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Who Was The Last Sec East Team To Beat Alabama?

Who Was The Last Sec East Team To Beat Alabama
South Carolina teams from the SEC East that have beaten Alabama while Nick Saban has been head coach: 2008: Florida (SEC Championship) South Carolina in the year 2010 2021: Georgia (National Championship)

When was the last time Alabama lost to an SEC East team?

Why does Alabama football have such success when playing teams from the SEC East? The supremacy of Alabama in football may be analyzed from a variety of perspectives. Saban has never been defeated by one of his assistants. Since 2007, Alabama has not suffered a defeat at the hands of an unranked foe.

  1. You may go so far as to argue that Nick Saban has led Alabama to more football titles than practically any other coach in the history of the sport.
  2. Nevertheless, the viewpoint about the SEC East is the one that is important this weekend.
  3. Alabama has won 31 consecutive games against teams from the East Division of the SEC.

This is the longest winning run in the history of the SEC. Their most recent defeat came in 2010, when South Carolina defeated the Tide while Greg McElroy was the head coach. Since then, Alabama has been unstoppable, claiming victory over every other team in the SEC East on at least one occasion since then.

  • Although Alabama has had a great deal of success, it is puzzling why exactly they have chosen to dominate the other division.
  • In the end, everything boils down to a combination of talent, circumstance, and chance.
  • Please allow me to elaborate.
  • The situation is not complicated at all.
  • The only team that Alabama football has to face annually is Tennessee.

The Tide play each of the other teams in the SEC East on a rotating basis. This implies that unlike SEC West clubs, they are unable to recruit primarily with the goal of defeating Alabama. In addition to this, they never settle into a rhythm. When a player reaches his senior year at Auburn, he has already faced the Tide on many occasions.

The clubs in the SEC East don’t, and as a result, it’s more difficult to predict what will happen. The Southeastern Conference Championship is the only game in which Alabama is certain to face one of the best teams in the conference. Alabama has maintained their lead despite the fact that a number of teams have kept the competition tight.

Since 2008, they have not been defeated in an SEC championship game. Because the games in the postseason are played on a level playing field, Alabama does not have to be concerned about an opposing audience. Because Alabama fans are known to be good travelers, they typically have an edge while visiting Atlanta.

  • There have been several teams throughout history who have been able to challenge Alabama for the national championship.
  • There have been a few instances when Georgia came so close to beating Alabama’s Tide.
  • In order to beat Georgia in the postseason, Alabama needed Georgia to make a mistake inside the red zone, Tua to pull off a remarkable comeback, and Jalen to pull off a comparable turnaround.

Alabama has prevailed over Georgia on a number of occasions throughout the regular season, but Georgia has not been able to beat Alabama since Alabama won their first title under Saban. This winning run is remarkable, and a large portion of the credit should go to the Alabama football team.

Who has the best record against Alabama football?

There are just two colleges in the Southeastern Conference that have a winning record versus Texas, and those schools are South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Both of these institutions are likely to surprise you. The Commodores haven’t competed against the Longhorns since 1928, while the Gamecocks played each other just once, in 1957, long before South Carolina became a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

But Vanderbilt is 8-3-1 in the series. Aside from that, Texas has a stellar record versus the other teams in its new conference, including Alabama, and has won every single one of those matchups. Not only do the Longhorns have a winning record versus the Crimson Tide, but they also have the best record of any team that has faced Alabama more than once that is not Rice.

Rice is the only club that has faced Alabama many times (3-0). Texas leads the series 7-1 at this point. There is a strong correlation between the Longhorns’ performance versus SEC opponents and the bowl games that they played, the majority of which took place in the Cotton Bowl.

  1. The organizers of the game are always excited to welcome a participant from the Lone Star State whenever it is at all feasible.
  2. Texas athletes have participated in the most games by a significant margin.
  3. The Cotton Bowl has been played a total of 22 times, with Texas A&M coming in second place, followed by Arkansas with 12 appearances.

The Cotton Bowl in 1943 was the inaugural bowl game for the Longhorns, and it was a matchup versus Georgia Tech. At the time, Georgia Tech was still a member of the Southeastern Conference. The final score was 14-7 for Texas. It also faced Missouri in the 1946 edition, long before the Tigers joined the Southeastern Conference, and triumphed again, this time by a score of 40–27.

  • The fact that South Carolina and Vanderbilt are the only active members of the Southeastern Conference who have not competed in the Cotton Bowl is definitely not a coincidence.
  • The Alabama series began in 1902, and Texas emerged victorious in all three matchups before to Alabama’s first national championship, which it won in 1925.

The first game of the postseason was the 1948 Sugar Bowl, which was won by No.5 Texas with a score of 27-7 against No.6 Alabama. The Longhorns’ record in playoff contests stands at 4-1-1. Despite this, Alabama was victorious in the lone national championship game that was played between the two institutions, which took place at the Rose Bowl in 2010 and was the BCS National Championship Game.

Colt McCoy, the quarterback for Texas, was knocked out of the game by Marcell Dareus, and Dareus also intercepted a shovel ball and returned it 28 yards for a score shortly before halftime, both of which contributed to the victory of 37-21. Mark Ingram II and Trent Richardson, both running backs for Alabama, each finished the game with more than 100 rushing yards and scored two touchdowns.

Additionally, Eryk Anders had a vital sack and strip that Courtney Upshaw recovered to help Alabama put an end to Texas’ comeback prospects. This was Alabama’s first win since 1992, its eighth since the beginning of polling in the 1930s, and its seventh Associated Press championship.

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Who was the last SEC coach to defeat Alabama?

Nick Saban, head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, leads his team against the Florida Gators in the first quarter at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 18, 2021 in Gainesville, Florida, in the United States. The obligatory credit goes to Kim Klement of USA TODAY Sports When Steve Spurrier was the head coach at South Carolina, he was the last head coach from the East Division of the SEC to defeat Nick Saban and Alabama in the regular season.

When was the last time a coach from the SEC East defeated Alabama and Nick Saban? It’s been more than a decade. Take a look back to the 9th of October in 2010, when South Carolina stunned Alabama thanks to the leadership of Steve Spurrier. Since that day in the fall, no SEC East team has been able to repeat what Spurrier accomplished against Saban.

It has been more than a decade since that happened. With the exception of Georgia, it looks like we have a lengthy wait ahead of us given the way the division has progressed.

Who is the last SEC coach to defeat Nick Saban?

As a result of Hugh Freeze’s resignation from Ole Miss and Kevin Sumlin’s departure from Texas A&M, Gus Malzahn, the head coach at Auburn, is now the only one of the 13 current SEC coaches to have triumphed in a head-to-head matchup against Alabama’s Nick Saban.

  1. Malzahn’s victory came in 2013.
  2. In the Iron Bowl held the year before, the Tigers prevailed over the Crimson Tide by a score of 26-14 to claim the SEC West division title and earn a spot in the SEC championship game versus Georgia.
  3. Malzahn now has a record of 2-3 versus Alabama after this play.
  4. The statement was made by Malzahn on Thursday during his presentation at SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

“Yeah, I don’t get caught up with other coaches and all that,” Malzahn said. “My only knowledge of you is that you attend Auburn and that you compete against Alabama. This is known as the Iron Bowl. It’s the finest rivalry in college football, and you have to beat them if you want to take first place in the Western Division.

  • That is simply part of the responsibilities that come with the job at Auburn.” Perhaps, but he has a better win-loss record versus Saban than 12 of the other SEC coaches combined.
  • These 12 head coaches have a cumulative record of 0-17 versus Nick Saban’s Alabama teams over their coaching careers, whether it be at the institutions they are now coaching at or at past head coaching positions.

Despite this, Auburn did not make use of the opportunity that was presented to them. The Tigers were eliminated from contention for a spot in the College Football Playoff when they were defeated by the Bulldogs by a score of 28-7 in the SEC championship game, which took place three weeks after the Tigers had defeated the Bulldogs by a score of 40-17.

This set in motion a chain of events that caused the conclusion of the college season to become a discussion on the College Football Playoff system. In spite of their loss against the Tigers, Alabama was able to secure one of the four berths in the College Football Playoff and went on to win the national title by defeating Clemson 24-6 and Georgia 26-23 in overtime.

The Tigers were sent to the Peach Bowl, where they were defeated by UCF by a score of 34-27, marking their second loss in a month at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The Tigers were sent there after being demoted to the Peach Bowl. This resulted in the controversy regarding the possibility that the 13-0 Knights would be denied the opportunity to compete for a national championship, despite the fact that they had won against the team that had previously defeated both of the teams that would be competing in the championship game during the regular season.

  1. Even Malzahn is at a loss for what to say in response to that question.
  2. He is only aware that his squad was outplayed by UCF on that particular day.
  3. He stated on UCF, “I really don’t have an opinion on anything other than the fact that they came after us.” “I believed that they were a really skilled squad and they performed exceptionally well on that particular day.” Malzahn adopted the same attitude as Saban the day before, which was that the existing system spewed out the matches, and they competed against the teams who were in front of them.

He stated his position by saying, “I don’t enter into that discussion as far as it goes.” It is quite possible that Auburn is the only school in the SEC West that is in a position to challenge Alabama once more. Although they lost the SEC’s leading rusher in Kerryon Johnson (1,391 yards, 18 touchdowns), the Tigers are as set at quarterback as any other team in the conference with sophomore Jarret Stidham.

  1. The Tigers return seven defensive starters, five of which are linemen or linebackers.
  2. The quarterback who transferred from Baylor is currently the second-best in the conference in terms of total offense, trailing only Drew Lock of Missouri.
  3. Stidham finished the previous season with 3,331 yards of total offense, including passing for 3,158 yards, 18 touchdowns, and a completion % that led the league at.665.

The Southeastern Conference’s newcomer of the year award went to him. Stidham had recently completed his undergraduate degree and was in the process of getting engaged, as if to demonstrate that life can be enjoyable. Malzahn made the observation, “He’s got a lot going on.” Due to a shoulder injury, Stidham was unable to participate fully in spring practice.

  1. As a result, there was a healthy rivalry for the starting quarterback position between Bartram Trail graduate Joey Gatewood, a freshman, and Malik Willis of Atlanta, a sophomore.
  2. During Auburn’s spring game, Gatewood had a rough day, completing only four of his fourteen pass attempts for a total of 0 yards.

According to Malzahn, though, the experience of having so many first-team reps throughout the spring was really beneficial. According to Malzahn, “both of those players received all the repetitions and coach Lindsey got a lot of terrific information.” Stidham rebounded following Auburn’s defeat to Clemson in week two, in which he was sacked 11 times.

Clemson won the game. A few of blocks away from where he was seated for his Media Days interviews, he also mentioned that there were opportunities for growth after finishing the season with back-to-back losses in Atlanta. These blocks were not too far from where he was sitting. He stated, “I’m delighted Clemson took place,” and I agree with him.

“It’s a good thing I was fired 11 times because I can assure you it won’t happen to me again. I’ll keep my word. I find it interesting to look at things, and whether it’s Clemson, LSU, the SEC Championship, or the bowl game, there are a lot of things that one can learn from.” And much like his head coach, he holds the distinction of being the only quarterback in the SEC with a win on his career record over Alabama.

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Who has the best record against Nick Saban?

– 4 of 12 In their head-to-head matchups, Les Miles has a better record than any other coach on this list versus Nick Saban. On the field, Miles has a record of 3-4 versus the Saban, and off the field, he has beaten Saban two more times in the recruiting process.

He recruited more players than Saban did in 2009 (ESPN), and he is now recruiting more players than Saban will in 2013. (Scout). Miles is now riding high on a two-game losing streak versus Saban, one of which being the national championship game from the previous year. Even if Miles is one of the top coaches in the country, he can’t keep demonstrating that Saban has his number forever and ever.

If this turns out to be the case, LSU will uncover a player capable of defeating Alabama. The majority of Alabama’s offensive line will be leaving for the NFL in April, which is fortunate for Miles because he will be joining them. Because of this, he will have a fantastic opportunity to flip the script in 2013.

How many times has Nick Saban lost to an unranked team?

Oct 13, 2021 Who Was The Last Sec East Team To Beat Alabama Close Bill Connelly, Staff Writer for ESPN Close Writer on staff for, Bill Connelly goes by the name “Bill Connelly.” A loss for the Alabama football team is always an event worthy of mention, regardless of the reasons. Before their game on Saturday night against Jimbo Fisher’s Texas A&M Aggies, Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide had only lost seven times in the previous seven years, and they hadn’t experienced any kind of loss at all since their game against Auburn in November of 2019.

Even more unusual was the team’s loss on Saturday at College Station, which was decided by a score of 41-38. It was the first time that Saban had lost to one of his former assistants, and it was the first time that Alabama had lost to an unranked opponent since 2007, which was Saban’s first year in control of the program.

After starting the year in fifth place in the polls, A&M fell to the “others receiving votes” classification after suffering consecutive defeats at the hands of Arkansas and Mississippi State. Even though A&M’s kicker Seth Small’s game-winning field goal from 28 yards out was a bit shaky, the Aggies were able to beat the legendary Alabama team because to a spectacular effort by A&M quarterback Zach Calzada.

This was the first occasion that a team rated No.1 in the country had fallen to an unranked opponent while being a favorite of 15 points or more since 2008. In the first five years of the 1980s, it occurred four times, but in the decades that followed, it only occurred six times. Let’s take a stroll through time and see how things turned out in those 10 past cases so that we can have a better idea of what the future holds for both A&M and Bama.

This will give us a better idea of what may happen to both schools in the future.

What year did A&M beat Alabama?

ESPN’s Alabama coverage on November 10, 2012 included a game recap.

How many times has Nick Saban lost at Alabama?

The annual football game that Alabama plays versus the Auburn University Tigers, which takes place in the state of Alabama, is known as “The Iron Bowl.” As of the 2021 season, Saban’s total record versus the Tigers stands at ten victories and five defeats, or 10–5 for the duration of their matchup.

  • In Nick Saban’s first Iron Bowl as head coach, the Crimson Tide were defeated by Auburn 17–10, but in 2008, Alabama defeated Auburn 36-0.
  • It was the greatest margin of victory in the Iron Bowl since the 1962 season, and it was the first all-time win for the Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl at Tuscaloosa.

Their victory in that game halted a six-game losing run against the Tigers. The next season, Auburn jumped out to a 14–0 lead in the first quarter, but Alabama came back to defeat them 26–21 thanks to a touchdown throw from Greg McElroy to Roy Upchurch that covered four yards and came with just under two minutes left in the game.

In the 2010 Iron Bowl, Alabama, who were playing as the defending national champions at the time, blew a 24-point lead and ultimately lost to the team who went on to win the national championship 28–27. This was the biggest comeback in the history of the Iron Bowl. After suffering that setback, the Crimson Tide came back stronger than ever and in either the 2011 or 2012 version of the Iron Bowl, they did not permit the Tigers to score an offensive touchdown.

Chris Davis returned a missed Adam Griffith field goal 109 yards for the game-winning score with no time left on the clock in the 2013 matchup between Auburn and Alabama, which has since been dubbed ” the kick six ” Chris Davis returned a missed Adam Griffith field goal 109 yards for the game-winning score with no time left on the clock in the matchup between Auburn and Alabama in 2013.

Alabama overcame a 12-point deficit to defeat Auburn 55–44 in the 2014 Iron Bowl, which was the highest-scoring game in the history of the rivalry between the two schools. In Auburn, Alabama would go on to win the 2015 game against Auburn by a score of 29-13. After the “Kick-Six” game, this was Alabama’s first visit to Jordan-Hare Stadium since that contest.

On the other hand, the outcome would turn out differently since Adam Griffith kicked five field goals, which was responsible for 15 of Alabama’s 29 points. Jalen Hurts, a true freshman quarterback for Alabama, led the Crimson Tide to a victory over Auburn in Tuscaloosa by a score of 30–12 in 2016, despite the fact that he had thrown two interceptions in the first half.

  • Since the 1990s and early 1990s, Alabama had not won three games in a row against Auburn until the 2016 season, when they did so.
  • The Tide’s lone defeat of the season came at the hands of Auburn in 2017, when Alabama was defeated by a score of 26–14.
  • It was the first time the Tigers had beaten the Tide by a margin of more than ten points since 1969, and it was also the first time that they defeated the Tide.
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In 2018, Alabama would get its revenge on Auburn by cruising to a 52–21 victory in Tuscaloosa against the Tigers. Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback for Alabama, set a record for most total touchdowns scored in an Iron Bowl with six, including five touchdown passes and one touchdown run.

The Alabama sophomore finished the game with a completion percentage of 25 of 32 and a throwing yardage total of 324. In 2019, Auburn would emerge victorious in a back-and-forth battle by a score of 48–45. The Tide suffered their second straight defeat at Jordan Hare Stadium with this result. Mac Jones took over as the starting quarterback after Tagovailoa suffered an injury that ended his season while playing against Mississippi State.

Despite the fact that Jones threw for more than 300 yards against the top-ranked defense of the Tigers, Auburn picked off the sophomore quarterback twice and scored touchdowns on both of those returns. After Alabama’s effort to tie the game with a field goal with two minutes left in regulation was unsuccessful, the Crimson Tide forced Auburn into a three-and-out on the subsequent drive.

  • On the other hand, if the Tide were to commit an illegal substitution on the fourth down, Auburn would get a first down and the victory.
  • Saban would have a positive test for COVID-19 on the Wednesday before the 2020 edition of the Iron Bowl.
  • It would be the first game in his 47 years as a coach that he would miss.

The offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian, would be given the role of head coach for the annual contest between the two teams’ rivals. Despite this, it turned out that Saban’s absence did not have a role in the way the game turned out. Mac Jones’ performance in the 2019 matchup was a decisive influence in the outcome of Alabama’s victory against Auburn, which resulted in a 42-13 victory for Alabama over Auburn.

Jones threw for more than 300 yards, scored 5 touchdowns, and did not throw any interceptions. It would be the final occasion that Gus Malzahn, head coach of Auburn, will lead the Tigers in competition versus Alabama. The loss by 29 points was his second-worst of his career, with the outcome of the 2018 Iron Bowl being the worst of his career (31).

A little less than a month later, he would be freed of his responsibilities. He finished his career at Auburn with a record of three wins and five defeats against Saban (3-5). The Iron Bowl in 2021 was the first ever game to go into overtime in the series’ long history of competition.

  • When Alabama eventually got on the scoreboard late in the game with a field goal in the fourth quarter, it cut Auburn’s advantage to 10-3 and brought the game to its conclusion.
  • The Tide scored a touchdown with one minute remaining on the clock when quarterback Bryce Young connected with wide receiver Jacorey Brooks for a touchdown pass that knotted the game.

This caused the game to go into overtime, where Alabama’s Bryce Young eventually won the game for his team by completing a pass to wide receiver John Metchie for a two-point play.

How many times LSU beat Alabama?

The football rivalry between Alabama and LSU

Meetings total 86
All-time series Alabama leads, 55–26–5
Largest victory Alabama, 47–3 (1922)
Longest win streak Alabama, 11 (1971–1981)

How many times has Nick Saban lost at Alabama?

Nick Saban’s coaching record with the Alabama Crimson Tide when he was there is as follows: Since 2007, Nick Saban has compiled a record of 177 victories against just 24 defeats. In fact, some of those losses occurred during Saban’s first season in Tuscaloosa, when the Crimson Tide battled to a record of 7-6 despite the head coach’s best efforts (which the NCAA knocked down to a 2-6 record).

  • However, the Crimson Tide showed significant improvement from that point on.
  • In Nick Saban’s second year as head coach, Alabama finished with a record of 12-2, but were defeated by the Florida Gators in the Southeastern Conference Championship Game.2009 was one of only two seasons in which Nick Saban led Alabama’s Crimson Tide to a perfect record, and it was also the year that Alabama won its first national title under Saban’s direction.

The events that followed are now part of past history. In addition to their victory in 2009, Alabama’s teams also took home the national championship in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2020 respectively. In addition, the year 2020 was the only other campaign in which Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide did not suffer a single defeat in any of their games.

Has Penn State ever beat Alabama?

Alabama–Penn State football rivalry

Alabama Crimson Tide Penn State Nittany Lions
First meeting December 19, 1959 Penn State, 7–0
Latest meeting September 10, 2011 Alabama, 27–11
Next meeting TBD
Meetings total 15
All-time series Alabama leads, 10–5
Largest victory Alabama, 42–21 (1982) Penn State, 23–3 (1986)
Longest win streak Alabama, 4 (1975–1982)
Current win streak Alabama, 2 (2010–present)

Alabama and Penn State’s respective locations The Alabama–Penn State football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the football teams of the universities of Alabama and Pennsylvania State. The Alabama Crimson Tide represent the University of Alabama, while the Penn State Nittany Lions represent Pennsylvania State University.