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When Is Deer Season In Alabama?

When Is Deer Season In Alabama
Limits and Seasons for Hunting Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone (CMZ)
Bow and Arrow-Stalk Hunting October 15, 2022 – February 10, 2023
Gun Deer-Stalk Hunting January 16-27, 2023
On Open Permit Public Land November 5 – December 16, 2022
December 17, 2022 – January 1, 2023

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How long is deer hunting season in Alabama?

Hunters in Alabama have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of species, including quail, turkey, deer, and alligator. Hunting seasons in Alabama are not only different from one region of the state to the next, but individual counties may also have their own opening and closing dates, in addition to their own bag limitations.

To obtain further information, please check out the webpage for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The state of Alabama now accepts online applications for hunting licenses and permits, as well as online purchases of these items. In addition, hunters may quickly report their harvests through a variety of mediums, including online, through the phone, or through an app on their mobile device.

Seasons for Hunting Deer in Alabama

Archery or Spear Oct.15-Feb.10**
Firearms Nov.20-Feb.10**
Dog Hunting, Where Allowed Nov.6-Jan.1**
Special Muzzleloader and Air Rifle Nov.1-Nov.5** and Nov.15-19**

*The specific dates of each season vary according to both the antlered and antlerless status of the deer. When shooting deer, the state of Alabama permits the use of hand-thrown spears as well. The use of dogs for hunting deer is prohibited in a significant number of Alabama’s counties.

Fall (No Decoys Permitted) Nov.20-28** and Dec.11-Jan.1
Spring (Decoys Permitted) March 25-May 8**
Special Youth Hunt Saturday and Sunday before spring season opens
Special Disabled Hunt One day before regular season opening day**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. It is possible for bag restrictions and particular hunting dates to differ from county to county. Visit the website of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for additional information regarding the obligatory Game Check and Harvest Record as well as the limitations that are in place. Alabama Alligator Seasons

By Special Permit Only Sunset Aug.12-Sunrise Oct.4**

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. Alligator hunts require a specific permit in order to take place. Only Alabama citizens are eligible to get an alligator permit, and online registration is the only method available for obtaining one of these permits.

Bobwhite Quail Nov.6-Feb.28
Rabbit, Squirrel Sept.11-March 6
Raccoon Open season
Opossum Open season
Feral Swine Special nighttime season, May 1-Aug.31; Open season, daylight hours only
Starlings, Crows, English Sparrows Open season
Bobcat, Coyote, Fox Open season, daylight hours only
Bullfrog and Pig Frog Open season
Beaver, Nutria, Groundhog Open season

*Dates of the seasons differ from zone to zone. There are differences in Alabama’s bag limits, special seasons, and other hunting rules for different animals and different hunting seasons. In this state, hunting using bait is illegal, and the kind of guns that can be used depend on the target species.

How many deer can you shoot in Alabama?

Definitions, as well as Capacity Restrictions ANTLERED BUCKS are male deer who have one or more antlers that are visible above their natural hairline. This is the definition of an antlered buck. DEER THAT DO NOT HAVE ANTLERS ARE DEFINED AS DEER THAT DO NOT HAVE ONE OR MORE ANTLERS THAT ARE VISIBLE ABOVE THE NATURAL HAIRLINE.

The legal limit for white-tailed antlered bucks Three for each hunter during the entirety of both combined seasons, with one every day. One of the three needs to have at least four antler tips that are longer than 1 inch on a single antler (except for Barbour County). An antler protrusion that measures at least one inch in length from its base to its tip is referred to as a point.

It does not matter how long the primary beam is; its tip will still be counted as a point. EXCEPTIONS: 1.) The Barbour County Antler Restrictions mandate that white-tailed deer males with antlers must have a minimum of three points on one side of their racks (except on the statewide special youth deer hunting dates during which any antlered buck may be taken).2.) WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA (WMA) BONUS BUCK – One per hunter during all combined bonus buck hunt dates will be allowed to be harvested from a selected collection of WMA’s on specific hunt dates depicted on the WMA map permits that will not count towards the hunter’s State three-buck limit.

  • This buck will be allowed to be harvested from a selected collection of WMA’s on specific hunt dates depicted on the WMA map permits Must be authenticated by WFF employees at the check point located within the WMA.
  • Limit for White-Tailed Deer Without Antlers During the Unantlered Deer Gun Season, the Special Muzzleloader Season, the Bow and Arrow Season, and the Special Youth Season (for those under the age of 16), each hunter is permitted to take one unantlered deer every day in addition to one antlered buck.
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On land managed by the United States Forest Service, certain places are subject to the Special Exception #3 one-deer-per-day limit.

What is the last day of deer hunting season in Alabama?

The 15th of October, 2022, to the 10th of February, 2023: Either Sex.

Is baiting illegal in Alabama?

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources made an announcement on Wednesday that white-tailed deer and feral pigs can now both be hunted with the assistance of bait by hunters in the state of Alabama, provided that the hunts take place within the appropriate seasons.

Every day of the year and with no restrictions on the number of animals that can be killed, wild pigs can be killed in Alabama. The new baiting privilege licenses are now available for purchase and may be found here. The newly granted powers for hunting over bait are available to hunters who are operating on privately owned or leased territory.

Every hunter who sets up camp within one hundred yards of the bait is required to buy an annual bait privilege license and keep it on their person at all times. Individual residents will be charged a fee of $15, while individuals who are not residents will be charged $51.

The new licenses may be purchased everywhere hunting permits are sold, including online at You can also purchase the old licenses at the same locations. In April of 2019, the Alabama Legislature unanimously approved the proposed law. The new regulation prohibiting the use of bait only applies to white-tailed deer and wild hogs.

Any other type of hunting, including hunting ducks over bait, is strictly prohibited. It is still against the law to bait any animal that is found on public lands, including deer and pigs. Hunters who are in possession of a valid bait privilege license can immediately begin hunting wild pigs with the use of bait.

However, the hunting season for deer will not start for several months. If you acquire your bait privilege license now, it will need to be renewed before deer season begins since the new bait privilege license will expire on August 31 of each year. There is not one single exception to this rule. To hunt white-tailed deer and feral pigs with the use of bait, individuals under the age of 18 and hunters over the age of 65 are required to obtain a baiting permission license.

Even if you have a lifetime hunting permit, you still need to get an annual baiting license in order to kill animals that have been enticed with food, such as pigs or deer. In order to avoid the spread of illness among animals, the ADCNR has the authority to put a halt to the usage of bait privilege licenses on a county, regional, or statewide scale.

  • If you do not have a license that allows you to hunt over bait, you are still subject to being ticketed and fined if you are hunting within 100 yards or within the line of sight of bait, even bait that you did not put out, or if you are hunting across a property line.
  • This is true even if you are not hunting over the bait yourself.

The money made from the sale of the new bait privilege license will be matched by the federal government at a rate of almost three to one in order to assist with the state of Alabama’s conservation efforts. Call the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Law Enforcement Section at the number 334-242-3467 for any additional information you may require.

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This topic has generated a great deal of heated debate. The opponents of this idea said that it is unethical to bait deer with food and then shoot them when they come to eat it because it cheapens the abilities that are earned via hunting techniques that are more traditionally used. It was asserted by proponents of the bill that neighboring states already permit hunting over bait and that there is an increasing economic and ecological cost associated with Alabama’s rising population of feral hogs.

There have been no confirmed sightings of western mountain lions in Alabama; however, there have been reports of red wolves in Walker and Colbert counties in the early 1920s. Additionally, the last eastern cougar to ever exist anywhere in the world was killed in St.

Clair County in 1947. Despite these facts, there have been occasional reports of red wolves in Alabama. There are no predators in the state of Alabama that are capable of keeping the growing number of wild hogs under control. The sponsors also argue that shooting deer with bait is vital for more experienced hunters and to attract the attention of today’s young, who are less patient and more easily distracted.

This, the sponsors say, would increase tourism in Alabama and boost the state’s economy. Jack Williams, a Republican from Wilmer, served as the bill’s sponsor in the state Senate, while Danny Crawford, a Republican from Athens, served as its primary advocate in the state House.

What is the fine for hunting without a license in Alabama?

(a) Any person other than a nonresident who hunts in this state or who utilizes a Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries shooting range without the required hunting license shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than seventy-five dollars ($75) nor more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

When can you hunt doe in Alabama?

Limits and Seasons for Hunting Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zone (CMZ)
Bow and Arrow-Stalk Hunting October 15, 2022 – February 10, 2023
Gun Deer-Stalk Hunting On Open Permit Public Land November 19 – December 9, 2022
December 10, 2022 – January 1, 2023
January 2 – February 10, 2023

Can you hunt turkey all day in Alabama?

Map of Turkey’s Zone between 2022 and 2023 The Saturday and Sunday of the week before the start of the spring season will be reserved for a SPECIAL YOUTH HUNT. (DECOYS ALLOWED) One day before the start of each regular season, there will be a special hunt for disabled hunters. When Is Deer Season In Alabama One gobbler each day, with a maximum bag restriction of four gobblers during the whole fall and spring seasons combined. You are only allowed to take two turkeys from any one conservation area, wildlife management area (WMA), or ranger district in the national forest.

There is a limit of one gobbler per WMA, CHA, and National Forest Ranger District for the first ten days of each season. ZONE1: 25th of March through 8th of May (DECOYS ALLOWED APRIL 4) The following counties are included: Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour, Bibb, Blount, Bullock, Butler, Calhoun, Chambers, Cherokee, Chilton, Choctaw, Cleburne, Coffee, Conecuh, Coosa, Crenshaw, Cullman (except for the areas north of Lewis Smith Lake and north of Cullman County Road 437 and west of Interstate 65), Dale, Dallas, DeKalb, Elmore, Escambi ZONE 2: April 1 – May 8 (DECOYS ALLOWED APRIL 11) Colbert, Cullman (north of Lewis Smith Lake and north of Cullman County Road 437 and west of Interstate 65), Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Morgan, and Winston are the counties that make up this region.

ZONE 3: November 19 – 27 (NO DECOYS ALLOWED) From December 10 to January 1, inclusive (NO DECOYS ALLOWED) 25th of March through 8th of May (DECOYS ALLOWED APRIL 4) Clay, Covington, Monroe, Randolph, and Talladega are the counties that make up Clarke.

What counties in Alabama can you run deer dogs?

It varies from county to county in Alabama whether or not dogs are allowed to participate in hunting, with the majority of counties having no dog season at all for antlered bucks. Alabama is one of just 11 states that still permit hunting deer with dogs, a status it shares with Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Hawaii (although the latter two states do not have a population of white-tailed deer).

  • Before you head out on a hunting excursion with your four-legged companions, it is imperative that you check the applicable regulations in your area to ensure that you are not breaking any rules.
  • Eep in mind that the laws might change based on the species of animal that is being hunted.
  • When hunting in Alabama with your dog, there are four restrictions that you need to bear in mind: WATCH OUT: Should President Obama Have Greater Control Over Guns? Vote Now 1.
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Deer During the antlered bucks season, which runs from the middle of November to the middle of January, dogs are permitted to accompany hunters in certain counties. These counties include Calhoun, Clay, and Talladega counties. There are no dog seasons at all for antlered bucks in the following counties: Bibb, Chilton, Cleburne, Convington, Dallas, Escambia, Franklin, Hale, Lawrence, Macon, Perry, Tuscallosa, and Winston.

  1. When hunting deer without antlers, dogs are allowed in all counties from the middle of December until the end of the month.
  2. However, groups in the state such as the Alabama Dog Hunters and the Alabama Dog Hunting Club are working to change these regulations so that hunters can take their dogs with them when they go game hunting in Alabama, not only for deer but for any kind of animal.

On, in the Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest, you may find a complete chart with all of the information.2. Turkey Dogs are never permitted to assist hunters in their pursuit of wild turkeys under any circumstances. During the spring turkey season, which begins in the middle of March and continues until the end of April, it is illegal for hunters to use dogs in the course of their pursuit of any animal after 3 a.m.

  • Or during the day.
  • This rule remains in place for the entirety of the spring turkey season.
  • VOTE NOW: Is Robert Bentley, the Governor of Alabama, Doing a Good Job? 3.
  • Feral Pig It is against the law to set a wild pig that has been caught in a dog trap free if it is still alive after it has been caught.

It is deemed sport hunting, which is prohibited in the state, and the pigs must not be released.4. Hunting Dogs According to, it is essential to be aware that “it is generally illegal to kill or inure dogs that have intruded on another’s property, and may subject the person to serious criminal charges.” It is also important to note that “it is generally illegal to kill or inure dogs that have intruded on another’s property.” Naturally, it is the responsibility of the hunters to keep an eye on their dogs at all times.

Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Alabama?

Any individual who is hunting any species of game, bird, or animal will be guilty of a punishable offense if they are found in possession of both a gun and a bow, with the exception of times and places when either sex gun deer season is in effect.

Can you hunt with a pistol in Alabama?

Turkey – Shotguns of no larger than a 10 gauge and firing no larger than a standard No.2 shot. Long bows, compound bows, and crossbows that are compliant with rule 220-2-03 are allowed. There is nothing in this section that is intended to prohibit the possession of rifles, shotgun/rifle combinations (drilling), or buckshot and slugs when the hunter is stalk hunting both deer and turkey as long as no one shoots or attempts to shoot turkey with the rifle or shotgun using buckshot or slugs.

How much does a hunting license cost in Alabama?

Validity dates for resident hunting licenses are September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023. (unless otherwise indicated)

Category License Type Fee
Duck Stamps Federal $28.00
Wildlife Management Area License Annual $20.05
Fur Catchers License Annual $24.60
Commercial Fowl Hunting Preserve License 7-Day $10.00