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Brow Beat A man throws a toilet seat at the 2006 Redneck Horseshoes contest in Dublin, Ga. Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images. Our efforts to dispel the mysteries of the modern visual landscape come to a […]

When did Volkswagen own SEAT? – After a purchase of 51% of shares in SEAT, Volkswagen increased their stake to 75%. They then increased it further in 1990 to 99.99% which meant they owned all of […]

In 1986, after 36 years of being publicly listed as an independent automaker, the Spanish government sold SEAT to the Volkswagen Group of which it remains a wholly owned subsidiary. SEAT. Headquarters in Martorell, Spain Products […]

Groups Group Length Weight Group 0+ babies Up to about 75 cm Up to about 13kg Group 1 (toddlers) approx.70 to 105cm approx.9 to 18kg Group 2/3 (children) approx.100 to 150cm 15 to 36kg What age […]