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Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama?

Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama
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Who is playing with the Eagles now?

The Eagles Extend 2023 Tour – who once said they’d only reunite if Hell froze over – revealed plans for more shows to spotlight their Hotel California album this year. And, as he has done for the last several years, country icon Vince Gill is joining them.

Other members include Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit. The men will guide the touring band, orchestra and choir through the “Hotel California” album that was released in 1976 and a few of the band’s greatest hits. When Gill started playing with the group after Glenn Frey passed away, Gill endured a significant amount of venom from fans who didn’t believe he should be on stage with the group.

Frey died in 2016, and Gill started playing with The Eagles in 2017. “Because Glenn was a great friend, and in my heart of hearts, I wish I wasn’t doing it,” Gill said during an interview at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. “That would mean Glenn would still be around, but life is what it is, and you just go do what you can do because of what happens.

Those songs deserve to live on as long as they can.” Frey’s son Deacon Frey also played with The Eagles but won’t be on the new concert dates. Six new shows have been tacked on to the 2023 tour dates originally announced in November of 2021. The Eagles will now play 13 shows in 2023, including stops in California, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The tour is currently set to end April 7. Tickets for these new Hotel California Tour dates will go on sale January 13 at 10 a.m. local time. Eagles’ 2023 Hotel California Tour Dates: Feb.19 — Portland, Ore. @ Moda Center Feb.21 — San Jose, Calif. @ SAP Center at San Jose Feb.24 — Palm Springs, Calif.

  1. Acrisure Arena Feb.25 — Palm Springs, Calif.
  2. Acrisure Arena March 1 — Phoenix, Ariz.
  3. Footprint Center March 3 — San Diego, Calif.
  4. Pechanga Arena San Diego March 25 — Jacksonville, Fla.
  5. VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena March 28 — Tampa, Fla.
  6. Amalie Arena March 30 — Columbia, S.C.
  7. Colonial Life Arena April 1 — Knoxville, Tenn.

@ Thompson-Boling Arena April 4 — Greensboro, N.C. @ Greensboro Coliseum April 7 — Newark, N.U. @ Prudential Center : The Eagles Extend 2023 Tour

Who’s replacing Glenn Frey on the Eagles tour?

The Eagles tour 2022 band lineup – Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill continues to tour with the band, a position he adopted in 2017, roughly a year after co-founding member Glenn Frey died. The Eagles tour in 2022 will include Gill joining Don Henley, Timothy B.

  • Schmit and Joe Walsh.
  • Deacon Frey, Glenn’s son, toured with The Eagles for more than four years following the death of his father in 2016, but it was recently announced he will not be on upcoming dates with the band.
  • Deacon Frey has devoted the past 4½ years to carrying on his father’s legacy and, after some weeks of reflection, he now feels that it is time for him to forge his own path.

We understand, completely, and we support him in whatever he wishes to pursue in the years ahead,” a statement posted on The Eagles website says. On tour with The Eagles: 49 years after his big break with The Eagles, Jim Ed Norman is on his first tour with them Story Behind the Song: The Eagles’ ‘In The City’ Tickets for the Nashville shows are on sale sale via,

Is Deacon playing with the Eagles?

The six-time GRAMMY winning band has made the surprise announcement of additional tour dates this coming fall | GRAMMYs / Aug 15, 2017 – 11:49 pm For anyone counting, Eagles drummer and founding member Don Henley is officially 0 for 2 on claiming his band will never tour again.

  1. Following a pair of successful and critically acclaimed festival appearances at the Classic West and the Classic East this past July, six-time GRAMMY winners the Eagles have made the surprise announcement that they have scheduled four additional tour dates this fall.
  2. The two festival appearances were the band’s first performances in the wake of the tragic passing of guitarist and lead vocalist Glenn Frey at the age of 67 in early 2016.
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Taking the late, iconic lead singer’s place on both vocals and guitar for the upcoming dates will be his son Deacon Frey, alongside 21-time GRAMMY winning Country singer/songwriter Vince Gill, Following a heartfelt in memoriam tribute to the elder Frey at the 58th GRAMMY Awards alongside Jackson Browne, Henley had been quoted in March of 2016 as saying the band would not be touring again, calling the GRAMMY tribute a “fitting farewell.” Yet there still seemed to be a need to sayfarewell to the fans themselves who’d followed the band during its now 46+ year run, an opportunity the band had at the east and west editions of the Classic festival.

  1. However, with a band this great, it’s well-nigh impossible to say no when the fans demand an encore, and demand they have.
  2. Thus longtime followers of the group may remember back to 1982, when Henley was first asked if the band would ever play together again following their 1980 disbanding, to which he simply responded “When Hell freezes over.” Ashley Campbell Pens Letter To Father Glen Campbell James Brown changed the sound of popular music when he found the power of the one and unleashed the funk with “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.” Today, funk lives on in many forms, including these exciting bands from across the world.

| GRAMMYs / Nov 25, 2022 – 04:23 pm It’s rare that a genre can be traced back to a single artist or group, but for funk, that was James Brown, The Godfather of Soul coined the phrase and style of playing known as “on the one,” where the first downbeat is emphasized, instead of the typical second and fourth beats in pop, soul and other styles.

  1. As David Cheal eloquently explains, playing on the one “left space for phrases and riffs, often syncopated around the beat, creating an intricate, interlocking grid which could go on and on.” You know a funky bassline when you hear it; its fat chords beg your body to get up and groove.
  2. Brown’s 1965 classic, “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag,” became one of the first funk hits, and has been endlessly sampled and covered over the years, along with his other groovy tracks.

Of course, many other funk acts followed in the ’60s, and the genre thrived in the ’70s and ’80s as the disco craze came and went, and the originators of hip-hop and house music created new music from funk and disco’s strong, flexible bones built for dancing.

  1. Legendary funk bassist Bootsy Collins learned the power of the one from playing in Brown’s band, and brought it to George Clinton, who created P-funk, an expansive, Afrofuturistic, psychedelic exploration of funk with his various bands and projects, including Parliament-Funkadelic,
  2. Both Collins and Clinton remain active and funkin’, and have offered their timeless grooves to collabs with younger artists, including Kali Uchis, Silk Sonic, and Omar Apollo; and Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, and Thundercat, respectively.

In the 1980s, electro-funk was born when artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Man Parrish, and Egyptian Lover began making futuristic beats with the Roland TR-808 drum machine — often with robotic vocals distorted through a talk box. A key distinguishing factor of electro-funk is a de-emphasis on vocals, with more phrases than choruses and verses.

The sound influenced contemporaneous hip-hop, funk and electronica, along with acts around the globe, while current acts like Chromeo, DJ Stingray, and even Egyptian Lover himself keep electro-funk alive and well. Today, funk lives in many places, with its heavy bass and syncopated grooves finding way into many nooks and crannies of music.

There’s nu-disco and boogie funk, nodding back to disco bands with soaring vocals and dance floor-designed instrumentation. G-funk continues to influence Los Angeles hip-hop, with innovative artists like Dam-Funk and Channel Tres bringing the funk and G-funk, into electro territory.

  • Funk and disco-centered ’70s revival is definitely having a moment, with acts like Ghost Funk Orchestra and Parcels, while its sparkly sprinklings can be heard in pop from Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and, in full “Soul Train” character, Silk Sonic,
  • There are also acts making dreamy, atmospheric music with a solid dose of funk, such as Khruangbin ‘s global sonic collage.

There are many bands that play heavily with funk, creating lush grooves designed to get you moving. Read on for a taste of five current modern funk and nu-disco artists making band-led uptempo funk built for the dance floor. Be sure to press play on the Spotify playlist above, and check out’s playlist on Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora,

Do the Eagles have an opening act?

There actually isn’t an opening act for this Eagles tour. This shouldn’t disappoint fans, however, since the main act generally performs incredibly lengthy setlists that don’t afford any time for an opener.

Who is touring with the Eagles 2023?

The group has added shows in Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey & more. Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama Vince Gill, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit and Don Henley of The Eagles perform onstage during ‘An Evening with The Eagles’ at The Forum on September 14, 2018 in Inglewood, California. Scott Dudelson/GI Iconic rock group Eagles — Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, along with Vince Gill — are extending their Hotel California 2023 Tour, with the addition of six new shows.

How long does the Eagles concert last 2023?

Page 2 – With over five decades of collective and individual achievements among them, have reached rarified air. Nearly all the original members of the country-rock group that are on speaking terms with founding member Don Henley are still alive, still in remarkably good health, and somehow looking far younger than their actual ages.

Their music still sells at a comfortable clip as well as popping up with regularity on classic rock radio and streaming playlists named “OK, Boomer.” In 2023, the Eagles are now more an institution than a musical group. And like most artists of their vintage, seeing the group live becomes a matter of both excitement and trepidation.

How well or poorly can these men replicate the songs of their youth? The answer to that question: impressively well. On Sunday night at Portland Oregon’s Moda Center, as the band opened up their tour (get tickets ), they hit nearly every mark and still managed to toss a few surprises into their three-hour set.

First, though, Eagles needed to deal with the business at hand. As this run of shows is dubbed the 2023 “Hotel California Tour,” the band got underway by playing their 1976 album in full. This included a corny bit of stagecraft with a wizened looking gent opening the night by traipsing slowly across stage with a copy of Hotel California under his arm before laying the LP on a turntable and dropping the needle.

(The side flip was handled later by a buxom blonde in a suggestive black dress.) From there, the Eagles — these days consisting primarily of Henley, bassist Timothy B. Schmit, guitarist Joe Walsh, and fantasy camp lottery winner Vince Gill — steadily knocked out each song on the record in order, with every moment recreated with care and accuracy.

  1. That meant pulling in members of the Oregon Symphony and a choir from the University of Portland to augment the lusher moments of “Wasted Time,” “Pretty Maids All in a Row,” and “Last Resort.” The album’s status as an all-timer is secure.
  2. After a short break, the band returned to play, as Henley put it, “everything we know.” It was in the second set that the pleasant surprises and light stumbles came into play.

The biggest moment of the night came when Henley introduced guest Deacon Frey to the stage. The son of the late Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, he was brought into the fold following the death of his father in 2016 but last year announced his departure from the group in order to, according to the press release, “forge his own path.” Yet, here he was again, lending his youthful glow to a few songs — “Already Gone” and “Take It Easy,” among them — once sung by his dad.

It gave a welcome lift to an already elevated arena show. Then there was Joe Walsh. The 75-year-old’s pact with Satan, which has helped him survive all manner of chemical dependencies and much personal turmoil, seems very much in place. His face was still an amoebic mass, warping and distending in response to his aqueous guitar solos and his own vocals, but what came out of it was lucid and strong.

Walsh took an impressive amount of the spotlight, knocking out his Hotel California song, “In the City,” and a trio of tunes from his life outside Eagles with a supremely joyful countenance. If, at times, it looked like he was pulling it all out from deep within his core as he sang “Life’s Been Good” and “Rocky Mountain Way,” his performance never diminished.

Only Schmit revealed the effects of aging on his voice. His previously angelic tones on “I Can’t Tell You Why” sounded far more earthbound but no less pleasant to hear. Henley, too, has lost a little bit of the punch in his drumming, something that became apparent when the band’s touring percussionist took over the kit.

The show itself was remarkable enough, but what came out of the evening was a sense of how dedicated the remaining Eagles are to one another and to the people in their employ. As Henley noted when introducing the members of the Oregon Symphony, the white-haired gentleman leading those players was Jim Ed Norman, an arranger and producer who had worked on most of the band’s studio albums.

  • Seated next to this writer in the arena was the son of Henley’s personal assistant, who told me that his dad had been working with the artists for the better part of 50 years.
  • The band’s tour manager has been with them since the beginning.
  • It seems that if you can stick it out with the Eagles, you’re in for life.

That was certainly the case for their many fans who swarmed the arena. For many, they’ve been listening to and loving the Eagles for their entire lives. Their dedication to the group is strong and unyielding. Neither the small hiccups in the show nor the recap of an exhausted writer will ever change that.

Eagles’ “Hotel California Tour” runs through April; get tickets, Setlist Part One: Hotel California New Kid in Town Life In The Fast Lane Wasted Time Wasted Time (Reprise) Victim of Love Pretty Maids All in a Row Try and Love Again The Last Resort

: Eagles Kick Off 2023 “Hotel California Tour” with a Few Surprises

Why did Deacon Frey quit the Eagles?

Deacon Frey departs Eagles after filling in for late father

The son of founding Eagles member Glenn Frey is calling it quits with the band.Deacon Frey, who filled in for the band after the death of his father in 2016, is leaving the Eagles, the band Wednesday.The younger Frey took over for his father when the Eagles returned to the stage in 2017.

“Deacon Frey has devoted the past 4 ½ years to carrying on his father’s legacy and, after some weeks of reflection, he now feels that it is time for him to forge his own path,” the band’s statement said. “We understand, completely, and we support him in whatever he wishes to pursue in the years ahead.” The statement praised Deacon Frey’s “admirable efforts” fulfilling his father’s legacy and said he “is always welcome to join us onstage at any future concerts, if he so desires.” Bernie Leadon, from left, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh and Steuart Smith perform a tribute to Glenn Frey at the 58th annual Grammy Awards on Monday, Feb.15, 2016, in Los Angeles. “We hope our fans will join us in wishing Deacon the very best as he moves into the next phase of his career,” the statement concluded.

  1. Deacon Frey, 26, was noticeably absent when the Eagles began their “Hotel California 2022 Tour” in February.
  2. The band said in a Facebook post at the time that he wouldn’t be performing because of an illness and would rejoin the band “based on his recovery and doctor’s recommendations.” from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia in January 2016.

He was 67. The Eagles, who performed without Deacon Frey in South Florida in February, will resume touring Tuesday in Columbus, Ohio. Scripps Only Content 2022 : Deacon Frey departs Eagles after filling in for late father

Who is the new lead singer for the Eagles?

Eagles (band) – Wikipedia American rock band (formed 1971) “The Eagles” redirects here. For other bands and other uses, see, Eagles The Eagles in 2008 during their (left to right): Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, and (behind them) touring drummer Scott F. Crago Background informationOrigin,, U.S.Genres

Years active

  • 1971–1980
  • 1994–2016
  • 2017–present



Past members

Website The Eagles are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971. With five number-one singles and six number-one albums, six and five, the Eagles were one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s in North America. Founding members (guitars, vocals), (drums, vocals), (guitars, vocals), and (bass guitar, vocals) were recruited by as band members, some touring with her, and all playing on her, before venturing out on their own on ‘s new label.

Their debut album, (1972), spawned two top-20 singles in the US and Canada: “” and “”. The next year’s follow-up album,, peaked at only number 41 in the US, although the song “” became a popular track. In 1974, guitarist joined, and produced the top-40 hit “” and the Eagles’ first number-one song in the US and Canada, “”, which made the top 15 in Australia, their first hit overseas.

In 1975, the album became their first number-one album in the US and a top-10 album in many countries. It included the US number-one hit “”, which was their first top-10 hit outside of North America, and US top-five songs “” and “”. Also in 1975, guitarist and vocalist replaced Leadon.

  1. 1976) is the, with 38 million sold, and primed the public for the late 1976 release of, which would sell more than 26 million copies in the US (ranking third all-time for US sales), and more than 32 million copies worldwide.
  2. The album yielded two number-one singles in the US and Canada, “” and “”, the latter of which became their only top-10 hit in the United Kingdom, while also reaching the top 10 in New Zealand and many European countries, including number two in France.

Meisner was replaced by in 1977. The Eagles released their last studio album for nearly 28 years in 1979 with, spawning the North American number-one song “”, which became their biggest hit in Australia (number 13), and the North American top-10 hits “” and “”.

The Eagles broke up in 1980 but reunited in 1994 for the album, a mix of live and new studio tracks, and toured consistently. In 2007, the Eagles released, their sixth number-one album in the US, and in 2008 launched the, In 2013, they began the extended in conjunction with the documentary release,,

Following Frey’s death in January 2016, the Eagles re-formed in 2017, with Glenn’s son Deacon Frey and sharing lead vocals for Frey’s songs prior to the former’s departure in 2022. The Eagles are one of the, having sold more than 200 million records, including 100 million sold in US alone.

Is Vince Gill still touring with the Eagles?

Eagles With Vince Gill Announce New Concerts for Hotel California 2023 Tour Iconic rock group — Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, along with — are extending their Hotel California 2023 Tour, with the addition of six new shows. The tour features the band playing their signature 1976 Hotel California album — which includes classics like the title track as well as “Life in the Fast Lane” and “New Kid in Town” — in its entirety, plus a selection of other greatest hits.

  1. More from Billboard The new shows find the band making stops in Knoxville, Tenn.; Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla.; Columbia, S.C.; Greensboro, N.C.; and Newark, N.J.
  2. A limited number of VIP packages will go on sale Jan.12, while tickets go on sale Jan.13.
  3. The tour launches Feb.19 in Portland, Ore., and runs through April 7 in Newark.
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The group also has a concert prior to the tour launch, with a show Feb.17 in Lincoln, Calif. Music Hall of Fame member Gill began playing with the Eagles in 2017, joining the group alongside Deacon Frey, son of late Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, who in 2016.

Gill’s first performances with the band were a pair of bicoastal festival, Classic West and Classic East, in 2017. Deacon Frey left the outfit last year. Hotel California has been certified 26 times multiplatinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and garnered the band two of their six Grammy Awards, for record of the year (“Hotel California”) and best arrangement for voices (“New Kid in Town”).

The band, which formed in 1971, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 and received the Kennedy Center Honors in 2016. The group has also seen success in and has had clear influence on the country music genre, with “Lyin’ Eyes” (sung and co-written by Frey) becoming a top 10 hit on Billboard ‘s Hot Country Singles chart in 1975. : Eagles With Vince Gill Announce New Concerts for Hotel California 2023 Tour

Who is replacing Deacon Frey?

The Eagles Divvying Up Deacon Frey’s Parts On Stage With the Eagles now on the road minus guitarist/vocalist Deacon Frey, his bandmates are divvying up his vocal spotlights throughout the show. Deacon — the son of the band’s late co-founder Glenn Frey — has been a part of the band since 2017.

  1. He’s sitting out of the band’s current shows under doctor’s orders due to an unspecified illness.
  2. With Deacon sidelined, Vince Gill is now taking the lead on “Take It Easy” and “Already Gone” and bassist Timothy B.
  3. Schmit now handles vocals on “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” Vince Gill told us that he accepted the gig touring with the Eagles with absolutely no preconceived notions and was willing and eager to tackle whatever the band needed from him: SOUNDCUE (:23 OC:,

the best part) Vince Gill On Performing With The Eagles : : The Eagles Divvying Up Deacon Frey’s Parts On Stage

How much does Vince Gill make with the Eagles?

Music Tours – Besides album sales, Vince Gill also makes money from music tours. During his musical tour to Morristown, he sold approximately 1,281 tickets and earned $120,935 from the show. He also performed at the Kodak Center in Rochester, where he made $145,987.

Is Deacon leaving the show?

All Soaps Comings & Goings

Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama Credit: John Paschal/JPI Let’s be honest: We’ve been worried about The Bold and the Beautiful ‘s Deacon. After all, people who get caught up in Sheila’s schemes tend to have very, very bad things happen to them. Just ask Lance, the former neighbor whom she killed with a swarm of bees.

(Yes, bees!) We’ve been routinely calling Deacon out for letting the loon live with him, yet there she has remained, a major threat to not only his parole but his relationship with daughter Hope. Surely, this won’t end well, right? Well, perhaps Deacon is smarter than we’ve been giving him credit for.

Why do we say that? Because it looks like portrayer Sean Kanan has inked a deal which will keep him (and, presumably, his sexy alter ego) for quite some time. Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama “I’m having a blast,” he told Daytime Confidential of his latest soap stint. “I just signed on for another two-year contract.” And while we might be somewhat confounded by the Sheila/Deacon relationship, Kanan understands it perfectly, as does her portrayer, Kimberlin Brown.

” were talking about this, and a lot of people initially didn’t want Deacon to get involved with Sheila for very good reasons.” But a chat with one of the show’s producer/directors, Cindy Popp, helped him see things differently. She explained that if you can convince a viewer to like something they’d previously opposed, you’ve created a fan.

More: Is Brooke really going to hook up with ? “You kind of have to drag them across hot glass to get them there,” Kanan said, “but once you do, they’re committed. They’re in it. So I like that. I like that challenge. I like being paired with people you might not ostensibly think Deacon is going to be paired with.” Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama While Sheila seems like an unlikely long-term partner for Deacon, she’s far from the only potential love interest on the canvas. Like us, viewers loved his all-too-brief friendship/flirtation with Taylor. Might he be just the person to help heal her heart when Ridge hurts her yet again and we’re all acknowledging that’s pretty much inevitable, right? Still others wouldn’t mind seeing Deacon reunite with Hope’s mom, Brooke.

Do the Eagles always sell out?

Philadelphia Eagles fans get a bad rep, but it’s partly due to their fierce loyalty to the team – ESPN Say what you will about Philadelphia fans, but the Eagles had zero trouble selling out their playoff game against New Orleans, unlike the other three teams hosting games on wild-card weekend.

There was never a concern the game would be blacked out locally. The Eagles didn’t need the NFL to extend the deadline so that they could have their corporate partners jump in and save the day at the last minute. Nope. Eagles fans bought tickets. All of them. Quickly. Green Bay, Cincinnati and Indianapolis sold all of their tickets, too.

It just took awhile. And it took help. Blizzard-like conditions? So what. A little snow wasn’t enough to keep Philly fans from showing up to The Linc in Week 14. Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images Ninety-two percent of Eagles season-ticket holders agreed to buy playoff tickets last Friday, before the Eagles had won the NFC East to qualify for the postseason.

On Monday, after Philadelphia beat Dallas to win the division and make the playoffs for the first time since 2010, that number jumped to 96 percent. On Tuesday, the team made the 5,000 remaining tickets available for purchase, half at 10 a.m., the other half at noon. The first 2,500 were gone by 10:05 a.m.

and the second batch was gone by 12:05 p.m. “It’s overwhelming,” Eagles president Don Smolenski said. “I think it speaks to the fan base and it speaks to the sports city that is Philadelphia. Philadelphia and the people of Philadelphia, whether it’s the Flyers, the Phillies, the Sixers, the Eagles, they’re there, and they’ve been there through the good times and through the not-so-good times.

All the teams know that. They appreciate it. They respect it. They’re grateful for it. It makes you feel proud.” The convenient narrative outside of the Delaware Valley is that Eagles fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus and cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending injury at Veterans Stadium. Philly fans will never escape those moments, no matter how classy of an ovation they gave Andy Reid or or when each came back wearing another team’s colors.

Yes, the fans are loud. Yes, they can be nasty. Yes, it is unwise to wear another team’s jersey – particularly the Cowboys’ – to Eagles home games. Yes, there is what Smolenski called a “police reception center” in the bowels of the stadium that gets used with regularity.

  1. Fifteen fans were arrested at the last home game in Week 16 against Chicago; 68 were ejected.
  2. But Eagles fans show up.
  3. Every home game has been sold out since the second game of the 1999 season.
  4. There are 40,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets.
  5. Nearly 70,000 people were in attendance for the Snow Bowl game in Week 14 against the Lions, when 8 inches of snow fell throughout the game and the wind chill was 20 degrees.

Just about everybody stayed. The weather forecast for Saturday night isn’t as bad as it is for Green Bay, Wis., on Sunday, but it is going to be frigid. The region got blanketed with yet another snowstorm that began Thursday and rolled into Friday morning.

  1. The conditions at the Linc will be far from ideal.
  2. And yet the place will be packed.
  3. Philly fans want to see a winner, sure, but they want to see a team that is reflective of them.
  4. They want players to work hard, to care, to maximize their potential, whatever that potential is.
  5. Philadelphia is a blue-collar city that is proud of and passionate about its professional sports teams.

Fans there want nothing more than for the Eagles to have a parade down Broad Street. One former team employee used to joke during the Reid era that if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, they would have to remain in the Super Bowl city for at least a couple of days because Philadelphia would be on fire.

And he was probably right. First-year coach Chip Kelly has seen it in the short time he has been in Philadelphia. “Just the memories that you kind of think back and listen to them, the ‘We want Dallas’ chants in the Chicago game or just how loud they were in the Detroit game in the snow,” Kelly said earlier this week.

“And there were a couple times that I don’t think we could see the crowd because of how hard it was snowing down there. “But they have been unbelievable, and I think it’s the fact that we got a chance to win the division and get to come and play a game back at home is huge for us, and we are excited about playing at the Linc.

  1. We know it’s going to be rocking on Saturday.” Against a team like the Saints, playing at home is a huge advantage.
  2. After enduring a 10-game home losing streak that stretched back to last season, the Eagles have won four straight at home.
  3. New Orleans was undefeated at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome but was just 3-5 away from it and the team was vastly different on the road.

So home field in this one should matter. If the Eagles win, it will be their first home playoff victory since the 2006 season, when they beat the Giants at home in a wild-card game before losing at New Orleans in the divisional round. Seven years isn’t an eternity – ask Cincinnati, which hasn’t won a playoff game since the 1990 season – but for Eagles fans, it is.

All they want is a ring. Philadelphia has played in two Super Bowls, but lost them both. That lack of a Lombardi trophy is part of what fuels the fans’ desperation. It is the one professional sports void in a city rich with tradition. Philly fans are tough. Philly fans can be unruly. But there was never a doubt that Philly fans would show up Saturday night.

That’s what they do. I know. For the past 14 years, I’ve lived here. : Philadelphia Eagles fans get a bad rep, but it’s partly due to their fierce loyalty to the team – ESPN

Why isn t Don Felder touring with the Eagles?

The Eagles have seen quite a few lineup changes over the years, but few of them shook the band up quite like guitarist Don Felder ‘s departure. The Eagles fired Felder from the band on Feb.6, 2001, touching off a series of events from which his relationship with the other musicians would never recover.

Felder joined the band in 1974, and he had an immediate impact on the group, which was in the process of transitioning from the country-rock stylings of early hits including “Take It Easy,” “Peaceful, Easy Feeling” and “Best of My Love” into a more rock-edged sound. Felder was much more of a rock guitarist than their original guitarist, Bernie Leadon, and his contributions to the band were major, not only as an instrumentalist but also as a co-writer on songs including “Victim of Love,” “Those Shoes” and even “Hotel California.” But problems developed between Felder and some of the other band members, especially singer-guitarist Glenn Frey,

That came to a head at a concert in Long Beach, Calif., in 1980, when Frey and Felder clashed backstage before the show and subsequently taunted each other with threats of violence on stage in front of the fans during the show. The band took a break for 14 years after that, and fans and even the musicians were surprised when the Eagles got back together for a tour in 1994 with the pre-breakup lineup of Frey, Don Henley, Felder, Joe Walsh and Timothy B.

Schmit, That lineup toured steadily from 1994 until Felder’s dismissal in 2001, but there was still a great deal of turbulence behind the scenes in regard to Felder, who was unhappy with Henley and Frey’s dominance in the band and the fact that he was no longer an equal financial partner in the Eagles under the terms of the reunion.

It was Henley and Frey’s decision to fire Felder, and he responded by suing them, alleging wrongful termination, as well as breach of contract and fiduciary duty. That litigation settled out of court after several years of legal wrangling, and the terms were never disclosed.

Henley and Frey subsequently sued to try to stop the publication of Felder’s tell-all book about his time in the Eagles, which delayed its publication by two years. Finally published in 2009, Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles offered a scathing portrayal of Henley and Frey as power and money-mad dictators who ran the Eagles with an iron fist and arranged underhanded ways of keeping as much of the resulting money for themselves as they could.

The book would provide the final nail in the coffin of Felder’s relationship with the other Eagles. Though past members Leadon and Randy Meisner were invited to participate in The History of the Eagles Tour in 2013, Felder was notably passed over, and as far as is publicly known, he has never spoken to anyone in the band since 2001.

  1. It’s a situation Felder says he wishes he could change.
  2. I’m a firm believer that people that have been such a substantial part of your life should not be slashed out.
  3. People that are good people, I like to keep in my life,” Felder told Ultimate Classic Rock in 2013.
  4. I have reached out numerous times to the Eagles, directly and indirectly, with a warm handshake — not asking for anything, just conciliatory well-wishes — and the only response I’ve ever heard is from their lawyers.

So I would say that’s a place they’ll have to arrive to on their own, if ever.” Felder never got the chance to mend fences with Frey before the singer died in January of 2016. In a statement after Frey’s unexpected death at the age of 67, Felder said he was left “with a very heavy heart filled with sorrow,” pointing out that he and Frey had been like brothers at times, and like brothers, they had fought.

Why can’t they ride the Eagles?

Movie fans should be able to figure it out on their own – Who Is With The Eagles In Birmingham Alabama Image: New Line Cinema Perhaps Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy didn’t underline this enough, but everything the Fellowship does on the Ring Quest is to maintain Sauron’s ignorance of its existence. The moment the Dark Lord realizes there is a plan to destroy the Ring rather than use it, he would turn his entire operation into a Find Frodo Free For All.

That’s why Gandalf and Elrond assemble a small group to sneak into Mordor in Fellowship, It’s why Gandalf and Aragorn actively mislead Sauron into thinking the Ring is in Minas Tirith in The Return of the King, The eagles plan is cool, but it’s not secret. The Fellowship can’t ride eagles to Mordor because of the giant, flying snake-dragon monsters ridden by One-Ring-sensing warrior kings and their half-mile-wide aura of fear.

The moment the eagles swooped in, the Fellowship would show its hand, and if the plan failed, Sauron would recover the Ring and instantly reunite with a power he hasn’t held in 6,000 years. If the Ringbearer dies in Moria, or on top of a mountain, or unseen in the Dead Marshes, or is slain by squabbling orc kidnappers, then the Ring would be lost once again, to the forces of good and evil.

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Why is Vince Gill with the Eagles?

Here’s What Vince Gill Has to Say to Those Thrashing Him for Joining The Eagles The Eagles have been in the industry for so long that their fanbase grew, extending to the new generations. As the world change along the years, so are the highs and lows of everyone living in it.

  • But people will always have a knack for the original, and as precious as it may sound, here comes The Eagles’ heart for change with Vince Gill joining the renowned group in 2017.
  • Gill stated that without Glenn Frey, who he replaced, never will be the same.
  • The Eagle fans probably didn’t grasp that possibility when Vince Gill suddenly filled up for Frey when he passed away in January 2016 at the age of 6.

Frey was in a bad shape after being diagnosed with complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. Without further notice, the fans thought that the Eagles are about to disband as remorse and homage to their bandmate.

  1. But when they received the announcement from the two parties, the joyful response later turned to trashing.
  2. The band, however, continued their legacy with a new lineup introducing Gill and Frey’s son, Deacon who played the role of their late bandmate.
  3. Despite the negative comments from diehard Eagle fans, Don Henley, Timothy Schmit, and Joe Walsh turned a cold shoulder and continued touring for old time’s sake.

During an interview at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Gill had the opportunity to address the public with his thoughts on the matter. For him, doing tours with the Eagles felt bittersweet not because of what people think. He stated how things for the band became completely different as he once observed it from a fan’s perspective.

  1. Vince Gill expressed how he greatly adores the band and how it became his favorite despite him being the ‘New Kid in Town’ as he sings it.
  2. Him joining the band is his way of paying homage to Frey by keeping their songs afloat.
  3. Gill clarified that he wasn’t replacing Glenn Frey.
  4. He simply took another spot which was open to the band at that time.

“Because Glenn was a great friend, and in my heart of hearts, I wish I wasn’t doing it. That would mean Glenn would still be around, but life is what it is and you just go do what you can do because of what happens. Those songs deserve to live on as long as they can.” Vince Gill and Deacon Frey pretty much are part of the group whether fans accept it or not.

Is Joe Walsh touring with the Eagles now?

The Eagles aren’t done yet. The legendary rock band (including Vince Gill ) have announced a new batch of tour dates featuring the iconic Hotel California album. Six additional Hotel California Tour dates have been tacked on to the 2023 calendar, bringing the total to 12, plus one non-tour show in California on Feb.17.

The run is (for now) scheduled to end on April 7, but fans could be forgiven for hoping even more dates will be added. Per our friends at Ultimate Classic Rock, the Hotel California Tour started in 2019 and paused in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 they picked back up with an aggressive slate of shows.

Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit will lead Gill and the rest of the touring band, orchestra and choir through the full Hotel California album (1976) and then greatest hits. Deacon Frey will not be present for the shows. In April, the son of the late Glenn Frey stepped away from the band to pursue his own music.

Who will be the Eagles head coach in 2023?

Wide Receivers Coach – Aaron Moorehead – Aaron Moorehead is a former NFL wide receiver who is currently the wide receivers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Moorehead played in the NFL from 2003 to 2008 for the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals.

How many picks do the Eagles have in 2023?

How Many Draft Picks Did the Eagles Have in the 2023 NFL Draft? – The Eagles had seven draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Most importantly, the Eagles’ picks were frontloaded. Four of their seven selections came within the first 66 picks — including two first-rounders — and another just outside the top 100 (105).

  • For a team that just made the Super Bowl, that’s as good as it gets.
  • MORE: FREE Mock Draft Simulator With Trades For a team already capable of winning it all as currently constructed, the Eagles focused on getting their Day 1 selections from the top team in college football, choosing to move up a spot to No.9 overall to grab Georgia DT Jalen Carter and then saw EDGE Nolan Smith land in their laps at the bottom of Round 1.

Philadelphia added another Georgia player, Kelee Ringo, in the early part of Day 3.

How long is the Eagles waitlist?

How to purchase Philadelphia Eagles season tickets? – Unfortunately, purchasing Eagles season tickets isn’t as easy as finding single-game tickets. Although the Philadelphia Eagles fan base is known as the most devoted and passionate fan base in sports, it can also make it hard to obtain season tickets for the Birds in green.

  1. Get yourself on the Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Member Waiting List.
    • Contact the Philadelphia Eagles Ticket Office at 215-463-5500 to inquire about your Waiting List #
    • Eagles season ticket waitlist is that it currently has over 86,000 names on it, making it the third-highest waiting list in the National Football League behind the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers.
    • While there’s no current estimate on how long it will take to get through 86,000 names, it may take up to 30 years for your name to get called. Yeah, that’s a long time.

2. Or skip the waiting list by Purchasing a Stadium Builder’s License from a current Eagles season ticket holder.

    • A Stadium Builder License is also referred to as, a Personal Seat License, and is a one-time payment in which you are securing the right to buy season tickets.
    • The Eagles used these SBL’s to help finance the costs when building Lincoln Financial Field, back in 2003.
    • Once an SBL has been purchased, fans are allowed to transfer or sell their tickets as they wish.
    • If interested, you can do so through the Eagles SBL Marketplace, with 204 active listings
    • Just a heads up, the least expensive listings will run you around $6,000 per seat.
    • Stadium Builders Licenses do not include the actual cost of season tickets.

Is Don Felder playing with the Eagles now?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Don Felder
Felder performing at Auto Club Speedway in 2023
Background information
Birth name Donald William Felder
Born September 21, 1947 (age 75) Gainesville, Florida, U.S.
  • Hard rock
  • heavy metal
  • blues rock
  • country rock
  • funk rock
  • soft rock
Occupation(s) Musician
  • Guitar
  • vocals
Years active 1966–present
Website donfelder,com

Donald William Felder (born September 21, 1947) is an American musician who was the lead guitarist of the rock band Eagles from 1974 until his termination from the band in 2001. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 with the Eagles. Felder was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2016.

What was the cause of Glenn Frey’s death?

Did Rheumatoid Arthritis (or Its Treatment) Really Kill the Eagles’ Glenn Frey? Glenn Frey at the 2013 Walk to Cure Arthritis in Los Angeles, CA. When the sad news about the passing of Glenn Frey hit the Internet Monday night, there were varying reports about the precise cause of the Eagles guitarist and singer’s death.

A post on the band’s website stated Frey had “succumbed to complications from, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia.” And in an interview with the entertainment and media news website TheWrap, Eagles manager Irving Azoff said Frey’s death could be blamed in part on the RA medications he was taking.

(There have been no public reports about which medications Frey was taking.) “The colitis and pneumonia were side effects from all the meds,” Azoff told TheWrap. “He died from complications of colitis after being treated with drugs for his rheumatoid arthritis, which he had for over 15 years.” While it is impossible to know, without consulting Frey’s doctors, what was the actual cause of his death – or which disease came first – Frey reportedly had had RA for 15 years and his intestinal problems date back at least 30 years to 1986, when, The Washington Post reports, he missed a benefit concert in California because of “an intestinal disorder.” Eight years later, the Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over” reunion tour was interrupted by Frey’s “bout with diverticulitis.” In October 1994, People magazine reported that Frey was recuperating at his home in Los Angeles following surgery earlier that month for diverticulitis, “an inflammation of the colon.” Arthritis experts not involved in Frey’s care say it is unlikely that RA directly caused his death, or that the medications he took for RA somehow caused ulcerative colitis, a chronic autoimmune disease that causes ulcers and inflammation in the inner lining of the colon and rectum.

  • However, some forms of inflammatory arthritis are accompanied by bowel disease, and the treatments for RA and ulcerative colitis overlap, says David Pisetsky, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and immunology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C.
  • A number of drugs, including TNF inhibitors, sulfasalazine, azathioprine, methotrexate and corticosteroids, are used in the treatment of both RA and ulcerative colitis.

These drugs work largely by suppressing the immune response that causes damage in the two diseases. While current RA treatments greatly improve the quality of life, reduce permanent joint damage and perhaps extend the life expectancy for people with RA, they are not trivial drugs, says Eric Matteson, MD, a rheumatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

They can have serious side effects. For example, by suppressing the immune response that causes tissue damage, they also increase susceptibility to infections, including pneumonia. “People with RA already have a two-fold risk of infection,” says Dr. Matteson. Infection risk also increases with age (Frey was 67) and with hospitalization and surgery.

Frey reportedly had a relapse of intestinal issues which forced the Eagles to cancel their Kennedy Center Honors appearance in December. “At the time, the band said he needed major surgery that would require a lengthy recovery,” TMZ reported. Dr. Matteson says any or all of these factors could have contributed to pneumonia.

It is no secret that many patients are very concerned over medication side effects, especially when hearing about Frey’s death. But rather than focusing on the harm the medicines might have caused, Dr. Matteson considers what Frey’s life with RA would have been like without the medicines. “Would he have had those 15 productive years? We have no way of knowing.” Dr.

Matteson says even if Frey’s death was not directly related to RA, his story sends a message of how serious RA can be. In addition to infection risk, people with RA also have increased risk of other health problems, most notably cardiovascular disease, lung problems and certain cancers.

And while life expectancy for someone with RA has improved over the last 20 years, it’s still lower than that of a person in the general population. Appropriate treatment and monitoring are crucial for people with RA, as is keeping up to date on immunizations and taking medications at the lowest doses necessary to control the disease, says Dr.

Pisetsky. Weighing the risks and benefits should be part of the discussion between a doctor and patient before starting (or ending) any treatment. Author: Mary Anne Dunkin for the Arthritis Foundation

Does Joe Walsh still play with the Eagles?

Joe Walsh
Walsh performing with the Eagles at Madison Square Garden in 2019
Background information
Birth name Joseph Fidler
Also known as “Clown Prince of Rock” “Average Joe”
Born November 20, 1947 (age 75) Wichita, Kansas, U.S.
  • Hard rock
  • blues rock
  • pop rock
  • progressive rock
  • country rock
  • Musician
  • songwriter
  • Guitar
  • vocals
  • keyboards
Years active 1965–present
  • Asylum
  • Epic
  • ABC
  • Dunhill
  • Probe
  • Warner Bros.
  • Full Moon
  • Atlantic
  • MCA
  • Fantasy
  • The Orchard
Member of


Formerly of
  • James Gang
  • Barnstorm
  • Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
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Joseph Fidler Walsh (born November 20, 1947) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. In a career spanning over five decades, he has been a member of three successful rock bands: James Gang, Eagles, and Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, He was also part of the New Zealand band Herbs,

In the 1990s, he was a member of the short-lived supergroup The Best, Walsh has also experienced success both as a solo artist and as a prolific session musician, being featured on a wide array of other artists’ recordings. In 2011, Rolling Stone placed him at the No.54 spot on its list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

In the mid-1960s, after attending Kent State University, Walsh played with several local Ohio-based bands before reaching a national audience as a member of the James Gang, whose hit song ” Funk #49 ” highlighted his skill as both a guitarist and singer.

Roger Abramson, a concert producer and artist manager, signed the James Gang to a management agreement with BPI in Cleveland. After leaving the James Gang in 1972, he formed Barnstorm with Joe Vitale, a college friend from Ohio, and Kenny Passarelli, a bassist from Colorado, where Walsh had moved after leaving Ohio.

While the band stayed together for three albums over three years, its works were marketed as Walsh solo projects. The last Barnstorm album, 1974’s So What contained significant guest contributions from several members of the Eagles, a group that had recently hired Walsh’s producer, Bill Szymczyk,

  • At Szymczyk’s suggestion, Walsh joined the Eagles in 1975 as the band’s guitarist and keyboardist following the departure of their founding member Bernie Leadon, with Hotel California being his first album with the band.
  • In 1998, a reader’s poll conducted by Guitarist magazine selected the guitar solos on the track ” Hotel California ” by Walsh and Don Felder as the best guitar solos of all time.

Guitar World magazine listed it at eighth of the Top 100 Guitar Solos. Besides his work with his several bands, he has released 12 solo studio albums, six compilation albums, and two live albums, His solo hits include ” Rocky Mountain Way “, ” Life’s Been Good “, ” All Night Long “, ” A Life of Illusion “, and ” Ordinary Average Guy “.

As a member of the Eagles, Walsh was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, and into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001. The Eagles are considered to be one of the most influential bands of the 1970s, and they remain one of the best-selling American bands in the history of popular music.

His creative contribution to music has received praise from many of the best rock guitarists, including Led Zeppelin ‘s Jimmy Page, who said, “He has a tremendous feel for the instrument. I’ve loved his style since the early James Gang.” Eric Clapton said that “He’s one of the best guitarists to surface in some time.