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Who Is The Mayor Of Birmingham Alabama?

Who Is The Mayor Of Birmingham Alabama
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Who is mayor of Birmingham?

An alphabetical list of Birmingham’s mayors

Lord Mayor of Birmingham
Incumbent Maureen Cornish, Con since May 2022
Style Lord Mayor
Member of Birmingham City Council
Residence Birmingham

Who is the current mayor of Alabama?


Mayor of Birmingham, Runoff Election, 2017
Randall L. Woodfin 58.95% 24,922
William A. Bell Incumbent 41.05% 17,357
Total Votes 42,279
Source: City of Birmingham, ‘General Municipal Runoff Results,’ October 10, 2017

Who is the mayor of Birmingham 2021?

Andy Street CBE
Mayor of the West Midlands
Assumed office 8 May 2017
Preceded by Office established
Personal details
Born Andrew John Street 11 June 1963 (age 59) Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Political party Conservative
Education King Edward’s School, Birmingham
Alma mater Keble College, Oxford
Profession Businessman
Website www,andystreet,org,uk

Andrew John Street CBE is a British businessman and politician affiliated with the Conservative Party. He served as the managing director of John Lewis from 2007 until 2016, when he resigned in order to compete for mayor of the West Midlands. Street was born on June 11, 1963, and has the title of CBE.

What political party runs Birmingham Alabama?

There are 101 people serving as councillors on the Birmingham City Council. At the moment, the Labour Party holds the majority of councillors and hence controls the council. The following is a list of how many councillors are now held by each of the political parties in the city: Conservative: 22 members on the council Green holds two seats on the council.

What is Birmingham famous for now?

After London, Birmingham is the most populous city in England and is sometimes referred to as “England’s Second City.” Due to the fact that it was the first industrial town in the world, it is often referred to as the “City of a Thousand Trades.” People could be taken aback by the number of things for which Birmingham is known, other than this one, of course.

The city of Birmingham is well-known not only for its roots in industry, but also for its tradition in the world of food and cuisine, iconic rock music, lively nightlife, expansive canal networks, and enormous cultural effect. The city of Birmingham is significant in many areas of culture, including but not limited to art, literature, television, cuisine, and music.

Birmingham is a vibrant metropolitan city that is sometimes disregarded in favor of other major cities in Great Britain. This is a mistake because Birmingham is a city that has a lot to offer all tourists, from scenic areas to a lively city center. You’ll find out all you need to know about Birmingham, the most undervalued city in the UK, by reading through this list of the 15 things that Birmingham is famous for.

What do you call someone from Birmingham?

The inhabitants of various regions of the United Kingdom speak their own unique varieties of English and use the language in their own distinctive ways. People who are native to the city of Birmingham are sometimes referred to by the slang word “Brummie,” which is also the name of the city’s accent.

  1. These expressions may formerly have been used to refer to individuals who were especially from Birmingham (and their use of language), but they are frequently used now to describe the accent and identity of people from all around the West Midlands.
  2. People from Birmingham are referred to as Brummies.
  3. The term “Brummie” is a demonym, which simply means “someone from Birmingham.” This is a word that indicates that a person lives in a specific location, and the word itself is typically taken from the name of the location in question.

The term “Brummie” is said to have originated from the natives’ use of the word “Brummagem” for the city, which dates back to the 1700s. The regionally distinctive Brummie accent and dialect The word “Brummie” is used to refer to the distinctive language and accent of individuals who are from the city of Birmingham.

  1. It is also used to characterize the people who are from Birmingham.
  2. People from outside of Birmingham frequently have the misconception that everyone from the city has the same accent since the Brummie dialect is widely considered to have a highly robust tone.
  3. As is the case in most locations, the accent may differ from one area to another.

Many times, when people refer to a Brummie dialect, what they are really referring to is the dialect spoken in the Black Country region, which is located nearby. Because people from the Black Country frequently use the word ‘am’ in lieu of the word ‘are,’ this dialect of the Black Country is commonly referred to as ‘Yam Yam,’ and so are people from the Black Country.

This results in lines such as the greeting “how are ya?,” which might seem unusual not just to persons for whom English is not their first language, but even to people for whom English is their first language! In certain regions, distinguishing one accent from another might be challenging, unless the accents in question are particularly pronounced.

The Brummie dialect is distinguished from standard English by the fact that it retains numerous traditional idioms while also including adapted forms of ordinary English terms. It is common practice to pronounce the word “bosting” as “bostin,” when referring to anything that is of exceptionally high quality.

  • It has the same connotation as referring to something as marvelous or outstanding.
  • A roll of bread is referred to as a cob.
  • Bread rolls might resemble the stones that one could see in an old-fashioned cobbled street, which is where the word “cobbled” comes from.
  • The term “pop” refers to any carbonated beverage.

This may be very perplexing, and it has absolutely nothing to do with popular music. An off-license is sometimes often referred to as “the Outdoor.” When someone from Britain declares that they are “heading to the outdoor,” it is more probable that they are getting ready for a night out than that they are simply going to go for a walk.

Both the Brummie slang and the Brummie accent can be challenging for outsiders to comprehend at times. The Birmingham accent has a strong stereotypical image in the United Kingdom; the accent is frequently viewed as the most disagreeable style of spoken English in the British Isles. In spite of the fact that the Birmingham accent has a reputation for being difficult to understand, Birmingham has been ranked as one of the friendliest cities in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be turned off by the accent or the language spoken by Brummies. They’re not as unfriendly as you would think!

Has Birmingham Alabama ever had a Republican Mayor?

George G. Seibels, Jr.
Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, USA
In office 1967–1975
Preceded by Albert Boutwell
Succeeded by David Vann
Alabama State Representative from Jefferson County
In office 1975–1990
Personal details
Born July 16, 1913 Coronado, California
Died March 28, 2000 (aged 86) Birmingham, Alabama
Resting place Arlington Antebellum House in Birmingham
Nationality American
Political party Republican
Children Laura Seibels Czaplicki
Alma mater University of Virginia
Occupation Insurance agent; Professional football player
Military service
Allegiance United States
Branch/service United States Navy
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars World War II
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George G. Seibels, Jr. was the first Republican to hold the position of mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. He was born on July 16, 1913 and passed away on March 28, 2000.1913 was the year that Seibels was born in Coronado, California. He was the son of Rear Admiral George Seibels, Sr., of Montgomery, Alabama, and the great-grandson of George Goldthwaite, who served as a United States senator and a former chief judge of the Alabama Supreme Court.

  • Seibels received his Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in 1937.
  • Seibels grew up in Virginia and received his degree there.
  • For a period of three years, he dominated the competition at the university’s intramural light-heavy weight boxing tournament.
  • After completing his studies, he went on to play football at the professional level for a year.

In 1938, the Seibels made the journey to Birmingham in order to pursue careers in the insurance industry. In December of 1941, he signed up to serve in the United States Navy, and two years later, in 1942, he received his commission as an officer and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

He participated in the attack on Italy while serving as an anti-submarine and combat minesweeper in the North African and Mediterranean theaters of the war. After the war, when Seibels returned to Birmingham, he became a co-chairman of the group that was responsible for the safety torch on the Vulcan monument.

In recognition of his efforts to improve driver safety, the Alabama Jaycees presented him with their Distinguished Service Award. In 1947, Birmingham took first place in the Jaycees National Safety Award competition, and Seibels, who was serving as chairman of the Birmingham Traffic Safety Committee at the time, was credited with leading the city to victory.

  • The Jaycees have started presenting the George G.
  • Seibels Traffic Safety Award on an annual basis to the traffic safety chairman whose city is considered to have the most successful program.
  • Siebels, who was a well-known Republican at the time of his election to the Birmingham City Council in 1963, won the election despite the fact that it was non-partisan.

He was a member of the progressive slate of candidates for the city council that was successful in changing the municipal charter and removing “Bull” Connor and his followers from their positions at City Hall. In 1967, following a single term in the City Council, he was elected mayor, taking over for the retiring Albert Boutwell.

Albert Boutwell, in turn, had triumphed over the infamous “Bull” Connor in the election for mayor four years earlier. Between the years 1967 and 1975, he held the office of Mayor of Birmingham during a time of expansion for the city, which culminated in Birmingham being named a “All-American” city. David Vann, a fellow member of the City Council, narrowly beat him in the election for a third term in 1975.

After another three years, in 1978, he was finally successful in winning election to the Alabama House of Representatives to begin the first of three terms representing Jefferson County. As one of the first Republicans in the legislature to be elected during the modern era, he was a staunch supporter of Birmingham and its rights.

  • He left elected public office in 1990 but continued to be active in party politics, where he was fondly known as “Mr.
  • Republican” among Alabama Republicans.
  • He resigned from public service in 1990.
  • George Seibels died in Birmingham in March 2000.
  • The Arlington Antebellum House serves as the location of his ultimate resting place.

In 2003, the Birmingham Zoo decided to memorialize him by renaming its train after him.

How long do mayors serve in Alabama?

People vote for a mayor and council to serve on their behalf for a period of four years each.

How long can you be a Mayor in Alabama?


Office Minimum Age Term of Office
Mayor 7, 22 18 4
Must be a resident of the city for 90 days prior to election.
City Council 7, 23 18 4
Must be a resident of the city or district for 90 days prior to election.

What is the population of Birmingham in 2021?

The East of England saw a population gain of around 8.3%, which translates to 488,000 new inhabitants. This makes it the English area with the highest population growth rate. The North East of England saw the lowest growth rate of any region in England, with only 1.9%, or around 50,000 new residents.

  • The population of Wales increased by 1.4%, which is equivalent to 44,000 more residents.
  • A map displays the various areas of England as well as Wales.
  • Around 1,073,000 people called Birmingham home in 2011, and that number is projected to rise to 1,144,900 residents by the year 2021, representing a 6.7% growth.

This is a far greater growth rate than that of England (6.6%), where the population increased by roughly 3.5 million to 56,489,800 over the same time period. The percentage change in population of each local authority area in England is indicated by a different color on a map showing local authority areas in England.

You may download the data that was used in this article at the very end of the piece. Sandwell and Bromsgrove, both located nearby, have had their populations expand by around 11.0% and 5.9%, respectively, while other nearby places, such as Solihull, have seen their populations grow by 4.6% and Dudley has experienced a lower gain of 3.4%.

After that, the city of Birmingham and its surrounding environs are brought into focus on the map. In the West Midlands, the areas of Rugby and Wychavon have had the greatest percentages of population growth. In these two areas, the populations have increased by 14.3% and 13.3%, respectively.

  1. The percentage change in population size across all West Midlands local authority areas is displayed in greater detail when the map zooms out to see it.
  2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the population of Staffordshire Moorlands has decreased by 1.3%.
  3. In order to construct a bar chart that ranks certain parts of the West Midlands according to the percentage change in total population, the local authority areas that are presented on the map shift both their appearance and their location.

The population of Birmingham is growing at a little faster rate than the population of the West Midlands, which is growing at a rate of 6.2%. Birmingham is featured on the bar chart together with other local government areas in the West Midlands. The population of Tower Hamlets increased by 22.1% between the years 2011 and 2021, making it the English borough with the highest percentage growth in terms of population.

  1. Dartford was second, growing 20.0%.
  2. On a chart, each local authority area in England is represented by a dot, and the legend runs from the most significant percentage fall in population to the most significant % rise in population.
  3. The city of Birmingham is emphasized.
  4. Some local authority regions have witnessed their populations fall.
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In 2021, it was anticipated that the population of Kensington and Chelsea was 143,400, which was about 15,200 less people than in 2011 and represented a reduction of 9.6%. The graphic continues to display all regions of England as dots, arranged by the percentage change in total population, with the biggest drops in population toward the left of the chart and the largest gains in population toward the right.

  • There is a large disparity in the overall population of local authority areas, with Birmingham having around 1,144,900 people compared to the Isles of Scilly having approximately 2,100 people.
  • These circles have been drawn to scale so that their diameters correspond to the number of people living in each local authority region.

The chart turns into circles positioned in the middle of each local authority region on a map. The total number of inhabitants is represented by the area of each circle.

Where does Birmingham rank in size?

Birmingham, Alabama
City of Birmingham
From top left: Downtown from Red Mountain ; Torii in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens ; Alabama Theatre ; Birmingham Museum of Art ; City Hall; Downtown Financial Center
Flag Seal Logo
Nickname(s): “The Magic City”, “Pittsburgh of the South”
Location in Jefferson County, Alabama
Birmingham Location in the United States
Coordinates: 33°31′03″N 86°48′34″W  /  33.51750°N 86.80944°W Coordinates : 33°31′03″N 86°48′34″W  /  33.51750°N 86.80944°W
Country United States
State Alabama
Counties Jefferson, Shelby
Incorporated December 19, 1871
Named for Birmingham, United Kingdom
• Type Mayor – Council
• Mayor Randall Woodfin ( D )
• City 149.54 sq mi (387.31 km 2 )
• Land 147.02 sq mi (380.77 km 2 )
• Water 2.52 sq mi (6.53 km 2 )
Population ( 2020 )
• City 200,733
• Estimate (2021) 197,575
• Rank 124th in the United States 3rd in Alabama
• Density 1,365.37/sq mi (527.17/km 2 )
• Metro 1,115,289 ( 50th )
Demonym Birminghamian
Time zone UTC−6 ( CST )
• Summer ( DST ) UTC−5 (CDT)
ZIP Codes 35201 to 35298
Area code(s) 205, 659
Interstates I-20, I-22, I-59, I-65, and I-459
Airports Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport
FIPS code 01-07000
GNIS feature ID 158174
Website www,birminghamal,gov

The city of Birmingham (pronounced BUR-ming-ham) is located in the north central part of the state of Alabama in the United States. Jefferson County is the most populated county in Alabama, and Birmingham serves as the county seat for the county. Birmingham had an estimated population of 197,575 residents as of the 2021 census, which is a decrease of 1% from the population count taken in the year 2020.

This places Birmingham as the third most populated city in Alabama, after Huntsville and Montgomery. The greater Birmingham metropolitan area has a population of 1,115,289 people, making it the most populated metropolitan area in Alabama and the 50th most populous in the United States. The population was estimated for the year 2020.

The Deep South, the Piedmont, and the Appalachian regions of the United States are all connected to Birmingham because of its role as a significant regional center. In 1871, during the Reconstruction era that followed the American Civil War, the town of Birmingham was established via the union of three agricultural communities that already existed, the most notable of which was Elyton.

It expanded from then, annexing many more of its smaller neighbors, and eventually became a hub for mining, the iron and steel industry, and railroad transportation. Its primary industries are railroading, mining, and the iron and steel business. Birmingham was named after Birmingham, England, which is one of the most important industrial cities in the United Kingdom.

The majority of the city’s first immigrants were of English descent, which led to Birmingham’s establishment. The city may have been constructed in such a way as to provide it a competitive advantage over other industrial cities in the Midwest and Northeast by employing low-cost, non-unionized, and often African-American workers from rural Alabama in the city’s steel mills and blast furnaces.

  • From the time it was founded until the end of the 1960s, Birmingham served as a main industrial center for the Southern United States.
  • The rapid development that took place in Birmingham between the years 1881 and 1920 led to the city being given the titles “The Magic City” and “The Pittsburgh of the South.” In a manner quite similar to that of Pittsburgh, the primary economic activities in Birmingham consisted on the production of iron and steel, in addition to a significant part of the railroading business, since Birmingham was responsible for the manufacturing of both rails and railroad cars.

Beginning in the 1860s and going on up until the present day, the cities of Atlanta and Birmingham, which are located close, have been the two principal centres of railroading in the Deep South. This trend began in the area of railroading. In the latter part of the 20th century, the economy underwent a process of diversification.

Other companies and industries, including as banking, telecommunications, transportation, electrical power transmission, medical care, higher education, and insurance, have grown in importance in Birmingham, despite the fact that the manufacturing industry continues to have a significant presence there.

With the exception of coal mining, mining in the Birmingham region is no longer a significant contributor to the local economy. In addition to being one of the greatest financial hubs in the United States, Birmingham is also considered to be one of the most significant business centers in the southeastern region of the United States.

In addition, the Birmingham metropolitan region is home to the headquarters of six different Fortune 1000 firms, including one of the Fortune 500 corporations (Regions Financial), as well as five additional Fortune 1000 organizations. Since 1947, the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine and the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry have both called Birmingham, Alabama their home.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine was once known as the Medical College of Alabama. Since then, it has also been home to a campus of the University of Alabama, which goes by the name University of Alabama at Birmingham and was established somewhere around the year 1969.

It is one of the three primary campuses that make up the University of Alabama System. In addition, it is the location of three independent educational establishments, namely Samford University, Birmingham-Southern College, and Miles College. The metropolitan region around Birmingham is home to a number of prestigious educational institutions, including colleges of medical, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, law, engineering, and nursing.

In addition, Birmingham serves as the administrative center for the Southeastern Conference, which is regarded as one of the most important collegiate sporting conferences in the United States.

How big is Sheldon Birmingham?

It is the 27th most populated ward in the city with a population of 18,986, which places it in that position.

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What is the ethnic makeup of Birmingham Alabama?

It’s Official: Birmingham Will Host the World Games in 2022 The proud and honored city of Birmingham will play host to The World Games in 2022. The World Games are an international multi-sport event that takes place over the course of 11 days and are organized with the assistance of the International Olympic Committee.

  • The Summer Olympic Games will be followed by The World Games 2022, which will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom, from July 7-17, 2022.
  • These games will highlight a new generation of global sports.
  • It is projected that 3,600 of the world’s best athletes will fight for gold in over 30 of the sports with the quickest rates of participation growth.

These countries represent more than 100 different nations. Helpful Links: Convention and Visitors Bureau Serving the Greater Birmingham Area Institution for Civil Rights in Birmingham Alliance des entreprises de Birmingham Birmingham 365 Population According to estimates provided by the United States Census Bureau for 2019, the population of the city of Birmingham was 209,880.

  • Birmingham serves as the major core of the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Area, which has a total population of 1.1 million people.
  • The metropolitan area of Birmingham and Hoover is the most populous and economically significant region in the state of Alabama.
  • In terms of demographics, the city of Birmingham has a median household income of $32,404 and a median age of 35.7 years.

Homeownership makes up 46.4% of Birmingham’s population, contributing to the city’s median property worth of $86,900. There are 71.6% black residents, 24.6% white residents, and 3.5% Hispanic residents in the city. In a nutshell: Birmingham ranks seventh out of the 150 major US metropolitan areas in terms of the percentage of new millennial inhabitants (ages 25-34).

History In 1871, the city of Birmingham was established at a railroad crossing that was located close to a mineral deposit that was considered to be among the wealthiest in the world. On December 19, 1871, an act to incorporate the city was approved by the Legislative Assembly of Alabama. Housing Lending Tree ranked Birmingham as one of the most affordable cities in the US for first-time homebuyers and as one of the 10 most inexpensive markets for renters.

Birmingham was also recognized as one of the most affordable cities for renters (Zillow, 2019). Education With 18 elementary schools, 10 K-8 schools, eight middle schools, and seven high schools, the Birmingham City Schools are able to educate a total of 23,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is ranked 15th among public universities in terms of research that is supported by the federal government. In addition, Birmingham is home to two-year universities Jefferson State and Lawson State, as well as the four-year Birmingham Southern College. Transportation More than 80% of the population of the United States may be reached within a two-day journey thanks to five different interstates.

There are 114 flights departing from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, which travel to a total of 26 airports and 23 cities. Tech The metropolitan region around Birmingham is home to about 550 different technological businesses, which together make use of over 6,300 qualified employees.

  1. The city is home to Innovation Depot, which is the biggest business incubator in the Southeast.
  2. It has a total area of 140,000 square feet and is home to 112 different startup companies.
  3. Entrepreneurship (Thumbtack, 2015) Based on the friendliness of the local tax laws, licensing requirements, and regulatory environment, Birmingham was rated the #1 Best City for Millennial Entrepreneurs.

Healthcare The number of employment in the healthcare industry per resident is greatest in Birmingham, which leads the nation. Financial Services The city’s financial sector is the third largest in the Southeast and the 12th largest in the country overall.

Is Birmingham a party town?

Partying will be easy for you to do in Birmingham due to the city’s abundance of opulent pubs and lively bars. But the night does not have to end when they call “time” at the bar because the city boasts great-value student nights and some of the best nightclubs in the country. Both of these things contribute to the fact that the night may continue.

How much does the mayor of Birmingham get paid?

Mayor of the West Midlands
Inaugural holder Andy Street
Formation Cities and Local Government Devolution Act 2016
Salary £79,000

Who is the Mayor of Oxford 2022?

Lord Mayors in alphabetical order

Year Name
2017/2018 Jean Fooks
2018/2019 Colin Cook
2019/2020 Craig Simmons
2020/2022 Mark Lygo

Who is the head of Birmingham City Council?

The Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Cadman OBE After holding positions as the Lead Inspector for the Audit Commission’s Best Value Service in the London region, Chief Executive for St Edmundsbury Borough Council, and Chief Executive for the East of England Development Agency, Deborah served as Chief Executive for Suffolk County Council from 2011 until 2017.

Who is the current Birmingham City Council?

The next election for the nine seats on the council will take place in 2021. Each council member is elected to a single-member district and serves a term of four years. According to the definition provided by the Mayor-Council Act of the State of Alabama, these nine individuals make up the Birmingham Municipal Council, which serves as the legislative arm of the Birmingham city government.

Matters of policy, such as the adoption of the budget and appointments to public boards and agencies, are required to be approved by a majority vote of the council during its regular meeting, which takes place at 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday morning (except on holidays) in the council chambers of Birmingham City Hall, located at 710 North 20th Street.

Councilor Wardine T. Alexander currently holds the position of Council President. Crystal Smitherman, a Councilor, is now serving as the President Pro Tempore. The legislative work of the City Council is broken up among eleven committees, which are as follows: Administration and Education; Budget and Finance; Economic Development; Governmental Affairs and Public Information; Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts; Planning and Zoning; Public Improvements and Beautification; Public Safety; Transportation; Utilities and Technology; and Committee of the Whole.

The Committee of the Whole is responsible for overseeing all of the City Council’s legislative work. On the website of the Birmingham City Council, you may view the agendas of committee meetings and council sessions, as well as footage of such proceedings. You may also access the city’s municipal code through Municode, and the website of the Birmingham City Council is a good resource for researching recently enacted regulations.

Check out our other answers to frequently asked questions here. You can check to see which district you are in by entering your address into the following page if you are unsure of the district you are in.