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Who Died In Alabama Tornado?

Who Died In Alabama Tornado
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Six students from the University of Alabama were among those who perished as a result of the storms. Their names are as follows: Scott Atterton, Danielle Downs, Ashley Harrison, Nicole Mixon, Morgan Sigler, and Marcus Smith. Watch the video up top to get more information.

How many people died in the Alabama tornado 2011?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – The date of April 27, 2011, will remain etched in the minds of Alabama residents for all the wrong reasons forever and always. That very gloomy day was followed by one of the days with the worst weather in the annals of the state’s history.

  1. The tornadoes that occurred in Alabama on April 27th, 2011.
  2. NWS/Alabama EMA) The 2011 Super Outbreak lasted for a total of four days and spread to a total of 26 states.
  3. Alabama was by far the most severely affected state.
  4. On the Wednesday in question, there were three waves of severe thunderstorms, some of which produced tornadoes, that passed over the northern part of the state.

The first of them was a quasi-linear convective system, which appeared in the wee hours of the morning (QLCS). This violent line of storms resulted in extensive damage from destructive winds and a large number of tornadoes, including a number of strong ones with an EF2+ rating.

The second round was completed about the time of lunch. In addition to being a QLCS, it was responsible for the development of a few less powerful tornadoes in the region surrounding Huntsville and Decatur. Over the course of 18 hours, 62 tornadoes touched down in the state of Alabama. (News from WSFA 12) The third round will start in the middle of the day and will continue for a good portion of the evening.

This particular round was responsible for the majority of the destruction that was seen across the state. This wave was marked by a large number of supercells, each of which generated powerful to extremely violent and lethal long-track tornadoes. This includes the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham EF4, the Cullman EF4, the Lake Martin EF4, the St.

  1. Clair County to Cherokee County EF4, the DeKalb County EF5, the long-track Hackleburg and Phil Campbell EF5 that started in Marion County and ended north of Huntsville in Tennessee, and the long-track Pickens County to Marshall County EF4.
  2. All of these events took place in Alabama.
  3. That day, an unprecedented number of 62 tornadoes touched down, exceeding the previous record by a wide margin.

These tornadoes had an effect on dozens of counties located along and north of U.S. Route 80. During the duration of the event, which lasted for approximately 18 hours in Alabama, a great number of counties were struck by more than one tornado. Please let this to sink in: There were fifteen separate tornadoes that struck Marshall County.

Numerous people were injured and even killed as a result of the 62 tornadoes, several of which had strong to ferocious winds and extended paths of destruction. An astounding eleven EF4 and EF5 tornadoes either made landfall in the state or traveled across it from one region to another. That has never been done before.

The EF5 tornado that hit Hackleburg and Phil Campbell was the most powerful and destructive storm of the whole outbreak. The winds of the devastating storm reached a maximum of an incomprehensible 210 miles per hour. The tornado left a swath of damage stretching for 132 miles and was responsible for 72 deaths. Who Died In Alabama Tornado Who Died In Alabama Tornado EF5 (maximum winds of 201 miles per hour or higher): 3, EF4 (maximum winds of 166-200 miles per hour): 8, EF3 (maximum winds of 136-165 miles per hour): 7, EF2 (maximum winds of 111-135 miles per hour): 9, EF1 (maximum winds of 86-110 miles per hour): 29, and EF0 (maximum winds of 65-85 miles per hour): Who Died In Alabama Tornado The Super Outbreak that occurred in Alabama in April 2011 claimed the lives of a total of 253 persons. When you factor in the fatalities that occurred in other states, that total jumps to 348. (News from WSFA 12) There were a total of 348 deaths spanning numerous states, with 253 of the fatalities occurring in Alabama.

Since April 5-6, 1936, when there were 348 people killed by a tornado, this number is the most ever recorded for such an incident. During the course of the multiple-day epidemic, almost 3,000 additional people were injured. At the very least 2,092 of them were found in our state. The severity of the storms and the number of tornadoes that touched down on each of the four days of the outbreak was unparalleled on April 27.

The events that took place on the 27th could not be be compared to those that took place on any other day. The total amount of distance traveled by all 62 tornadoes that touched down in the state of Alabama on April 27, 2011, adds out to 1,200 miles. (News from WSFA 12) There were around 360 tornadoes that touched down across 26 states, setting a new record for the number of tornadoes that occurred during a continuous outbreak.

On the Enhanced Fujita Scale, about one quarter of the 360 were very severe to extremely violent. Just in Alabama, the tornadoes that caused the devastation cut a path that was almost 1,200 miles long. That is equivalent to the distance that exists between Montgomery and Boston, Massachusetts. This event is difficult to forget not only because to the number of tornadoes, the number of strong tornadoes, the death toll, and the injury toll, but also due to the costliness of the event.

A jaw-dropping $10.2 billion (2011 USD) in damage was done. This makes the Super Outbreak that occurred in April 2011 the most expensive tornado outbreak in the history of the United States. Copyright 2021 WSFA 12 News. All rights reserved. We reserve all of our rights. Who Died In Alabama Tornado

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What town did the tornado hit in Alabama?

The publication date was February 3rd, 2022. Current as of 18:40 BRIMINGHAM, Ala. – According to FOX6, a massive tornado that swept across central Alabama on Thursday caused at least one fatality and multiple injuries to a number of individuals. The National Weather Service office in Birmingham reported that a “large and highly hazardous tornado” was spotted in Hale County.

In addition, there were allegations that trees had been harmed in the town of York, and in the town of Sawyerville, there were indications of residences having been harmed. On February 3, 2022, damage that appears to have been caused by a tornado was observed in Sawyerville, Alabama. (Photo by Bryan Wilson on Twitter) According to Ryan Cartee, who works with Live Storms Media, he observed a two-story home in Sawyerville that had sustained damage as a result of the storm.

Cartee stated, “The top level is missing a significant portion.” “There was a mobile house that had been uprooted from its base, which I did observe. There were a few other homes that suffered significant damage as a result of the storm.” The area covered by the tornado warning was expanded to include portions of Bibb, Jefferson, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa counties; however, the warning was discontinued a few minutes later.

How big was the tornado that hit Alabama?

Eleven years ago, on April 27, 2011, Alabama was in the middle of a meteorological nightmare brought on by the unprecedented tornado outbreak. During the course of 18 hours, there were 62 tornadoes that moved across Alabama, leaving a path of destruction that was more than 1,200 miles long.

At least 240 individuals lost their lives, while an even greater number were wounded. Entire neighborhoods and towns were wiped out. There were certain regions that were struck many times. To this day, it is considered to be one of the most severe outbreaks of tornadoes in the United States. The entire festival took place from the 25th to the 28th of April, although the 27th of April was the busiest day.

On April 27, 2011, 62 tornadoes touched down in the state of Alabama. The following is a list of the warnings that were issued by the National Weather Service on that particular day. At least 240 persons lost their lives in the state of Alabama. According to NOAA, Alabama was the state that was affected the most.

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On the same day, there were not one but two very destructive EF-5 tornadoes. The first was a tornado at Hackleburg, which was reported to have winds of 210 miles per hour. Its line of destruction extended for more than 132 kilometres in each direction.72 individuals lost their lives as a result of the storm, while another 145 were wounded.

According to the National Weather Service, the second storm generated gusts that were nearly as strong, with estimates reaching more than 200 miles per hour. In DeKalb County, it is believed that this storm is responsible for the deaths of 25 individuals.

Who died in the Tuscaloosa tornado?

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Six students from the University of Alabama were among those who perished as a result of the storms. Their names are as follows: Scott Atterton, Danielle Downs, Ashley Harrison, Nicole Mixon, Morgan Sigler, and Marcus Smith.

How many died in April 27th tornado?

The 316 deaths that were caused by tornadoes on April 27 were the most fatalities that have been caused by tornadoes in the United States in a single day since the “Tri-State” outbreak on March 18, 1925. (when at least 751 people were killed).

What is the strongest tornado in US history?

According to the number of people that were killed, these are the 10 tornadoes that have caused the most fatalities in the history of the United States. The Tri-State Tornado, which occurred on March 18, 1925 across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, is considered to be the deadliest tornado in the history of the United States.

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Where did the tornado touchdown in Alabama last night?

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Late on Tuesday night, a WKRG News 5 viewer was able to capture on camera the moment a tornado touched down in Baldwin County. This video and images was provided to us by Blake Salter from somewhere in the region between Foley and Summerdale. Debbie Williams, a reporter for WKRG News 5, was there in the region after the storm had passed through.

What is a super tornado?

A violent thunderstorm that is often isolated and marked by a powerful spinning updraft. These storms frequently give rise to devastating winds, electrical storms, floods, big hail, and tornadoes.

How many tornadoes hit Alabama a year?

The state of Alabama sees an average of 44 tornadoes every year. In an information sheet about tornadoes that was compiled by the University of Alabama, it was said that the second season for tornadoes in Tuscaloosa runs from November through early December. Although tornadoes most frequently occur in the late afternoon and early evening, they are capable of forming at any time.