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Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Teal Today?

Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Teal Today
Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Teal Today In the first game of their series versus Georgia on Saturday afternoon, the Alabama softball team sported an unusual teal shirt for the game. However, the Tide was not the only team who supported the hue. Other teams did as well. On Saturday, softball teams playing in the Southeastern Conference all wore teal uniforms.

This was done not just to raise awareness about ovarian cancer, but also to commemorate the life and memory of Alex Wilcox, a softball player who played for Mississippi State University before she passed away. Wilcox spent his childhood in Brantley, Alabama, which is situated around 90 kilometers south of Montgomery.

According to, she excelled as a softball player at Brantley High School, where she won three AHSAA state titles and was named the Most Valuable Player of the AHSAA State Tournament thrice. The Alabama native was just 16 years old when she received the devastating news that she had ovarian cancer in December of 2015.

She had a batting average of.200 throughout her time spent at Starkville, Mississippi, where she had 15 opportunities to bat and collected three hits in eight games she participated in. The Bulldog was named to the First-Year SEC Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 academic year. On June 25, 2018, Wilcox went away at the age of only 18 years old.

The first game of the series between Alabama and Georgia included both teams wearing teal accessories. The Crimson Tide donned teal socks and bows with their jerseys, while Georgia wore teal bows. Before today’s softball game, LSU hosted the ninth iteration of its GeauxTeal Walk, an event that was first conducted in 2013 with the intention of bringing attention to ovarian cancer.

  • The team participated in the Strikeout Ovarian Cancer game by donning teal helmets and coloring their tiger emblem, which was shown on the field, teal as well.
  • With the game versus Tennessee, Mississippi State played in full outfits that were inspired by the color teal.
  • These included jerseys, white pants with teal embroidery, white and teal helmets, and teal socks.

Teal was the color of the jerseys used by the Volunteers. In all of the games that were scheduled for Saturday, the remaining SEC teams competed while sporting a variety of teal accessories, including bows, jerseys, socks, and helmets. The social media accounts of the majority of softball teams donned teal, including those of LSU, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee, and they also used the hashtag #AllForAlex.

Why is Alabama softball in teal uniforms?

Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Teal Today 557 days ago: Picture from the Mississippi State Athletics Department The following article, authored by Brian Ogden, was at one time distributed on STARKVILLE – On March 20, all 13 SEC softball teams will join in the “All for Alex” campaign to celebrate the memory of Alex Wilcox, who played for Mississippi State.

This will bring the SEC softball community together as one. Wilcox was a member of the 2018 Mississippi State softball team who courageously fought against ovarian cancer. Her story has inspired people all throughout the country. During the summer of 2018, she lost her life as a direct result of the conflict.

In 2020, the Bulldogs will continue their #NoOneFightsAlone campaign by donning teal jerseys for midweek games as part of their commitment to the cause. On Saturday, all thirteen schools in the Southeastern Conference will unite to honor her legacy by donning teal or teal-accented apparel in recognition of her influence on the softball community on a national scale and in the battle against ovarian cancer.

Sunday, March 21st will be the day for South Carolina’s participation. The campaign is a combined effort by the head coaches of LSU and MSU, Beth Torina and Samantha Ricketts. It was authorized during the SEC coaches’ meetings in the autumn of 2019, but it was placed on hold after the cancellation of the 2020 season.

The Gators will visit the Bulldogs on March 19 and 20, 2019. On Saturday, both MSU’s jerseys and the Gators’ warmup tops will be teal. The game is between MSU and Florida. At two o’clock Central Time, SEC Network+ will air a broadcast of the game. Wilcox became the first female student-athlete in Mississippi State history to receive the honor of having her jersey number retired, which took place on September 15, 2018, at Mississippi State University.

Why is Arkansas softball wearing teal?

All thirteen Southeastern Conference softball teams will come together for the “All for Alex” weekend for the second year in a row to celebrate the legacy of Alex Wilcox, who played for Mississippi State. In honor of Wilcox’s legacy, the Southeastern Conference softball teams will honor her on Saturday by donning teal uniforms or accessories.

Wilcox was a part of the 2018 Mississippi State team and served as an inspiration to the community of softball players throughout the country in her battle against ovarian cancer. In June of 2018, Wilcox passed away at the age of 18. Karen Weekly, who coaches the Tennessee softball team, has fond memories of Wilcox and the influence she had on the rest of the league.

It was vital to continue to respect her memory and bring awareness to the early indications of ovarian cancer, according to some of her teammates who had been on travel teams with her in the past. READ MORE About how Tennessee softball and baseball have made two cancer-stricken children who are 4 years old honorary team members.

READ MORE about what we discovered about Tennessee softball before to the first series of the SEC season versus Missouri According to Weekly’s statement, “when it’s kind of one of your own, it’s one of these guys, that might be one of them.” “I just believe it makes it that much more personal and important to do something like this to commemorate her memory,” you said.

“It just makes it that much more special.” This next weekend, Mississippi State will travel to Tennessee to take against the Lady Vols, who will be wearing teal jersey tops. This weekend, MSU is going to show off a brand new top that has a teal and gray color scheme.

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Why are all the college softball teams wearing teal?

STARKVILLE – In memory of former Mississippi State softball student-athlete Alex Wilcox and to show support for the ongoing battle against ovarian cancer, the Mississippi State baseball team will play Wednesday (March 6) against Arkansas-Pine Bluff in teal jerseys.

  1. The game will take place at Mississippi State.
  2. Vann Stuedeman, the head coach of the softball team at Mississippi State, will take the field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, and the 2019 Bulldog softball team will join him on the field.
  3. The Diamond Dawgs invite all supporters to express their support by wearing teal to the opening pitch of Wednesday’s game against the Golden Lions at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

As part of its “No One Fights Alone” initiative, the softball program at Michigan State University started wearing teal jerseys for midweek games in the 2018 season. The team will continue its efforts into 2019 in order to remember all of those who have fought or are fighting ovarian cancer and to help raise awareness about the disease.

During the 2018 softball season, Wilcox’s valiant fight against ovarian cancer served as an inspiration to the Starkville community as well as the rest of the softball world. Wilcox overcame the odds and continued to play softball throughout her treatments despite being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015.

She was instrumental in helping Brantley (Alabama) High School win two state titles during her time there. During her junior year of high school, Wilcox, who was ranked among the Top 50 prospects for the class of 2017, made her commitment to play for the Bulldogs.

Wilcox was diagnosed with cancer during her first year at State, but she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her passion of playing softball at the varsity level. She shone brightly during the fall, demonstrating her talent at the plate by hitting a number of home runs. Wilcox played in a total of eight games during her freshman year, starting three of them despite the fact that she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the time.

She has three hits out of her total of 15 at-bats, one of which was her first collegiate hit, which she recorded in March 2018 against UMass Lowell. Wilcox was recognized as a member of the First-Year SEC Honor Roll in the spring of 2018, despite the fact that he was taking a full academic course load.

Wilcox received support and acclaim from legendary figures in the softball world, such as Olympians Michele Smith and Jessica Mendoza, due to her unwavering optimism and unyielding will over the course of her fight. The movement gained momentum as groups of athletes from throughout the country and the Southeastern Conference came together in support of Wilcox by sending words of love and support and wearing teal in solidarity with him.

In recognition of their altruistic efforts to promote the cause, all thirteen of the Southeastern League’s softball programs were given the Sportsmanship Award by the conference in June of 2018. On June 25, Wilcox passed away in the city where she had grown up in, Brantley, Alabama.

Why is LSU softball wearing turquoise?

This day will go down in history as a watershed event in the struggle against ovarian cancer, and the SEC softball team is an incredible organization. During pregame warmups, the Geaux Teal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation has presented each school with an All for Alex shirt. This shirt is to be worn by the teams as well as their respective coaching staffs.

Why did they change softballs from white to yellow?

The most important reason behind painting softballs bright yellow is so that players can spot them more easily on the field. When compared to baseball, the distance from the pitcher’s mound to the batter’s box in softball is roughly 14 feet shorter. This results in the hitter having less time to react to the pitch being thrown.

Why are college softball players wearing green bows?

In honor of Lauren Bernett, who played softball for James Madison University, the Atlantic Coast Conference has agreed to name the 2022 ACC Softball Tournament in her honour. The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) affixed a purple heart with the number 22 and the initials “LB” in purple on the side of the bases.

Bernett donned his No.22 jersey in the school’s color of purple, which is one of the school’s colors. On Tuesday, April 26, Bernett, who was 20 years old, took his own life and died. The day before she passed away, she was honored as the Player of the Week by the Colonial Athletic Association. On Friday, ACC Softball sent out the following tweet: “We will be remembering the life of Lauren Bernett, who is regrettably no longer with us, at the ACC Softball Championship this weekend.

Lauren was a sophomore student-athlete for the JMU Softball team when she was born and raised in the Pittsburgh region. This weekend, our teams will be competing for her honor.” We will be remembering the life of Lauren Bernett, who is regrettably no longer with us, at the ACC Softball Championship this weekend.

  1. Lauren was a sophomore student-athlete for the JMU Softball team when she was born and raised in the Pittsburgh region.
  2. This weekend, our teams will be competing for her honor.
  3. — Atlantic Coast Conference Softball (@ACCsoftball) May 13, 2022 In 2022, the Atlantic Coast Conference Softball Tournament will be held at Vartabedian Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Bernett was a big reason why James Madison was able to advance farther in the Women’s College World Series in 2021. After Bernett passed away in 2022, the James Madison softball team made the decision to not continue playing the rest of the season. During the entirety of the ACC Softball Tournament, athletes have accessorized their hair with ribbons in shades of green and purple.

Why is a softball yellow and not white?

Why Is Alabama Softball Wearing Teal Today Why Is a Softball Yellow? The color of the balls used in baseball and softball games is another key distinction between the two sports. Softball balls are often bright yellow in color, but baseball balls are nearly always white. Baseball is played with white balls.

White softballs are mostly designated for use in recreational play, with the exception of infrequent use in slow-pitch softball. The reason why the softball is so enormous and why it is yellow are, for the most part, the same thing. If the ball was white, the hitter would have a difficult time seeing it and keeping track of its location due to the narrower field and the shorter distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate.

The bright yellow hue of the ball makes it easier for the batter to see, which in turn makes his task easier. In addition, the infield for softball games is built of dirt rather than grass. To be more accurate, it may be described as a mixture of sand, clay, and silt.

Why are softball players wearing green?

On the website of NAMI, it is said that “wearing green, in particular a green ribbon, is an essential way to demonstrate your support and ally-ship of mental health.” In addition, “wearing green” is one of the ways that one may show their support for NAMI. Additionally in May, we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month.

Why did LSU pick purple and gold?

Royalty, ardor, and the Mardi Gras celebration – Since ancient times, specifically the times before Christ, the color purple has been connected to the ruling classes of society. Aristocratic monarchs and spiritual leaders traditionally adorned themselves in garments of the color purple.

As a result of the time-consuming technique and high expense involved in producing purple dye, it was largely reserved for royalty. Even though purple is a hue that is frequently worn by individuals of all different social and economic levels in today’s society, it has retained its traditional connotation as a mark of royalty and noble status.

It makes perfect sense that LSU, an institution that aspired to be regarded as one of Louisiana’s best public colleges, would select the color purple as its primary hue, given the color’s historical association with monarchy. In addition to being connected with zeal, purple is a symbol of the zeal, energy, and culture that define the LSU community as well as its origins in the state of Louisiana.

Why can LSU wear white at home?

The fight for the ability to wear white uniforms in the NCAA: the history of the white jerseys Being sixth on that illustrious list teaches one all they need to know in order to fully comprehend how inextricably linked the white threads are with the wins that were generated by the warriors who wore them.

They are an integral part of the Death Valley experience and include things like not being able to hear yourself think for the better part of three and a half hours and, for the most part at least, not allowing the opponent to breathe as you suffocate them on your path to yet another triumph. If you go to, you’ll find that five of the site’s pages are devoted to the university’s illustrious football traditions.

You can bet your bottom dollar that a portion of those pages is devoted to the school’s home whites, fitting in there somewhere between the “Billy Cannon Run” and the Golden Band from Tigerland. LSU has the audacity to wear light jerseys on the road, in contrast to the majority of college football teams, which wear dark jerseys at home (another example is Georgia Tech).

In 1958, Tigers head coach Paul Dietzel made the decision that his club should compete in home games wearing white uniforms. After LSU’s victory in that year’s national championship game, it was clear that the white jerseys would be around for quite some time in Baton Rouge. But in 1983, when new NCAA regulations forbade home teams from wearing white, it appeared like the tradition was about to come to an end.

Therefore, between the years 1983 and 1994, LSU played its home games in Baton Rouge while wearing its blasphemous purple jerseys. In spite of the fact that the Tigers won the SEC championship in 1986 and 1988, devoted fans of the team frequently voiced their concern that wearing purple threads brought ill luck and that a significant Bayou football heritage had been neglected.

  • During the centennial season of LSU football in 1993, head coach Curley Hallman approached the NCAA with a request to have his team begin using white jerseys at Tiger Stadium.
  • He was denied.
  • It appeared as though The Legend of the White Jerseys was destined to be just that: a legendary piece of LSU football history, one that would live on in images but never be reenacted in a real game again.
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However, in 1995, a new coach named Gerry DiNardo helped preserve this memory. DiNardo did everything that was within his power to bring back the legend of the white jerseys. He persisted in scheduling meetings with each individual member of the NCAA Football Rules Committee, and it paid off.

  • After much back and forth with the NCAA, LSU was granted permission to start the 1995 season with white uniforms at Tiger Stadium.
  • An unranked Tigers squad defeated No.6 Auburn 12-6 in their first home game after switching to white jerseys, and suddenly everything was back to normal in the Bayou.
  • It was like something out of the pages of a movie script.

@PeterBurnsESPN @SECbooger After LSU’s victory against Auburn in 1995, here it is for your convenience. Found it last week conducting prep work. — Michael Cauble, who tweets from the handle @MichaelCauble September 21, 2015

Can you call a girl Alex?

The name Alex comes from the Greek language and means “defender of people.” Alex is gender neutral. It is a form of the ancient Greek name Alexandros, which was derived from the word alexein, which means “to defend” or “to guard,” and aner, which means “man or warrior.” The name Alex is a shortened form of both the masculine and feminine names Alexander and Alexandra.

What girl name is Alex Short?

This is a frequent diminutive form of the names Alexandra and Alexander, both of which signify “defender of mankind.” Alessandro, Alexandre, Alexandria, Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejandrino, Alexandrino, Alexa, or Alexis can also be shortened to Alex. Alex also has its own nicknames, such as Lex or Al or Axx.

What does the name Alex mean in Bible?

The name Alexander comes from the Hebrew meaning of “one who helps mankind,” which can be found in the Biblical Names database.

What color jersey does Alabama wear at home?

A decade and a half ago | Brad Crawford Avoid breaking with long-held customs. The traditional red and white uniform of Alabama is one of the most recognizable looks in college football. Alabama’s uniform is devoid of the colorful accents and helmet alternatives that have come to characterize the uniform period over the past decade.

  1. The classic and identifiable aspect of the Crimson Tide’s sets, which are similar to those of Penn State and Michigan in their lack of flair, is what makes them so distinctive.
  2. Since its debut in 1960, Alabama’s current crimson helmet has white numbers and a gray facemask.
  3. It has been the team’s go-to piece on gamedays ever since, being worn in conjunction with the team’s traditional all-white road combination or crimson jerseys while playing at home.

The white helmets that the Crimson Tide football team had used intermittently during the 1950s and 1960s were finally put out of use for good in 1971. During the 1983 and 1984 seasons, they made a brief appearance in a few of games before being retired.

  • In 1958, only a few years before Joe Namath arrived on school a few years later, the University of Alabama debuted their gameday trousers, which were white with two crimson stripes.
  • Surprisingly, the addition of player names on the backs of jerseys did not occur until the 1981 season.
  • Nike gave the jerseys of the four schools who were going to compete in the first College Football Playoff a makeover by adding a diamond-jeweled swoosh and a new Mach Speed baselayer.

This was done just before the first College Football Playoff. Alabama’s minor makeover was the team’s first apparel change in several years, joining a special outfit for the 2012 BCS National Championship Game and a Pro Combat ‘houndstooth’ alternate in 2010.

  1. Alabama’s makeover was a more subtle version of the team’s 2012 BCS National Championship Game ensemble.
  2. In 2010, the Crimson Tide and Nike entered into what is now the most costly partnership between the two parties in the history of college athletics for Nike.
  3. At least through 2018, Alabama will continue to wear the swoosh.

On a deal that pays out $3.75 million per year, Alabama has surpassed North Carolina as the state with the most lucrative agreement with Nike, which is valued at $30 million in cash. Combinations of uniforms currently in use At home, a red helmet, crimson jersey, and white pants are appropriate attire.

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Does Alabama have alternate uniforms?

Alternate uniforms are a main recruiting technique at numerous major Power 5 teams, but Nick Saban believes that players who sign with Alabama ‘get it’ in the sense that they understand what the program is all about. It is considered to be the norm. According to Saban, this is the expectation that we have.

What is Alabama softball mascot?

The tale of how the state of Alabama became known as the “elephant” begins during the 1930 football season, when Head Coach Wallace Wade had put together an outstanding football squad.