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What Growing Zone Is North Alabama?

What Growing Zone Is North Alabama

What are the growing zones in Alabama?

Learn the Plant Hardiness Zone Where You Live Within the Southeast section of the United States map, Zones 7b through 8b are where you’ll find Alabama.

What is the fastest growing tree in Alabama?

The Best Species of Trees to Plant in Alabama — – Long Leaf Pines are native to Alabama, which presents some difficulties due to the intense shade they cast and the acidic soil that results from the needles that fall from the trees. Despite these difficulties, the Long Leaf Pine is a state symbol.

Eeping this in mind, we strongly suggest that gardeners in Alabama select native shrubs and trees that are able to flourish in the sandy to clay soil and extreme summer heat of the state. Both our Tulip Poplars and our Hybrid Poplars are among the quickest-growing trees you could want to come across.

Both of these trees are able to survive in acidic soil, and their resiliency assures that they will survive the intense heat of Alabama summers. They will quickly become well-established and give the appearance of having been a part of the residential landscape of your property for a number of years.

Other types of indigenous trees include the ever-reliable Tonto Crape Myrtle, the Muskogee Crape, the Pink Dogwood, and the Cleveland Pear. Each of these trees will give your yard a dash of vivacious color while also giving you with some much-needed shade. The Fast Growing Trees Nursery is where you will find some of the most impressive trees Alabama has to offer for landscaping purposes.

Check out our selection of azaleas if you want to add a splash of color to your yard with a shrub that thrives in the climate of Alabama. Your garden will have a vibrant border or focal point thanks to these evergreen plants that bloom year after year.

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What planting zone is Madison Al?

The USDA designates the area around Madison, Alabama as having a 7b hardiness zone.