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When Does Youth Season Start In Alabama?

When Does Youth Season Start In Alabama
What you need to know about the Alabama deer hunting season 2022-23 is listed below.

Special Youth Gun Nov.11 – Nov.14 Either Sex
Special Muzzleloader and Air Rifle Nov.14 – Nov.18 Either Sex
Gun Deer-Stalk on Private Land Nov.19 – Feb.10 Either Sex
Gun Deer-Stalk on Open Permit Land Nov.19 – Dec.9 Antlered Bucks Only

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Is there a youth turkey season in Alabama?

Proceed to the main content AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. — The unmistakable reverberation of a wild turkey gobbling in the air causes the hair on the back of most people who are passionate about turkeys to stand up. Even though Alabama has a number of different seasons for hunting wild game, the spring turkey season is one of the most exciting times of year for anyone who are passionate about turkeys.

The season is one of the shortest on the calendar, which brings the excitement of the hunt even closer to the participants because of how short it is. The time slot for this year introduces some fresh factors into the mix. Both seasoned turkey cooks and those who are new to the game may find the following information useful.

The only subspecies of turkey that may be found naturally in Alabama is the Eastern wild turkey. This subspecies inhabits environments that are a mixture of pine and hardwood, particularly those found in bottomland and highland regions. In various parts of the world, turkeys will seek food in the forest among the kinds of mast-producing trees.

  1. There are a number of factors that might cause turkey populations to shift from year to year, as stated by Mark Smith, a forestry and wildlife specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.
  2. According to Smith, one of the people working at the hunting site, “Poor hatches from prior years, weather, and changes in habitat on or near the hunting area are some of the causes of population shift.” “Although there appears to be a dramatic loss in turkey numbers throughout their range, there are still numerous regions that support stable or increasing local turkey populations.” Early in the month of March is the beginning of the normal mating season for Eastern wild turkeys.

This occurs a few weeks before the start of the turkey shooting season in Alabama. During this period, adult male turkeys, sometimes known as “gobblers,” may physically strut and make a drumming sound in order to attract the attention of hens. This is the starting point of the search.

  • This year’s spring turkey season will begin on the 19th and 20th of March, which is later than in prior years.
  • The first weekend of the season will be a youth-only hunting weekend.
  • The majority of Alabama’s regions won’t start their hunts until March 25, and they won’t end until May 8.
  • See the map provided by Outdoor Alabama for a reference if you want additional information about the hunting area you will be in.
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According to Smith, “perhaps the most significant change that hunters need to be aware of is that they are barred from using decoys during the first ten days of the season.” The number of wild turkeys that can be harvested in any given year is limited to a maximum of four, down from the previous limit of five.

  1. Each bird taken must be reported to the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after the event (ADCNR).
  2. This mission can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the hunter.
  3. The Outdoor Alabama smartphone app is the most practical way to keep track of your catch and harvest information.

You may communicate with ADCNR on your harvests using the palm of your hand. You may also save your hunting licenses for the state of Alabama. In addition, documentation can be obtained by visiting the Outdoor Alabama website or by calling the organization.

  • The clock starts ticking for turkey hunters who are serious about their sport in Alabama.
  • Smith encourages everyone to have a successful season and encourages everyone to get out there and play.
  • Turkey season will begin in Alabama in 2022, and residents are excited to see what the year has in store for them in terms of outdoor recreation.

Please visit the website of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service at for additional information about wild turkeys. Have you found this to be useful? Een betere vertaling bijdragen Een betere vertaling bijdragen When Does Youth Season Start In Alabama

Can a 14 year old hunt in Alabama?

DEER HUNTERS WHO ARE UNDER 16 YEARS OLD Hunters who are under 16 years old are exempt from the need that they obtain a hunting license in order to pursue deer hunting inside the state. As long as they have the Hunter Education Certification, hunters under the age of 16 are allowed to hunt unsupervised anywhere in the state of Alabama as long as they have completed the required coursework.

Can you hunt deer over bait in Alabama?

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources made an announcement on Wednesday that white-tailed deer and feral pigs can now both be hunted with the assistance of bait by hunters in the state of Alabama, when the seasons permit it. Every day of the year and with no restrictions on the number of animals that can be killed, wild pigs can be killed in Alabama.

The new baiting privilege licenses are now available for purchase and may be found here. The newly granted powers for hunting over bait are available to hunters who are operating on privately owned or leased territory. Every hunter who sets up camp within one hundred yards of the bait is required to buy an annual bait privilege license and keep it on their person at all times.


Individual residents will be charged a fee of $15, while individuals who are not residents will be charged $51. The new licenses may be purchased everywhere hunting permits are sold, including online at You can also purchase the old licenses at the same locations.

  1. In April of 2019, the Alabama Legislature unanimously approved the proposed law.
  2. The new regulation prohibiting the use of bait only applies to white-tailed deer and wild hogs.
  3. Any other type of hunting, including hunting ducks over bait, is strictly prohibited.
  4. It is still against the law to bait any animal that is found on public lands, including deer and pigs.
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Hunters who are in possession of a valid bait privilege license can immediately begin hunting wild pigs with the use of bait. However, the hunting season for deer will not start for several months. If you acquire your bait privilege license now, it will need to be renewed before deer season begins since the new bait privilege license will expire on August 31 of each year.

  1. There is not one single exception to this rule.
  2. To hunt white-tailed deer and feral pigs with the use of bait, individuals under the age of 18 and hunters over the age of 65 are required to obtain a baiting permission license.
  3. Even if you have a lifetime hunting permit, you still need to get an annual baiting license in order to kill animals that have been enticed with food, such as pigs or deer.

In order to avoid the spread of illness among animals, the ADCNR has the authority to put a halt to the usage of bait privilege licenses on a county, regional, or statewide scale. If you do not have a license that allows you to hunt over bait, you can still be ticketed and fined if you are hunting within 100 yards or within the line of sight of bait, even if it is bait that you did not put out, or if you are hunting across a property line.

  1. This is true even if you are not hunting over the bait yourself.
  2. The money made from the sale of the new bait privilege license will be matched by the federal government at a rate of almost three to one in order to assist with the state of Alabama’s conservation efforts.
  3. Call the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement Section at the number 334-242-3467 for any additional information you may require.
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This topic has generated a great deal of heated debate. The opponents of this idea said that it is unethical to bait deer with food and then shoot them when they come to eat it because it cheapens the abilities that are earned via hunting techniques that are more traditionally used.

  1. It was asserted by proponents of the bill that neighboring states already permit hunting over bait and that there is an increasing economic and ecological cost associated with Alabama’s rising population of feral hogs.
  2. There have been no confirmed sightings of western mountain lions in Alabama; however, there have been reports of red wolves in Walker and Colbert counties in the early 1920s.

Additionally, the last eastern cougar to ever exist anywhere in the world was killed in St. Clair County in 1947. Despite these facts, there have been occasional reports of red wolves in Alabama. There are no predators in the state of Alabama that are capable of keeping the growing number of wild hogs under control.

The sponsors also argue that shooting deer with bait is vital for more experienced hunters and to attract the attention of today’s young, who are less patient and more easily distracted. This, the sponsors say, would increase tourism in Alabama and boost the state’s economy. Jack Williams, a Republican from Wilmer, served as the bill’s sponsor in the state Senate, while Danny Crawford, a Republican from Athens, served as its primary advocate in the state House.

Licenses for hunting over bait are good until the 31st of August of each year, after which they must be renewed.

Can you hunt turkey over bait in Alabama?

07.05 – It Is Illegal to Hunt Turkeys While Using Bait; All Regulations Are Currently Open for Comment View Regulation with History Large PDF Small PDF Parental Unit Before the Next Date of Approval: May 19th, 2022 Date of Entry Into Force: June 27th, 2022 It is against the law to hunt wild turkeys with the help of baiting, as well as to hunt on or above any area that has been baited, if the person doing the hunting knows or reasonably should know that the area has been baited in the past.