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When Does Hunting Season End Alabama?

When Does Hunting Season End Alabama
Hunters in Alabama have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of species, including quail, turkey, deer, and alligator. Hunting seasons in Alabama are not only different from one region of the state to the next, but individual counties may also have their own opening and closing dates, in addition to their own bag limitations.

  • To obtain further information, please check out the webpage for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
  • The state of Alabama now accepts online applications for hunting licenses and permits, as well as online purchases of these items.
  • In addition, hunters may quickly report their harvests through a variety of mediums, including online, through the phone, or through an app on their mobile device.

Seasons for Hunting Deer in Alabama

Archery or Spear Oct.1-Feb.10**
Firearms Nov.19-Feb.10**
Gun Dog Hunting, Where Allowed Nov.5-Jan.1**
Special Muzzleloader and Air Rifle Oct.31-18**
Special Youth Gun Nov.11-14** Oct.28-31**

*The specific dates of each season vary according to both the antlered and antlerless status of the deer. When shooting deer, the state of Alabama permits the use of hand-thrown spears as well. The use of dogs for hunting deer is prohibited in a significant number of Alabama’s counties.

Fall General Season Nov.19-27** Dec.10-Jan.1**
Spring 2023 General Season March 25-May 8**
Special Youth Hunt Saturday and Sunday before spring season opens
Special Disabled Hunt One day before regular season opening day**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. It is possible for bag restrictions and particular hunting dates to differ from county to county. Visit the website of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for additional information regarding the obligatory Game Check and Harvest Record as well as the limitations that are in place. Alabama Alligator Seasons

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By Special Permit Only Sunset Aug.11-Sunrise Oct.3**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. Alligator hunts require a specific permit in order to take place. Only Alabama citizens are eligible to get an alligator permit, and online registration is the only method available for obtaining one of these permits.

Bobwhite Quail Nov.5-Feb.28
Rabbit, Squirrel Sept.10-March 5
Raccoon Open season
Opossum Open season
Feral Swine May 16-Aug.31 Feb.11-Nov.1
Starlings, Crows, English Sparrows Open season
Bobcat, Coyote, Fox Open season, daylight hours only
Bullfrog and Pig Frog Open season
Beaver, Nutria, Groundhog Open season

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. There are differences in Alabama’s bag limits, special seasons, and other hunting rules for different animals and different hunting seasons. In this state, hunting using bait is illegal, and the kind of guns that can be used depend on the target species.

How late can you hunt in Alabama?

Deer can be legally hunted beginning thirty minutes before the official dawn time and continuing until thirty minutes after the official sunset time (see Hunting Laws & Regulations).

What season is it for hunting in Alabama?

Limits and Seasons for Hunting Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone (CMZ)
Bow and Arrow-Stalk Hunting October 15, 2022 – February 10, 2023
Gun Deer-Stalk Hunting November 19-27, 2022
November 28 – December 16, 2022
December 17, 2022 – January 1, 2023

How long is rut season?

Wapiti (Elk): The rutting season of elk occurs at different times depending on where they reside. It takes place in the Northern Hemisphere between the middle of August and the middle of October. It takes place in the Southern Hemisphere between the middle of February and the middle of April.

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The typical length of time spent in the rut is between 20 and 45 days. This fluctuates depending on latitude, which determines the time of spring and fall and can give elk a longer calving season and a longer rut. Spring and autumn begin earlier or later depending on the latitude. Elk will commonly be found in the regions surrounding fresh water during the rut, and they will typically spend five to six hours per day bedded down in dense cover: 579 A cow elk will remain in estrus for 12 to 15 hours, and if they are not mated during this time period, they will generally have another estrus cycle 18 to 28 days later.

If you see a cow elk in estrus, you should try to breed her within this time range. During this time of year, bull elk will employ a variety of vocalizations. Certain ones may only be produced by people of a particular gender or age group, and each one has a distinct purpose.

What is the difference between pre rut and rut?

The Various Stages That Constitute the Rut – The rutting season for bucks lasts for many weeks, during which time they gradually alter their behavior in preparation for the peak of the rut around the beginning of November. Their behavior goes through a series of phases, beginning with the pre-rut, which begins around the second week of October across the majority of the country, and culminating in either the post-rut at the end of November or a second rut during the first two weeks of December.

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The pre-rut begins around the second week of October, and the post-rut begins during the first two weeks of December. These stages are as follows, in order: Mid- to late-month October is the time of pre-rut. From the end of October until the first few days of November, people will be looking. The climax of the mating season, known as “chasing,” takes place in early to middle November.

Tendency (also known as “lockdown”) from the middle to the end of November Post-rut from the latter half of November through the month’s conclusion Second rut, maybe occurring during the first two to three weeks of December (but this is not assured).