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What Is The Area Code For Birmingham Alabama?

What Is The Area Code For Birmingham Alabama
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Where is a 659 area code?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — In order to handle the growing quantity of phone numbers, a new area code, 659, has been established. AT&T noted that the 205 area code primarily covers the west central section of the state and serves areas like Butler, Birmingham, Clanton, Hamilton, Jasper, Pell City, and Tuscaloosa. These communities are served by the 205 area code.

What are all of the area codes in Alabama?

An exhaustive list of all of Alabama’s area codes

Area code Areas/Cities served Overlays
205 Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Northport, Jasper, Oneonta, Clanton, and Pell City.
334 Montgomery, Auburn-Opelika, Dothan, Valley, and Selma.
256 Huntsville-Decatur, Florence-Muscle Shoals, Gadsden, Anniston, Alexander City, and Sylacauga. 938

Does Alabama have a new area code?

There is currently a different area code in effect for the Birmingham metropolitan region. The existing area code of 205 will be superseded by the newly created area code of 659. What exactly does that imply then? This indicates that residents of the same region will be served by both the 205 and 659 area codes.

If you now reside in the 205 area code, effective on April 13, 2019, you will be required to begin dialing 10 digits whenever you wish to communicate with someone who also resides in the same general region as you do. For a many of years, residents of the 205 area code needed only to call seven digits to speak with someone either in the same city or in the next city.

The new 659 area code will become available for assignment of new telephone lines and other services beginning on November 12, 2019. People won’t start receiving phone numbers with the new area code until November, but beginning in April, you’ll need to start calling numbers that include the area code.

What area code is 302 in Alabama?

A map of the area codes used in Delaware The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigned the state of Delaware the 302nd telephone area code to be used for local calls inside the state. It was one of the first area codes in North America to be issued in 1947 and is now the only area code in the state of Delaware.

  1. It is not anticipated that the numbering pool for the area code 302 will be depleted until 2033, despite the strong expansion in the provision of telecommunication services in the northern region of the state.
  2. Before October 2021, telephone numbers with the central office code 988 were given to locations in the area code 302 of the United States.
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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline began using the number 988 as a calling code across the country in 2020, which resulted in a problem for telephone companies that only allow dialing with seven digits. Because of this, the conversion to ten-digit dialing for this area code was slated to take place on October 24, 2021.

What area is 205 area code?

The municipalities of Butler, Birmingham, Clanton, Hamilton, Jasper, Pell City, and Tuscaloosa are among those that are served by the 205 area code. This area code is located in the west central part of the state. The new 659 area code will service the same geographical region that the present 205 area code does, which is now covered by that code.

What area code 872 belongs to?

Only newly-issued telephone numbers in the city of Chicago will be given the new area code of 872. There will be no change to the pricing for long distance calling.

What is area phone number?

In the United States, how many different area codes are there to choose from? – A phone number’s location inside the United States may be determined by looking at its associated area code. According to the North American Numbering Plan, there are about 320 area codes in use in the United States at the present time.

  • This number does not include any overlays (NANP).
  • Having said that, this count is by no means a reliable indicator.
  • The numbering plan areas in the continental United States began with around 78 in 1947 and went through a period of substantial development in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • The introduction of overlay area codes allowed for the creation of additional phone numbers in regions where there was a higher demand.
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In order to give relief to places that will reach their area code cap over the next four years, additional area codes are also in the planning stages. The state of California has the most area codes, with 35, followed by the state of Texas with 27 and then New York with 15.

What state is 470 phone number?

Where can you find the 470 area code? The Atlanta Metropolitan region in the state of Georgia is where you’ll find the 470 area code. The area code encompasses geographic areas that were formerly covered by area codes 770 and 404. These territories include significant urban centers and cities like as Atlanta City, Roswell, Duluth, Sandy Springs, East Point, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta.

What area code is 317 in Alabama?

The Eastern Time Zone for the State of Indiana The area code 317 is found in the state of Indiana, and according to the statistics provided by Intelius, it encompasses around 625,074 different phone numbers. With a population of around 919 062, Indianapolis is the most populous city contained under this area code.

  1. Have you had a call recently from a number that begins with the area code 317? Through the use of a reverse phone lookup search, you may discover the identity of the person phoning you.
  2. You will receive a report from Intelius that contains information such as the owner’s name, present and previous residences, age, relatives, and more if it is accessible.

The report will also include the type of phone and the carrier of the phone. Now is the time to look up the number (317).

What area code is 68 9?

There will be no discernible difference for existing clients. A new area code is going to be assigned to Central Florida. Beginning on June 4, residents of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties will be assigned a 689 area code when they receive a new mobile phone number or landline telephone number.

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What area code is 352?

Ocala, Florida and the surrounding areas make up the NANPA telephone dialing region known as area code 352. It was separated from the 904 area code in the year 1996. It encompasses the entirety of Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, and Hernando counties, as well as almost all of Alachua County, except the most northern part.

In addition, it encompasses the southern and easternmost parts of Bradford County, the westernmost part of northern Putnam County, the southwestern portion of Clay County, the northeast and north central portions of Pasco County, and the communities of Steinhatchee and Tennile in the most southern part of Taylor County.

All of these areas are located in Florida. There is a conflict for exchanges that allow seven-digit dialing since area code 352 contains telephone numbers assigned for the central office code 988.988 has been established worldwide as a dialing code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

What time zone is area code 659?

Area code 659 is an Alabama telephone area code. Alabama contains area codes of 205, 251, 256, 334, 659, 938,

Time Zone: Central GMT -6:00
Assigned Date: 12-Apr-01

What area code is 559 in California?

The city of Fresno, California, which is located in Fresno County, California, has the area code of 559.

What time zone is area code 650?

Which time zone does the (650) area code belong to? – The area code 650 may be found in the time zone for the Pacific Coast. Another name for the Pacific time zone is the America/Los Angeles time zone. The time was eleven o’clock at night when the previous iteration of this page was loaded.

Where is area code 619 in the States?

The area code 619 is utilized in the southern sections of the city of San Diego, roughly up to Linda Vista, as well as in Chula Vista and National City in the South Bay, cities in East County such as El Cajon and Santee, and in unincorporated regions of the county.