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What Sororities Are Old Row At Alabama?

What Sororities Are Old Row At Alabama
#1 It is without a doubt applicable to sororities as well. Before they started building houses up Jefferson, there were a total of six original fraternities that were located on what is now known as “Old Fraternity Row.” These six fraternities—SN, SAE, KA, PGD, PDT, and DKE—asked their six favorite sororities to become a part of the Old Row group and join them at their annual “Old Row” celebration.

These sororities thus became the Old Row group’s sorority component. KD, XO, KKG, DDD, AGD, and AXO are the sororities that make up the Old Row. Even though PM received a compassion invitation to join Old Row after the Machine wronged them in the 1990s, most people do not consider PM to be full-fledged embers of Old Row.

(discovered this in an older post; however, “old row” no longer has the same connotation as it once did) July 24, 2020 6:02:23 PM

How many sorority houses are at Bama?

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At this time, the Office of Student Involvement at the University of Alabama lists a total of 24 different sororities as being active on campus. Students, as well as international and national organizations, should get in touch with Kathleen Duffy if they are interested in starting a new sorority at The University of Alabama.