When Does Alabama Adventure Open 2022?

When Does Alabama Adventure Open 2022
May 14, 2022 This coming Saturday, May 14, 2022, the Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure will officially open for the season.

Is Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure safe?

The Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure is a Fun, Safe, and Clean Family Attraction! Purchase Your Daily Tickets and Season Passes RIGHT NOW! Only open on the weekends till the 6th of September! SECURE, TIDY, FRIENDLY, and ENTERTAINING — NOW CASHLESS for YOUR CONVENIENCE!

Does Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure have a rollercoaster?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – At Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure, brand new attractions, including a new rollercoaster, have just opened and are ready for you to check them out. Throughout the off-season, there were a lot of upgrades done so that guests might have a more comfortable time during the summer.

When will daily tickets be available for 2022?

Daily Admission for 2022 is Completely Sold Out – Entrance to the Park on Any One Day During the 2022 Season! Free Soft Drinks! Free Parking! Free Tubes! Free life jackets are available! Free Performances! Adults and guests above 52 inches tall will be charged $44.99.

$39.99 for Seniors (those aged 55 and over) and Guests who are under 52 inches ** Just bring your tickets purchased online right to the entrance gates (Make sure to download your tickets from your confirmation email, or print them out before you come to the park!) Our cabanas are the perfect solution for those of you who are looking for a private and quiet location to spend the day by themselves! Every Cabana is equipped with a personal safe, a huge fan to keep you cool, a table and four seats for you and your guests to use, and a table for eating.

You may reserve your stay at Coconut Cove, which is located in the waterpark, or you can see our best pricing for Cabanas on our website at all times. Cabanas can only accommodate a maximum of 6 people at a time. In the event that extra passengers are required, additional wristbands can be obtained at Coconut Cove at a price of ten dollars each.

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It is first come, first served for anyone interested in renting a cabana. Everyone Pays the Kid’s Price for Pepsi With This Discount! The only thing left for you to do is follow the link up there to purchase your tickets. We offer a discount of $5 off of each ticket to all members of the armed forces (up to a maximum of 6 tickets).

Required to present a current and valid military picture ID. This discount cannot be combined with any other offers, nor is it available to be purchased online. It can only be redeemed at the admissions counter. We offer a discount of $5 off each ticket to anybody working in the healthcare industry (up to a maximum of 6 tickets). When Does Alabama Adventure Open 2022