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Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area?

Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area
Highest rated real estate agents in Birmingham

Highest Rated Number of Reviews Phone Number
Robin Owings 81 (205) 810-0989
Rosalie Pribbenow Baxter 79 (650) 753-7352
Gusty Gulas Group 697 (205) 340-5572
Brian Kelleher 105 (205) 305-8252

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Is it better to have a local realtor?

5. Stress Free Experience – For sellers, having a local real estate team can make the process stress free. Monitoring your home, showing your home to last minute requests, attend emergencies (i.e inaccessible lockbox, appliance repairs, cleanup etc.) and last minute fixes before listing are just some of the benefits of working with a local realtor.

  1. They live in the neighbourhood and will drop everything they are doing to help with your needs.
  2. Most local realtors will know the product in the area and will know how to price your home and what strategies to use to get you the most money.
  3. For Buyers, in this competitive market with low inventory viewing homes on the same day is almost necessary.

A local realtor will know the current inventory, the average prices for the type of homes, determine if they are in a good location and may have a relationship with the listing agent if they work in the same area which can benefit the negotiation process. Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area

What’s Birmingham Alabama famous for?

Here are a few: –

With a metropolitan population of nearly a million people, Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. No need to pigeonhole Birmingham as serving only fried pies and barbecue. The city is home to “the Oscars of dining,” with James Beard Foundation award winners and nominees. Birmingham is a national leader in urban green spaces. Thousands of wooded acres for biking and hiking are within minutes of downtown in area parks. The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s UAB Hospital is an international leader in health care and one of the top transplant centers in the world. Though iron and steel production gave rise to the city of Birmingham, the area’s largest employer is now the health care industry. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum has the largest collection of vintage and contemporary motorcycles in the world. Adjacent is Barber Motorsports Park, one of the finest racing facilities in the world and beautifully landscaped in the rolling hills just outside the city. Barber Motorsports Park hosts the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama, making Birmingham the only Deep South city on the North American Indy circuit. USA TODAY calls Birmingham’s Sidewalk Film Festival one of “Ten Great Places for a Fabulous Film Festival.” Since its debut in 1999, the festival has attracted filmmakers from around the world to screen their work for fans of independent cinema. The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), the global Catholic Television giant, is headquartered and broadcasts from its studios in Birmingham to millions of viewers around the world. In 1995, Mercedes Benz chose a site just west of Birmingham to build its first assembly plant outside Germany. Their visitors center indoctrinates guests on the automaker’s history. Tours of the plant are available by appointment. Birmingham’s role in America’s Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s placed the city at the center of the most significant domestic drama of the 20 th The city’s Civil Rights District is now designated a National Monument. Birmingham is known as the founding city for the recognition of Veterans Day and hosts the nation’s oldest and largest Veterans Day celebration, Birmingham is the only place in the world where all the ingredients for making iron are present—coal, iron ore and limestone, all within a ten-mile radius. Vulcan, the mythical god of metalworking, is the largest cast iron statue in the world and is second in size only to the Statue of Liberty. The statue sits high atop Red Mountain as a symbol of Birmingham’s birth in the iron and steel industry. Vulcan’s bare buttocks, facing the suburb of Homewood, measure as wide as a Greyhound bus. The Club’s multi-colored dance floor was the inspiration for a key icon in the 1970s movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta. The Birmingham Museum of Art houses 10,000 pieces of Wedgwood, the largest museum collection outside England. With the opening of Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, the state became the “Godfather of Great Golf.” Two of the RTJ courses are in Birmingham. Birmingham is home to the nation’s oldest baseball park, Rickwood Field, which opened in 1910 and hosted baseball greats such as Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Lorenzo “Piper” Davis, Willie Mays and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Tours are available weekdays. The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Kirklin Clinic was designed by world-renowned architect I.M. Pei. Sloss Furnaces produced iron for nearly 90 years during the early days of the city’s emerging as an industrial giant. Today it is a city-operated museum and recognized as a National Historic Landmark, the only facility of its kind being preserved anywhere in the world. Country singing legend and Alabama native Hank Williams spent the last night of his life at Birmingham’s Redmont Hotel before leaving for a New Year’s Day performance January 1, 1953, in Canton, Ohio. Somewhere along the way, Williams’s friend and driver found him dead in the back of the famous blue Cadillac. The Alabama Theatre is one of only a handful of 1920’s movie palaces still in operation. The “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ still rises from beneath the theater floor for live accompaniment to silent movie screenings and other events. The Irondale Café is a home-style cafeteria with strong Hollywood ties. The café was the inspiration for author and actress Fannie Flagg’s successful novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café and hit movie of half that name.

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What is the most popular realtor website?

Real Estate Website Statistics (Editor’s Picks) –

Zillow is the largest real estate website in the United States, ranked by visitor traffic. In the last year, Zillow averaged 60 million monthly visitors, In fact, 2 of the top 3 websites are owned by Zillow Group, The top 3 most popular real estate websites (Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia) earn revenue primarily from selling leads to real estate agents. With 10.2 million monthly visitors, Redfin is the top-ranking website for a full-service brokerage (works directly with consumers). The top 5 ranked real estate websites are digital-first companies., with 4.7 monthly visitors, is the top-ranking traditional (pre-internet) brokerage website.

Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area Here’s a table with the top 10 real estate websites’ traffic:

Website Monthly Visitors
Zillow 60,001,080 41,392,537
Trulia 20,764,278
Redfin 10,188,869
Movoto 6,998,761 6,011,590
Remax 5,963,444
Point2Homes 4,621,469
Century21 3,105,739
ColdwellBankerHomes 2,335,473

Source: Ahrefs

Why choose a local real estate agent?

ADVANTAGES OF HIRING A LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENT Agents come in all shapes and sizes – some agents are area specialists and some are jack of all trades covering the entire metropolitan area. So what’s the advantage of using a local area agent? – and does it actually translate into more money? Some would argue that the most important factor is to choose an agent who is active in your local area.

  1. An agent’s local knowledge and expertise will often sell a home faster for the best price possible.
  2. If you are buying or selling a home in a specific area, choosing to work with a local real estate agent can pay off big time.
  3. A local agents has the power to make your entire real estate transaction move more quickly.

They are tuned in, tapped in and networked into all the things you need to generate a great price ! Working with an agent who is familiar with the local area can provide you with these advantages:

Why should you hire a local Realtor?

Buying a home without a Realtor leaves you responsible for hiring a real estate lawyer to review all the agreements and decipher them on your own. A huge reason why homebuyers hire a Realtor is to reduce the chances of landing in a legal issue with the buyer and to have someone that’s knowledgeable on real estate laws.

Why is it important to hire a local Realtor?

1. Nobody knows it better – The obvious first reason is that they know the area. Not just from the perspective of someone who has worked there or sold some houses there. A local realtor will know the businesses in the area as well as the schools. They will know the best dog parks and the special places where the locals like to hang out.

  1. A local realtor will not only be able to tell you the best cycling routes and running trails they will know the people in the community and have an intimate understanding of the unique nuances you cannot find out about online.
  2. If you are selling your house a local realtor can sell the lifestyle along with the house.

A local realtor may have even sold your home 2 or 3 times before. They know the proximity to amenities and have the knowledge and experience to answer any question a buyer can throw at them. A local agent can market your home to the right demographic of buyers maybe its first-time buyers, a family with children or a downsizer. Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area

What is the highest paid realtor?

What is the highest-paid real estate agent? The highest-paid real-estate agent is a luxury broker. Luxury brokers earn an average salary of $142,000 per year with commissions reaching up to $10M annually. As a luxury broker, you would specialize in multimillion-dollar deals and work closely with developers, architects, and designers.

You would also help high-net-worth clients find properties for sale or rent in exclusive, high-end neighborhoods in places like Beverly Hills or New York City. A high-end property manager averages $121,000 per year. Their daily duties might entail working with tenants and real estate companies, making sure properties are in excellent condition, or resolving complaints/problems.

The average annual salary for a real estate broker assistant is $92,000. Their major responsibility is to handle all of a realtor’s administrative responsibilities, including taking calls and emails from clients, filing papers, and keeping records up to date.

The perfect career for someone who wants to work in the field but doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Real estate appraisers, on average, make $85,000 per year. Your major duty as an appraiser will be to determine how much a property is worth when it is put up for sale at auction or privately. This frequently includes examining properties, getting data from owners, and looking into previous sales in the area.

The highest-paid real estate sales manager made an average of $138,000 per year in the industry. Job duties include selling houses, maintaining contacts with clients, and growing revenue for the company. Sales managers create marketing strategies that assist them in meeting objectives while also overseeing personnel who execute deals from beginning to end.

The most well-paid property managers oversee the activities at big residential, commercial, or industrial properties like apartment complexes or shopping malls and make an average of $102,000 per year. They employ personnel to fulfill specific requirements and maximize building income through efficient management techniques such as tenant relations and maintenance procedures.

Though this job begins at $102,000, there’s a possibility to earn more than $200,000! The average real estate investment specialist earns $91,000 per year; however, with the right experience and drive, they have the potential to make up to $185,000 annually! These specialists typically collaborate with brokers to identify properties for investors or help sell large portfolios.

  • A commercial leasing manager makes an average of $89,000 per year and is in charge of finding new tenants, negotiating lease terms, and helping to maintain the highest occupancy rate feasible.
  • Their duties will also include monitoring maintenance staff members who are responsible for keeping buildings in working order between leases.

: What is the highest-paid real estate agent?

Who is the best real estate agent in the world?

DENVER, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – America’s number one ranked real estate agent, Ben Caballero of Addison, Texas, just became the number one real estate agent in the world, according to Guinness World Records. At the REAL Trends ” Gathering of Eagles ” conference in Denver today, Caballero was recognized as the first real estate agent ever to be recognized by Guinness World Records (GWR) for home sales, for having sold 3,556 verified homes in a single year. Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area America’s number one ranked real estate agent, Ben Caballero of Addison, Texas, just became the number one real estate agent in the world, according to Guinness World Records. “Being named a Guinness World Record holder is truly the highlight of my professional career,” said Ben Caballero, who continues year-after-year to exceed his own record-setting home sales performance.

“It’s incredible that, until now, no real estate agent has ever been recognized for setting a world record for home sales. I am honored” he said. The record – listed on the Guinness website – reads: “Most annual home sales transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent The most annual home sales transactions through MLS by an individual sell side real estate agent in a single year is 3,556 and was achieved by Ben Caballero ( USA ) in Dallas, Texas, in 2016.

The research was conducted by REAL Trends, based on annual home sale transactions from the year ending 2016. MLS stands for multiple listing services.” A sell-side real estate agent is defined as the listing agent. Record-breaking firsts In 2016, the most recent year all transaction data was available from REAL Trends, Caballero sold 3,556 homes, which was seven times more homes than his closest competitor (467 homes).

His home sales that year totaled a new individual real estate agent sales record of $1.444 billion, breaking Caballero’s previous record of $1.022 billion ; set in 2015 for 2,491 sales when he became the world’s first ” Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent,” “For years, our rankings have recognized the accomplishments of thousands of real estate professionals, but no one came close to achieving what Ben has,” said Steve Murray, president of REAL Trends,

“Recognition of Ben’s achievements by Guinness World Records is truly amazing,” he added. REAL Trends ranks the top sales professionals in the United States by transaction sides and sales volume. Caballero has appeared at the top of both REAL Trends ” The Thousand ” lists for both Individuals by Transaction Sides and Individuals by Sales Volume for since 2013.

  • This ranking is published midyear, annually in The Wall Street Journal and requires independent third-party verification.
  • How Caballero does it Caballero does not cater to Wall Street titans of Manhattan or housewives of Beverly Hills.
  • He is the broker/owner of, based in Addison, Texas, and specializes in new homes sales (even non-Texans) for 65 builders in Dallas-Ft.

Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Caballero invented the platform, an innovative online technology for builders that allows him to achieve these remarkable numbers. “Ben is a customer service specialist,” said Chris Hartley, VP of Sales and Marketing with Dunhill Homes, a leading homebuilder based in Dallas,

“His unique contributions to our Realtor sales and marketing efforts are a tremendous asset to the company. Dunhill Homes is honored to be a part of this historic Guinness World Record!”’s cloud-based MLS listing management and marketing platform deliver many direct and indirect benefits to builders by streamlining and speeding up many important activities for homebuilders.

Builders can quickly provide accurate data, dramatically increasing their credibility in the marketplace. Billions in sales From 2010 to 2016, Caballero’s total home sales volume totaled $7.2 billion, To put his 2016 new home sales numbers in perspective, Caballero sold an average of more than 68 homes per week; nearly 10 homes/ day, every day of the week -or more than one-and-a-half sales every business hour.

  • Caballero was a builder for 18 years and became a real estate agent at the age of 21.
  • He developed his online platform in 2007.
  • Builders interested in learning about Caballero’s services can contact directly at (800) 856-2132 x300 or email,
  • About Guinness World Records GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR) is the global authority on record-breaking achievement.

First published in 1955, the iconic annual Guinness World Records books have sold over 138 million copies in over 20 languages and in more than 100 countries. Additionally, the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition, first published in 2007, has sold more than 5 million copies to date.

Guinness World Records’ worldwide television programs reach over 750 million viewers annually and more than one million people subscribe to the GWR YouTube channel, which enjoys more than 300 million views per year. The GWR website receives 21 million visitors annually, and over 12 million fans on Facebook.

About Ben Caballero and Ben Caballero is the world’s most productive real estate agent, ranked No.1 in America for the since 2013, according to REAL Trends as published in the Wall Street Journal. He is the first and only agent in U.S. history ever to exceed the $1 billion mark for residential sales transaction volume in a single year, accomplished in both 2015 and 2016.

  1. An award-winning innovator, Caballero is the founder and CEO of ®, Inc., working with more than 65 home builders in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio,
  2. Learn more at |Twitter: @BenCaballero – @HomesUSA | Facebook: /HomesUSAdotcom.
  3. Note: You may contact Ben Caballero directly on his cell at (214) 616-9222 or by email at,

Newsroom for the media is at, Images of Ben Caballero holding his Guinness World Record Certificate are here: Ben Caballero Guinness World Record Holder – high res, horizontal (2400 x 1800) 300 dpi 3MB Ben Caballero Guinness World Record Holder – high res, vertical (1800 x 2400) 300 dpi 3MB Ben Caballero Guinness World Record Holder – web image, horizontal (640 x 480) 96 dpi 76 K Ben Caballero Guinness World Record Holder – web image, vertical (480 x 640) 96 dpi 83K Media Contact: Kevin Hawkins 206-866-1220 Related Images real-estate-agent-ben-caballero.jpg Real Estate Agent Ben Caballero Named Guinness World Record Holder America’s number one ranked real estate agent, Ben Caballero of Addison, Texas, just became the number one real estate agent in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Ben-caballeros-guinness-world.jpg Ben Caballero’s Guinness World Record Official Listing Caballero sold 3,556 homes in 2016, which was seven times more homes than his closest competitor (467 homes). His home sales that year totaled a new individual real estate agent sales record of $1.444 billion, breaking his previous record of $1.022 billion ; set in 2015 for 2,491 sales when he became the world’s first Billion Dollar agent.

guinness-world-record-holder-logo.jpg Guinness World Record Holder – logo homesusa-com-logo.jpg – logo Related Links Ben Caballero SOURCE

Who sold the most real estate?

Three-Peat: REALTOR® Breaks Guinness World Record for Home Sales—Again Real estate pro Ben Caballero is breaking records yet again. He individually sold 6,438 homes in 2020, topping his own previous world record in sales. That sales record equates to moving $2.46 billion in real estate in just one year alone.

Even Caballero is shocked he was able to break another record. “One Guinness World Record title is the honor of a lifetime. But three? It’s simply stunning,” says Caballero, founder and owner of, based in Dallas. To accomplish that feat, Caballero sold, on average, more than 120 homes a week—or 17 homes every single day of the year.

Caballero is the most productive real estate agent in U.S. history.

Where do richest people in Birmingham live?

The richest and poorest neighbourhoods across the West Midlands have been revealed, as new data on earnings showed how big the divide is between those who have the most and the least. The cost-of-living crisis has made life even more of a struggle over the past year and the data revealed the areas where the impact was likely being felt the most.

  • Families in poorer areas are more likely to be struggling to afford essentials like food and energy bills.
  • Given its largely urban, working-class population, our region is home to hundreds of thousands who face daily challenges.
  • Experiences differ in poorer areas compared to those where residents are better off and for whom life is more comfortable.

The data from the Office for National Statistics showed the neighbourhoods where the average net income is highest and lowest in Birmingham and the four areas of the Black Country, READ MORE: The area of the West Midlands named as the second poorest in the whole country Birmingham: Richest – central £52,100 | Poorest – Sparkbrook South £18,300 The data reveals the big income divide between wealthier workers living around Birmingham city centre and inner-city Sparkbrook South where residents struggle the most.

The area has been traditionally one of the most deprived and has one of the biggest benefit claimant rates in the city. And, with an average net income of £18,300 – the lowest in the West Midlands – it’s little wonder that locals here find it difficult to get by. Sandwell: Richest – Bearwood and Warley Woods £31,900 | Poorest – Smethwick North and West £20,400 We reported last week how Sandwell was named as the second poorest area of the whole country.

And that’s reflected in the data. Bearwood and Warley Woods is the most affluent part of the borough, on the edge of Birmingham. Here, the average net income is £31,900. It much lower in Smethwick North and West at £20,400. Dudley: Richest – Norton South £34,300 | Poorest – Dixons Green £23,400 The income divide in Dudley is also around £11,000 but people earn slightly more here than in neighbouring Sandwell.

  • The Dudley borough has more affluent parts on its southern fringes.
  • Norton South is where people earn most, while those who struggle the most are in Dixons Green in the heart of Dudley town.
  • Walsall: Richest – Streetly North £33,400 | Palfrey £21,200 Similarly, Walsall has its more leafy areas on its eastern edges.

And it’s Streetly North, out towards Sutton Coldfield where people earn most. At the other end of the scale if Palfrey, where the average net income is £21,200. Wolverhampton: Richest – Tettenhall South – £32,400 | Waterloo Road (Whitmore Reans) £22,100 While very much an urban, working-class city, Wolverhampton has its posher areas in the west towards Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The richest area is Tettenhall South while at the other end of the scale is inner-city Whitmore Reans, specifically the Waterloo Road area near Wolves’ Molineux ground. READ NEXT: Valesha’s nightclub owner ‘distraught’ over fatal stabbing as she responds to police comments over security 10 maps which show how tough life is in the West Midlands The Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton estates blighted by car crime – mapped Furious residents ‘threatened and abused’ by school-run parents as they block their driveways Racist thugs at West Midlands football matches getting away with it as hardly any suspects punished Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

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What is the most expensive suburb in Alabama?

1. Mountain Brook, AL – Who Is The Best Realtor In Birmingham Alabama Area The Old Mill in Mountain Brook. (City of Mountain Brook on Facebook) It’s no surprise that the number one spot goes to Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham. Historically one of the most expensive places to live in the state, the average value of a Mountain Brook home as of January 2023 is $816,214. Valued at an average $513,000 in 2018, these homes have increased by 46.2%.