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What Is The Distance From Birmingham To Verbena?

What Is The Distance From Birmingham To Verbena
There are 55.84 miles from Birmingham to Verbena in southeast direction and 62 miles ( 99.78 kilometers ) by car, following the I-65 S route, Birmingham and Verbena are 1 hour 1 min far apart, if you drive non-stop, This is the fastest route from Birmingham, AL to Verbena, AL,

How far is Verbena from Birmingham?

There are 55.84 miles from Verbena to Birmingham in northwest direction and 61 miles ( 98.17 kilometers ) by car, following the I-65 N route, Verbena and Birmingham are 1 hour far apart, if you drive non-stop, This is the fastest route from Verbena, AL to Birmingham, AL,

How far is it from Birmingham to Hoover?

There are 7.98 miles from Birmingham to Hoover in south direction and 10 miles ( 16.09 kilometers ) by car, following the I-65 S route, Birmingham and Hoover are 13 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop, This is the fastest route from Birmingham, AL to Hoover, AL, Birmingham, AL and Hoover, AL are in the same time zone (CDT). Current time in both locations is 1:54 pm.

How far is Verbena from selma?

There are 37.91 miles from Selma to Verbena in northeast direction and 64 miles ( 103.00 kilometers ) by car, following the SR 14 route, Selma and Verbena are 1 hour 24 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop, This is the fastest route from Selma, AL to Verbena, AL,

How far is Verbena from tuscaloosa?

There are 69 miles from Verbena to Tuscaloosa in northwest direction and 104 miles ( 167.37 kilometers ) by car, following the I-65 N route, Verbena and Tuscaloosa are 1 hour 40 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop, This is the fastest route from Verbena, AL to Tuscaloosa, AL,

What is the best location for verbena?

VERBENA PLANT TYPES – Verbenas come in different types. Here are some of the most commonly grown: Purpletop verbena ( V. bonariensis ), also known as tall verbena, is an upright form with purple flowers. Hardy in USDA zones 7-11, plants grow 3-6′ tall and 1-3′ wide.

Highly attractive to butterflies and other pollinating insects, the open airy form makes this useful as a background or structural plant. Garden verbena ( V. x hybrida ), with a mounding or trailing habit, is the type most commonly grown. Plants can reach 6-18″ tall and 12-30″ wide. Hardy in USDA zones 8-11, this tender perennial is most often treated as an annual.

Dozens of varieties come in a range of flower colors. Popular for hanging baskets, window boxes, container gardens and landscape beds. Tuberous verbena ( V. rigida ), also known as slender vervain, is heat and humidity tolerant, making it a great plant for the deep south.

What is the season of verbena?

Summer season is the best season to grow Verbena (OP).

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What is the population of Verbena AL?

What is the population of Verbena?

Y-o-Y Change
Total Population 3,670 15.5%
Male Population 1,887 20.0%
Female Population 1,783 11.2%

Is Verbena indigenous to South Africa?

THIS week, Hillcrest Conservancy takes a look at the Tall verbena as part of its series of articles on alien invasive plants to help the community to identify and eradicate them from their gardens. The Tall verbena’s scientific name is Verbena bonariensis but it is also known as Purple top or blouwaterbossie (Afrikaans).

  1. Description: This species is commonly found in grassland and is often believed to be indigenous.
  2. It grows to about two metres tall.
  3. The leaves are sharply toothed, thick and rough in texture.
  4. The stem is unusually square in cross section.
  5. The flowers appear on the end of stalks during the entire summer months.

Also read: Know your alien invasive plants: Yellow Flag Iris Where does this species come from? South America. Where in SA is it a problem? It can be found throughout South Africa. What is its invasive status in South Africa? It is a NEMBA Category 1B alien invader and must therefore be removed from your property.

  1. Why is it a problem? While it may seem like an attractive plant, it is, as are many other aliens, poisonous to live stock.
  2. It will invade road sides as well as other disturbed and moist areas.
  3. How does it spread? The seeds are dispersed by animals, wind and water.
  4. Does the plant have any uses? It is used as an ornamental plant.

Its flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees. Contact Ian Pattrick on 079 909 5458 or Hillcrest Conservancy chairman, George Victor, on 073 901 3902 or e-mail

How do you care for Verbena in Tuscany?

Growing Essentials – Verbena is generally pretty happy-go-lucky. It wants at least six hours of sunlight a day, prefers well-drained soil but isn’t picky about the quality of the soil, and needs about an inch of rain a week. What Is The Distance From Birmingham To Verbena Those requirements are not unusual for most annuals, but unlike other, tougher plants, verbena does not recover well from lapses in care. Without regular attention it will turn into a burnt-up, flowerless clump of unappealing foliage. Luckily, that extra attention doesn’t take much time out of your gardening schedule.

Is verbena native to New England?

Facts – Verbena stricta is an herbaceous species of plant native to a large region of the central United States. It is introduced in the northeastern portion of its range (including New England).

Does verbena smell nice?

Verbena has a lemony scent, but it is lighter than the fragrance of pure lemon and has sweet, fruity undertones. Though widely known for its aromatherapy applications, verbena has a variety of medicinal and culinary uses as well. The essential oil extracted from verbena is valued for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic properties.

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Is verbena native to Florida?

Verbena in the Native Garden Coastal Verbena Glandularia Maritima

Common Name: Coastal Verbena, also Beach Verbena, Verbena maritima Scientific Name: Glandularia Maritima Family Name: Verbenaceae Origin: Native to Florida Height: ½ to 1 ft Width: 3′ to 5′ Growth: Moderate Zone: 10 – 11 Light Needs: Full sun Salt Tolerance: Moderate Soil/PH/Texture: Fine texture. Acidic, alkaline, sandy or limestone soils without humus Soil Moisture: Moist, well-drained Drought Tolerance: High Pests/Diseases: None Growing Conditions: ground cover; mass planting; naturalizing; container or above-ground planter Characteristics: a great perennial dune stabilizer. It adds color to the ground year-round. Purple or lavender flowers borne in clusters at the top of this 12-inch-tall ground cover stand out against the fine-textured foliage. Stems creep along the ground and root to bind the sand together. Sand builds up around the stems and foliage, helping prevent wind from blowing it back from the beach. Propagation: Plants from nurseries, it spreads once it is established. Wildlife: Butterflies Facts: Beach verbena is a Florida native, it’s not found any place else on the planet. Florida legally classifies it as endangered. Besides beach dunes, beach verbena grows in pine rock lands and in moderately wet flatwoods. Fortunately, it is cultivated for use in landscapes as a ground cover and as a butterfly plant. It’s a tough plant; has to be to survive in a tough environment. Designer Considerations: It’s easily grown in containers, and a verbena hanging basket filled with trailing varieties creates a spectacular visual accent on the patio or indoors. Used as ground cover.

: Verbena in the Native Garden

What is the common name for verbena?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Holy herb” redirects here. Not to be confused with holy basil,

Verbena officinalis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade : Tracheophytes
Clade : Angiosperms
Clade : Eudicots
Clade : Asterids
Order: Lamiales
Family: Verbenaceae
Genus: Verbena
Species: V. officinalis
Binomial name
Verbena officinalis L.
  • Verbena domingensis Urb.
  • Verbena macrostachya F.Muell.

Verbena officinalis, the common vervain or common verbena, is a perennial herb native to Europe, It grows up to 70 cm high, with an upright habitus, The lobed leaves are toothed, and the delicate spikes hold clusters of two-lipped mauve flowers. This plant prefers limey soils; it is occasionally grown as an ornamental plant but perhaps more often for the powerful properties some herbalists ascribe to it.

What is verbena used for?

Overview – Verbena is a plant. The parts that grow above ground are used to make medicine. Verbena is used for mild gum disease ( gingivitis ), swelling ( inflammation ) of the nasal cavity and sinuses (rhinosinusitis), heart conditions, depression, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

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Is verbena rare?

Verbena simplex is primarily found in the eastern continental U.S. and eastern Canada. It is rare at the edges of its range, including in New England, North and South Carolina, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The species was first collected in Minnesota in 1891 and it has only been observed four times since then.

Why does verbena smell like?

What Does Verbena Smell Like? – Verbena starts with a refreshing, lemon-like scent that gradually transforms into a sweet, fruit aroma. It also has grassy notes reminiscent of citronella. The fragrance is lighter and cleaner than that of pure lemon, making it ideal for home fragrance products.

What does verbena symbolize?

The Meaning & Symbolism of Verbena Flowers – The Essentials – Verbena flowers are traditionally seen as symbols of sacredness and healing. They have many medical benefits and have been used by various cultures to bless buildings and altars. They are also used as ornamental plants in gardens and planters.

Is verbena toxic to dogs?

Are Verbena Poisonous to Dogs – Some varieties of Verbena are safe for dogs, but not all types. If ingested, Verbena can cause a dog to experience depression, vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness. The amount of the plant ingested will determine the extent of the symptoms, so if a dog were to eat a large quantity, then the symptoms would be worse.

How long is Birmingham from Bath?

It takes an average of 3h 26m to travel from Birmingham to Bath Spa by train, over a distance of around 79 miles (127 km).

Is verbena native to UK?

About – Vervain, or verbena as it can be known, is native to South East Europe and was likely introduced here in Neolithic times, so has been long naturalised. It was widely cultivated as a medicinal herb in medieval gardens and has escaped often. It is a tall plant, with branching stems and clusters of small, purple flowers from June through to October.

Is verbena invasive UK?

More like this – Hardier verbenas are generally trouble free, although in hot and dry conditions, they can self-seed too successfully and may become invasive.

Is verbena an evergreen in UK?

are verbena evergreen? – Some of the more tender varieties are evergreen in a warm climate. The hardier types lose their leaves and even die right back to the ground in the winter.