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What County Is Pelham Alabama In?

What County Is Pelham Alabama In
Mensen zoeken ook naar Jefferson County The County of Sint Clair The County of Chilton The County of Madison County of Vincent Pelham in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

What is Pelham AL known for?

Oak Mountain State Park, which is located near Pelham and is the largest park in Alabama, added 1,644 more acres in December 2021. The newly added area increases the overall acreage of Oak Mountain State Park up to 11,584, which is almost double the size of Central Park in New York City.

  • Visitors have a wide variety of activities to choose from, including fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, golfing, and seeing animals.
  • In addition to Oak Mountain, Pelham provides a wide variety of opportunities for leisure and relaxation in the surrounding area.
  • The Oak Mountain Amphitheater is known for hosting bands and performers from all around the United States that have won Grammy Awards.

The Birmingham Bulls, who play in the Southern Professional Hockey League, call the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena in Pelham, Alabama, their home rink. An annual United States Tennis Association Pro Circuit women’s event is held at the Pelham Racquet Club, and it draws elite players from all around the world.

  1. When it comes to Birmingham’s several public golf courses, the Ballantrae Golf Club is the one that locals and tourists alike gravitate toward the most.
  2. The municipal parks and other leisure opportunities in Pelham are unparalleled.
  3. Our city is connected to the surrounding area in a way that no other city can match, thanks to the Greenway route.

In addition to baseball, softball, and football fields, the Pelham City Park complex that we maintain also includes a dog park, an outdoor basketball court, an outdoor sand volleyball court, a tennis center, and a recreation center. More than 5,500 companies call Pelham, Alabama, home, giving it an edge of more than two to one over its closest competitor in Shelby County.

One thousand seven hundred of them are either medium-sized or little. Pelham has a population of 24,000 people, which helps us to have the sense of a little town. However, we have two exits off of Interstate 65, which provides us with simple and convenient access to Birmingham as well as Atlanta and the lovely beaches of South Alabama.

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Our picturesque communities provide an escape from the chaos of the outside world. Both as a place to call home and as a tourist destination, it is a fantastic location.

What is Pelham Alabama close to?

Helena, AL. Alabaster, AL. Hoover, AL.

How did Pelham Alabama get its name?

The town of Pelham may be found in Shelby County, which is found in the middle of Alabama. It is governed by a mayor and city council, which works together. Peavine Falls: A Brief History Shelbyville was the name of the first community that was founded in 1820 at the place that is now Pelham.

  • Shelbyville served as the location of the original county courthouse until Columbiana was proclaimed the county seat in 1826.
  • In 1867, the town was renamed Pelham after the Civil Fight hero Maj.
  • John Pelham, who supposedly stayed overnight with his forces near Shelbyville during the war.
  • This is how the town got its new name.

In 1887, the town had a population of only around 250 people, thus it continued to be on the smaller side. Pelham became a city in July 1964 as a direct response to Alabaster’s efforts to absorb the surrounding territory. The first municipal elections were held in September 1965.

  • There were 654 people living there at the time of the census.
  • The next year, in 1967, construction of a city water system began.
  • In the second part of the 20th century, Pelham, along with the other towns in Shelby County, benefited from the movement of people and companies southward from Birmingham.
  • This movement occurred mostly in the 20th century.

Demographics According to the preliminary results of the Census taken in 2020, Pelham had a total population of 23,707. Of that total, 79.7 percent self-identified as being white, 13.2 percent as being Hispanic, 9.8 percent as being black, 4.0 as being two or more races, 1.6 as being Asian, and 0.7 as being American Indian and Alaska Native.

The city had a per capita income of $28,934, while the median income for a household in the city was $52,035. Employment According to the estimations provided by the 2020 Census, the labor force in Pelham was distributed as follows throughout the several commercial sectors: In addition to medical treatment and social aid, educational services are provided here (22.7 percent) Manufacturing (14.2 percent) Retail trade (11.6 percent) Services ranging from the professional and scientific to the managerial and administrative, as well as trash management (9.6 percent) services in the fields of the arts, entertainment, amusement, housing, and cuisine (8.3 percent) Putting up a building (6.7 percent) Services in the areas of finance, insurance, real estate, and leasing and renting (5.6 percent) Management of the public sector (5.5 percent) Logistics, including transportation and storage, as well as utility services (5.5 percent) Other types of services, except those related to public administration (4.9 percent) Wholesale trade (2.5 percent) Data or information (1.5 percent) Agriculture, logging, fishing, hunting, and the extraction of natural resources (1.4 percent) Education One elementary school, one intermediate school, and one high school can be found in Pelham, all of which are a part of the Shelby County School District.

In addition to these public schools, there are three private schools in the area. Transportation State Highway 31, which runs north to south, and County Road 52 cut Pelham in half horizontally (east-west). The city is located immediately to the east of Interstate 65.

  • The Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport is roughly 20 miles to the north of Pelham, making it the major airport that is the closest to the city.
  • Things to Do and Interesting Locations There are a total of five parks in the Pelham area, one of which is a city park complex that offers sports fields (including football, baseball, and softball), tennis courts, and playgrounds.
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Trails for walking, workout areas, outdoor basketball courts, and picnic spots may be found in the other parks in the region. Two full-sized ice hockey rinks, as well as meeting facilities and halls, are available for rental at the Pelham Civic Complex, which may be used for both public and private events.

The Ballantrae Golf Club features a course with 18 holes, while the Pelham Racquet Club has 25 tennis courts, 20 of which are clay and five of which are hard. Swimming, boating, hiking, and camping are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed at Oak Mountain State Park, which can be found just four miles northeast of the city.

Additional Sources of Information Committee to Publish the Shelby County Heritage Book. The history of Shelby County in the state of Alabama. Heritage Publishing Consultants published in Clanton, Alabama in the year 1999.

What is the population of the city of Pelham Alabama?

In the U.S. state of Alabama’s Shelby County, you’ll find the city of Pelham. It became a municipality in July 1964, and now it is a suburb that is a part of the Birmingham metropolitan region in Alabama, which has over 1.1 million people living in it as of the census in the year 2020.

What is the history of Pelham?

Prior to the American Civil War, the area that is now Pelham was a community known as Shelbyville. Pelham was not incorporated until 1964. In recognition of Major John Pelham, the former community of Shelbyville was rechristened as Pelham at some point in time following the end of the Civil War.

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What is the sales tax rate in Pelham?

Additionally, the gross profits that come from amusement and entertainment venues are subject to sales tax. The overall rate of sales tax in the City of Pelham is 9% (4% is collected by the state of Alabama, 1% is collected by Shelby County, and 4% is collected by the City of Pelham).

Where are the Hampton Inn and suites in Pelham Alabama?

Hampton Inn And Suites, 232 Cahaba Valley Rd, Pelham, Alabama 35124, Phone: (205) 313-9500, Fax: (205) 313-9600 Ramada Limited, 113 Cahaba Vly Park E, Pelham, Alabama 35124, Phone: (205) 987-0444, Fax: (205) 987-4816