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When Is The Ohio State Alabama Football Game?

When Is The Ohio State Alabama Football Game
In the SEC opener for both teams, Missouri travels to Auburn for the first time to take on the Tigers. The game is scheduled to take place on Saturday at 12:00 ET (ESPN)

When’s Alabama Play Ohio State?

When is the game between Alabama and Ohio State? The next time Ohio State and Alabama play each other will be in the 2021 College Football Championship, which will take place on January 11, 2021.

Where can I watch the national championship game tonight?

Where can I watch the College Football Playoff in 2022? The National Championship game of the 2022 College Football Playoff will be broadcast live on ESPN and may be accessed via the ESPN app.

Who will Alabama play for the national championship?

2 Michigan. On Monday, January 10, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs will play one other for the second time this season, this time in the CFP national championship game. This will be the second time Georgia and Alabama have competed against one another for the CFP championship. In the 2017 season, Alabama rallied from behind to win the game 26-23 in overtime.