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Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama?

Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama
Airports Near Orange Beach – There are a number of fantastic alternatives for airports close to Orange Beach; however, cost might vary significantly based on the location from where you are departing and the airline that you select. The following are some options that can be taken into consideration.

  1. Jack Edwards National Airport (JKA) is the airport that is nearest to Orange Beach.
  2. It is only nine miles away from Orange Beach and can be reached in fifteen minutes through Alabama’s Coastal Connection.
  3. Because of its size, JKA has fewer airline alternatives than other airports, and the majority of its flights are private.

Nevertheless, preparations are now being made to build a terminal at a cost of $10 million in order to accommodate commercial air service by the year 2023. Limousine and taxi services, as well as ride sharing, are among the many transportation options provided by JKA.

These options include Hertz and Enterprise (Uber and Lyft). Pensacola International Airport (PNS) is located 46 minutes away from Orange Beach, which is located 30 miles away via FL-292 E. The majority of major airlines fly to Pensacola (and Frontier offers non-stop flights to and from Orlando three days a week), and there are 10 rental car companies located at PNS, including many popular ones such as Hertz, U-Save, National, and Budget.

Orange Beach is located in Florida. The Pensacola Airport Shuttle is another option, and it costs around $75 to go to or from Orange Beach. I-10 West will take you to Mobile Regional Airport (MOB), which is located an hour and 20 minutes after leaving Orange Beach (which is located 70 miles away).

  1. American Airlines, Delta, and United all fly into MOB, and the airport offers services from four different rental car agencies.
  2. Another option is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY), which is situated a little over 200 miles away and can be reached by driving west on Interstate 10 for three hours and ten minutes.

Many major airlines fly into MSY, and there is an abundance of ground transportation options, including taxis, buses, shuttles, and major rental car companies (Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise and Hertz to name a few). Many tourists decide to fly into New Orleans and spend some time there in order to take advantage of the occasionally cheaper prices that are offered there before continuing on to Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama

Does Orange Beach Alabama have an airport?

Pensacola International Airport – The Pensacola International Airport (, located in Pensacola, Florida, is the commercial airport that is the most convenient for getting to Orange Beach. PNS is the code that denotes this airport. PNS is served by the following airlines as of the month of December 2012: AirTran, American Eagle, Delta, United, and US Airways Express.

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What is the difference between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach?

Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama You may pack up the station wagon or minivan and travel south towards the Gulf Coast; the trip will take around 11 hours and cover 656 miles if you start off from Plano, Texas. It is a bit closer than Destin and Pensacola, which are also fantastic places for Texan travelers to come to for white sandy beaches and clean water, but this location is a little closer than both of them.

  • Orange Beach is the more family-friendly of the two Gulf Shores and Orange Beach locations, which is convenient given their proximity to one another.
  • At the crossroads of State Highways 182 and 59 is the beach community of Gulf Shores, which is the more seasoned and well-established of the two.
  • From Gulf Coast State Park all the way down to Perdido Key, Florida, Orange Beach stretches on and on.

Orange Beach is a more recent development and has a more relaxed pace, but it is getting busier every year. They report that the tempo is also rather more sedate than usual. (This post may include affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links provided, I may receive a commission. Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama

Where do you fly into for Gulf Shores Alabama?

When arriving by plane in Gulf Shores Jack Edwards Airport, which is only a few minutes’ drive away from Gulf Shores, is the airport that serves the area the best.

What major city is close to Orange Beach Alabama?

Myrtle Grove, FL. Florida, Warrington Bellview, FL.

Is Orange Beach as nice as Gulf Shores?

Where To Fly Into For Orange Beach Alabama Comparing Gulf Shores to Orange Beach: Key Distinctions Long expanses of beaches with white sand may be seen at Gulf Shores. Highway 182 in Alabama runs between Gulf Shores and Orange Coastal, connecting the two beach communities. Even though they are physically adjacent to one another, these two neighborhoods couldn’t be more dissimilar to one another.

  • Gulf Shores is a great place to bring the kids.
  • Long expanses of beaches with white sand, as well as a variety of eateries and tourist attractions, may be found here.
  • You may acquire your groceries at any of the town’s various inexpensive retailers, including Walmart and Publix, as well as the town’s few smaller shopping malls.

Orange Beach is known for its higher-end resorts. Because there are so many condominiums in high-rise buildings along the beach in this location, Gulf Shores is a better option for families than this region is. Orange Beach is a popular tourist destination because, in comparison to nearby Gulf Shores, it exudes a more contemporary vibe.

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Can you swim in the ocean in Orange Beach Alabama?

White sand beaches excellent for local festivals, boating, fishing, and other water activities, as well as swimming, can be found at Orange Beach, Alabama, which is located on the Gulf of Mexico. This southern holiday destination is known for its laid-back atmosphere.

Is Orange Beach water blue?

Post a total of 442 reviews to get Level 1 Contributor.161 helpful votes What hue is the water in the Gulf of Alabama? Is it actually blue? In the year 2010 I had never been to Alabama’s Gulf Coast, so I was curious to see if the water really was as blue as it appeared to be.

As someone who is originally from South Carolina, I can tell you that the water there seems more tan than blue. Could you kindly advise? Report objectionable content 8,133 total posts and 88 total reviews are required for this level.43 useful votes 1. In response to the question, “Is the water color of the Alabama Gulf truly blue?” In the year 2010 2F ShowForum 2D g28922 2D i173 2D Alabama 2E html Report objectionable content 86 reviews are posted by the Level 2 Contributor.22 useful votes 2.

In response to the question, “Is the water color of the Alabama Gulf truly blue?” In the year 2010 During so many years, I spent my time in Mobile and Orange Beach fishing. The water close to shore is typically more green than blue, and it often has a more discolored appearance than the water to the east of the beach.

  1. Even if there are certain days throughout the summer when the ocean seems blue, it is not even close to being as gorgeous as the water at the Atlantic coast.
  2. Contact the destination expert for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to report inappropriate material.
  3. Contributor with 1,705 posts and 616 ratings and reviews.380 useful votes 3.

In response to the question, “Is the water color of the Alabama Gulf truly blue?” In the year 2010 Emerald green is the color that is typically used. Depending on the currents and the amount of sediment that has been deposited by the Mississippi River, pure blue water can be seen anywhere from 20 to 70 miles offshore.

Is it warm enough to swim in Orange Beach Alabama?

Is it possible to go swimming in the ocean or pools in the middle of May? (Level Contributor) I have 19 posts and 17 reviews, and I’ve cast 1 useful vote.6 years ago I am so sorry to bother you with this but I have been unable to locate any useful information.

  1. We have never been to this region before, but we are considering going around the middle of May (14-21).
  2. We are parents to three small children.
  3. Is it common for the water temperature to be warm enough to swim in by then, or does it still tend to be chilly? Please report any offensive or improper content Contributor 3,350 posts 114 reviews 75 useful votes 1 Regarding: Is it possible to swim in the ocean or pools in the middle of May? 6 years ago Yes, the month of May in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is often a really pleasant time of year.
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The peak temperatures should only reach the low 80s, and the water should be in the middle of the 70s. We couldn’t think of a better time to be at the beach than right now! Please report any improper information you see on this site. Level Contributor 254 posts 25 reviews 19 helpful votes 2.

  • Regarding: Is it possible to swim in the ocean or pools in the middle of May? 6 years ago It will be wonderful, and it will be just in time to beat the crowds.
  • Please report any questionable content Contributor with 8,133 posts 88 reviews 43 helpful votes 3.
  • Regarding: Is it possible to swim in the ocean or pools in the middle of May? a decade ago, please report any objectionable content 4.

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Is it jellyfish season in Orange Beach?

ORANGE BEACH, Ala (WPMI) – Many individuals have been discouraged from venturing into the sea due to the presence of jellyfish. Invasions of jellyfish are most common towards the beginning of July, although the tides and temperature are the factors that ultimately bring the jellyfish closer to land.