of the town in the year 1900, but more development of the region did not commence until World War II, when the United States Military erected a garrison to the north of the town that was later given the name Camp Rucker.

  1. After the conclusion of World War II, Camp Rucker was transformed into the important installation that is now known as Fort Rucker to reflect its new role in Army Aviation.
  2. Since that time, Daleville’s expansion and population have been inextricably tied to Fort Rucker.
  3. Over the course of the past six decades, thousands of military service families have made Daleville their home while serving at Fort Rucker, and this connection has only strengthened over time.
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The residents who live in Daleville now appreciate the town’s traditional small-town feel as well as its convenient proximity to a wide variety of beaches and tourist attractions along the Gulf Coast. Families of service members who have been stationed at various locations across the world enjoy the distinctive fusion of foreign cuisines offered at Daleville’s several well-known diners and restaurants.

The local and national shopping complexes in Dothan and Enterprise are both located only a few minutes apart, making them convenient options for retail shopping. Because of its close proximity to Fort Rucker, Daleville is home to a sizeable population of civilian contractors who work in a variety of high-tech fields related to aviation support.

These fields range from flight maintenance to the most cutting-edge flight training simulators in the United States. The results of the most current population count, which was carried out by the United States Census in 2010, are presented in the following table.

Is Daleville Alabama a good place to live?

According to the mayor of Daleville, there are a few factors that have contributed to the city’s high safety ranking, which places it in the top 10 safest in all of Alabama.

What is Daleville Alabama known for?

Daleville has maintained its warm and friendly small-town vibe because to the dedication of generations of local and military families. Daleville takes great pride in being Fort Rucker’s nearest neighbor and in being the location of state-of-the-art aviation training facilities, which are responsible for preparing U.S.

  • Military pilots for action on the contemporary battlefield.
  • In addition to being recognized as the “City that feeds Fort Rucker,” Daleville is home to a large number of dining establishments and provides guests with a diverse selection of lodging options, services, and chances for recreational pursuits.

The perfectly grilled ribeyes at McLin’s Restaurant (named in 2012 as one of Alabama’s top 5 steakhouses), the cultural art displays at the Daleville Cultural and Convention Center (with its 6,709 square foot meeting room that can host an event for 400 people), and the Wiregrass Museum of Art (located just a short drive away in Dothan), visitors to Daleville frequently return to the area to discover all of the possibilities that are available to them.

  1. The Army Aviation Museum, which is considered to be one of the most popular tourist sites in the state of Alabama, is located in Daleville.
  2. There are about 160 aircraft in the collection of the museum, with over 45 of them being on exhibit to the general public.
  3. The museum also has one of the greatest collections of helicopters anywhere in the world.
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In addition, the museum’s collection of historical property has around four thousand individual artifacts. The museum reference library comprises more than 1,000 technical and field manuals, more than 2,000 videos, an aviation history reference section of several hundred books and magazines, and around 95,000 pictures.

Lake Tholocco is a 640-acre lake located inside Fort Rucker offering several leisure activities and housing possibilities. At the lake, some of the most popular recreational activities include waterskiing, boating, hiking, bicycling, and swimming. Additionally, the lake is home to some of the best fishing and hunting chances around.

Facilities include four fishing piers, beaches, pavilions, and clean restrooms. If you’re visiting Daleville, make sure to bring your golf equipment! Just a few minutes away, you’ll discover some of the most challenging and enjoyable golf in the tri-state area.

  1. Silver Wings Golf Course is a 27-Hole Championship golf course situated on Fort Rucker.
  2. The course is known for its exceptional Champion Bermuda Greens and for having one of the most difficult layouts among courses in the area.
  3. The fairways are densely forested with a variety of trees, including pines and hardwoods, and they gently undulate through a variety of elevation gradients.

The property includes a Meeting & Banquet space, a fully equipped Golf Shop, a 300-yard long illuminated Practice Range, and a Divots Restaurant & Grille. All of these amenities are available to guests. The institution welcomes members of the general public and provides them with a variety of options for membership.

What is the population of Daleville Alabama?

In the U.S. state of Alabama, Dale County, you’ll find the city of Daleville. The population has increased from 4,653 at the time of the 2000 census to 5,295 at the time of the 2010 census. The Ozark Micropolitan Statistical Area includes this location as a component of its territory.

What is the county seat of Dale County Alabama?

Dale County
U.S. county
Daleville historical marker
Location within the U.S. state of Alabama
Alabama’s location within the U.S.
Coordinates: 31°26′00″N 85°36′00″W  /  31.433333333333°N 85.6°W
Country United States
State Alabama
Founded December 22, 1824
Named for Samuel Dale
Seat Ozark
Largest city Ozark
• Total 563 sq mi (1,460 km 2 )
• Land 561 sq mi (1,450 km 2 )
• Water 1.6 sq mi (4 km 2 ) 0.3%
Population ( 2020 )
• Total 49,326
• Estimate (2021) 49,342
• Density 88/sq mi (34/km 2 )
Time zone UTC−6 ( Central )
• Summer ( DST ) UTC−5 ( CDT )
Congressional district 2nd
Website www,dalecountyal,org
County Number 26 on Alabama Licence Plates
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Dale County is a county that may be found in the southeast corner of the state of Alabama in the United States. The population was counted at 49,326 at the census that was taken in 2020. Ozark is the county seat as well as the major city in this area. It was named after General Samuel Dale to recognize his service.

Dale County is included in both the Dothan-Ozark, Alabama Combined Statistical Area and the Ozark, Alabama Micropolitan Statistical Area. Ozark is located in the state of Alabama. It was once a part of the Enterprise–Ozark micropolitan region until it was divided, and for a longer duration it was initially a part of the Dothan–Enterprise–Ozark combined statistical area, but as of more recent censuses, Coffee County is now its own independent main statistical area.

Dale County has the bulk of Fort Rucker, which can be found in Oklahoma.

What is the Daleville time zone?

It is six hours later than Coordinated Universal Time in the Central Daylight Time zone, which Daleville is in (UTC). Pinckard, Bellwood, High Bluff, Bailey Crossroads, and Battens Crossroads are some of the cities in the surrounding area.

Why live in Daleville Florida?

You have arrived at Daleville, also known as the “City of Possibilities,” which serves as Southeast Alabama’s entrance to Fort Rucker, which is the headquarters of the United States Army Aviation. Everyone may enjoy the enticing fusion of traditional Southern hospitality, cutting-edge convenience, and global culture that Daleville has to offer.

The exceptional quality of life that residents of Daleville enjoy on a daily basis can be attributed to a number of factors, including the town’s highly regarded educational system, abundance of year-round recreational opportunities, reliable medical service providers, and a wide range of nearby dining, shopping, and cultural experiences.

Additionally, the warm and sunny beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are never more than a short drive away. We urge you to come to Daleville and learn more about the opportunities available to you, regardless of whether you are currently stationed at Fort Rucker with your family, are here on business, or are considering moving to the region.