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When Does Deer Season Open In Alabama?

When Does Deer Season Open In Alabama

What is the first day of hunting season in Alabama?

Hunters in Alabama have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of species, including quail, turkey, deer, and alligator. Hunting seasons in Alabama are not only different from one region of the state to the next, but individual counties may also have their own opening and closing dates, in addition to their own bag limitations.

To obtain further information, please check out the webpage for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The state of Alabama now accepts online applications for hunting licenses and permits, as well as online purchases of these items. In addition, hunters may quickly report their harvests through a variety of mediums, including online, through the phone, or through an app on their mobile device.

Seasons for Hunting Deer in Alabama

Archery or Spear Oct.1-Feb.10**
Firearms Nov.19-Feb.10**
Gun Dog Hunting, Where Allowed Nov.5-Jan.1**
Special Muzzleloader and Air Rifle Oct.31-18**
Special Youth Gun Nov.11-14** Oct.28-31**

*The specific dates of each season vary according to both the antlered and antlerless status of the deer. When shooting deer, the state of Alabama permits the use of hand-thrown spears as well. The use of dogs for hunting deer is prohibited in a significant number of Alabama’s counties.

Fall General Season Nov.19-27** Dec.10-Jan.1**
Spring 2023 General Season March 25-May 8**
Special Youth Hunt Saturday and Sunday before spring season opens
Special Disabled Hunt One day before regular season opening day**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. It is possible for bag restrictions and particular hunting dates to differ from county to county. Visit the website of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for additional information regarding the obligatory Game Check and Harvest Record as well as the limitations that are in place. Alabama Alligator Seasons

By Special Permit Only Sunset Aug.11-Sunrise Oct.3**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. Alligator hunts require a specific permit in order to take place. Only Alabama citizens are eligible to get an alligator permit, and online registration is the only method available for obtaining one of these permits.

Bobwhite Quail Nov.5-Feb.28
Rabbit, Squirrel Sept.10-March 5
Raccoon Open season
Opossum Open season
Feral Swine May 16-Aug.31 Feb.11-Nov.1
Starlings, Crows, English Sparrows Open season
Bobcat, Coyote, Fox Open season, daylight hours only
Bullfrog and Pig Frog Open season
Beaver, Nutria, Groundhog Open season

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. There are differences in Alabama’s bag limits, special seasons, and other hunting rules for different animals and different hunting seasons. In this state, hunting using bait is illegal, and the kind of guns that can be used depend on the target species.

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How many deer per day can you harvest in Alabama?

Definitions, as well as Capacity Restrictions ANTLERED BUCKS are male deer who have one or more antlers that are visible above their natural hairline. This is the definition of an antlered buck. DEER THAT DO NOT HAVE ANTLERS ARE DEFINED AS DEER THAT DO NOT HAVE ONE OR MORE ANTLERS THAT ARE VISIBLE ABOVE THE NATURAL HAIRLINE.

  1. The legal limit for white-tailed antlered bucks Three for each hunter during the entirety of both combined seasons, with one every day.
  2. One of the three needs to have at least four antler tips that are longer than 1 inch on a single antler (except for Barbour County).
  3. An antler protrusion that measures at least one inch in length from its base to its tip is referred to as a point.

It does not matter how long the primary beam is; its tip will still be counted as a point. EXCEPTIONS: 1.) The Barbour County Antler Restrictions mandate that white-tailed deer males with antlers must have a minimum of three points on one side of their racks (except on the statewide special youth deer hunting dates during which any antlered buck may be taken).2.) WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA (WMA) BONUS BUCK – One per hunter during all combined bonus buck hunt dates will be allowed to be harvested from a selected collection of WMA’s on specific hunt dates depicted on the WMA map permits that will not count towards the hunter’s State three-buck limit.

  • This buck will be allowed to be harvested from a selected collection of WMA’s on specific hunt dates depicted on the WMA map permits Must be authenticated by WFF employees at the check point located within the WMA.
  • Limit for White-Tailed Deer Without Antlers During the Unantlered Deer Gun Season, the Special Muzzleloader Season, the Bow and Arrow Season, and the Special Youth Season (for those under the age of 16), hunters are permitted to take one unantlered deer every day in addition to one antlered buck.

On land managed by the United States Forest Service, certain places are subject to the Special Exception #3 one-deer-per-day limit.

Can you shoot a deer on your property in Alabama?

Important information for landowners in Alabama, including the definition of “immediate family,” as it relates to hunting on your own property. Re sident On their own land, RESIDENT landowners who are able to show evidence of residence in the form of an Alabama driver’s license or any other document are exempt from the requirement to acquire a hunting license.

  • The immediate family members of a RESIDENT landowner in Alabama are exempt from the requirement to obtain a hunting license in order to hunt on the land as long as the landowner is also a resident of Alabama.
  • According to rule 220-2-.160, the following people are considered immediate family: Partner of the landowner Children of landowners, if they are inhabitants of Alabama Parents of the landowner, if they are inhabitants of Alabama Brothers and/or sisters of the landowner, if they are residents of Alabama The landowner and his immediate family members who also live on the property are not required to get a hunting license if the landowner has a renter who resides there.
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If a member of the person’s immediate family has relocated out of Alabama, then that person is regarded to be a non-resident of Alabama, even if that person still has an Alabama driver’s license in their possession. Non-Resident They are not deemed to be residents of the state if they are in possession of a driver’s license from another state.

  • The acquisition of the necessary non-resident hunting license is obligatory for landowners who are NOT residents of the state.
  • Before proceeding, all candidates are required to initially produce their driver’s license (s).
  • Applicants who already have more than one valid driver’s license in their possession are not regarded to be residents of Alabama and are required to utilize a driver’s license from another state in order to obtain a non-resident license.

Only having an Alabama driver’s license does not enough as proof of residence. Exceptions that indicate that a person holding an Alabama driver’s license will be regarded a non-resident include the following: Holding a driver’s license that is current and legal in another state It is against the law for a NON-RESIDENT to utilize an Alabama Non-ID Driver’s if they are in possession of a valid Driver’s License from another state.

  1. A NON-RESIDENT cannot qualify for a resident license by presenting both forms of proof required of residents.
  2. Acts 1996, No.96-379, Section 2 on page 463 abolished Section 9-11-49.2 of the legislation, which, among other things, permitted non-resident property owners who paid ad valorem property taxes to be considered as residents.

This repeal took effect on May 2, 1996.

How long after sunset can you hunt in Alabama?

Deer can be legally hunted beginning thirty minutes before the official dawn time and continuing until thirty minutes after the official sunset time (see Hunting Laws & Regulations).

How many deer will a 1 acre food plot support?

Both Fort Perry and Gary Schwarz’s El Tecomate are able to sustain 3.5 deer per acre of food plot, but Fort Perry’s program is more intensively farmed, while El Tecomate’s approach provides a supplemental’safety net.’ A good rule of thumb that may be used universally, with a little bit of leeway, is that about three deer can be supported on one acre of food plot.

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How many deer can you harvest a year in Alabama?

How many deer tags can you acquire in Alabama? – In Alabama, there is a three-buck restriction on antlered deer during the hunting season. One of the three antlered deer must have a side that has at least four points, each of which is at least one inch long. There is no limit on the number of antlerless deer that can be taken throughout the season.

Can I shoot a trespasser in Alabama?

A person is allowed under the law of Alabama to use the proper and reasonable amount of force that he or she feels is necessary and sensible to defend oneself or a third party (someone else) in a specific scenario and set of circumstances. This includes the use of deadly force.

How far can you hunt from a house in Alabama?

220-2-.139 M. Barnett Lawley Activities such as hunting or discharging a firearm close to a dwelling are prohibited. Without the authorization of the owner or lessee of the home in question, it is against the law for any individual to hunt or try to hunt within one hundred yards of another person’s dwelling, regardless of whether or not the dwelling is occupied at the time.

It is further provided that it shall be unlawful for any person to discharge a firearm while hunting in such a manner that any projectile strikes any dwelling or building used for human occupation, whether occupied or not, or any commercial vessel, without the permission of the owner or lessee of said dwelling, building, or vessel.

This provision applies whether the dwelling, building, or vessel is occupied at the time of the shooting or not. This rule does not apply to a landowner or a member of the landowner’s immediate family who is hunting on the landowner’s own property, provided that no projectile hits any of the above-mentioned property of another person without the authorization of the property’s owner or lessee.

How early should you get to your hunting spot?

2. Gray Light Sneak Stand Entrance When deer have the vantage point to pick you out when you access your stand location during the daylight hours, but you can’t afford to spook deer long before daylight before the thermals rise, entering during the period of time just before daybreak is a great tactic to utilize! By approaching your stand under the cover of darkness, you will be able to arrive and ascend to your preferred position around 5-10 minutes before the shooting light.