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How To Open Seat Belt Buckle?

How To Open Seat Belt Buckle
Download Article Download Article Seat belts are one of the most important safety features of a vehicle. However, sometimes obstructions inside the seat belt buckle can prevent the device from operating as intended. You might even need to remove one of the seats to make it easier to access the inside of the buckle! Luckily, rather than spending money to replace your whole seat belt system, it’s possible to fix the buckle yourself with just a few easy steps.

  1. 1 Inspect the seat belt tongue for deformities. These can cause the seat belt buckle to latch improperly or to release only with great difficulty. The tongue is the silver shaped part of the buckle with a hole in the center, also sometimes referred to as the “male” connector.
    • If the seat belt tongue is deformed, it will likely need to be replaced entirely.
  2. 2 Wiggle a thin or pointed object in the buckle. An item such as a butter knife will do nicely. This will hopefully dislodge any foreign objects that may be inside, and is usually sufficient to restore the buckle to proper working order.
    • Items like paper clips, coins, and even small toys can get lodged inside the buckle, impeding the releasing and latching of the tongue.


  3. 3 Remove the female part of the buckle from the side of the seat.

    How to remove a seat belt buckle?

    A seat belt buckle is either screwed on separately or it is fitted with the seat. In both cases, you would have to use your screwdriver to remove the female part. Removing the seat is a bit tricky but nothing a few YouTube videos can’t teach you. Get it done and move onto the next step.

    Why do you need to open a seat belt buckle cover?

    There could be many reasons you need to open a seat belt buckle cover, maybe your belt isn’t securing properly or there is a foreign object stuck inside. Wearing your seatbelt is the Law and it can keep you safe when traveling therefore it is imperative that the buckle attaches to the holder securely.

    How do you fix a seatbelt that won’t stay up?

    Seat Belt is Stuck in the Buckle ? Are you someone whose seat belt is stuck in the buckle? Perhaps it only happens sporadically and you are able to wiggle the belt out eventually with much might and patience. Fortunately, you don’t have to go about doing this for the rest of your life.

    If your seat belt is stuck in the buckle or gets this way even every so often, I have a solution for you. By following these simple steps, you will hopefully be able to get in and out of your seat belt much more smoothly and not have to worry about a stuck seat belt any longer. To begin with, most seat belt jams are a result of sticky residue buildup that has accumulated over time inside the seat belt assembly.

    Usually, the solution to this problem lies in applying some sort of lubrication. Even a small amount goes a long way and generally is all that is needed to unjam a stuck safety belt. To unjam your stuck seat belt, you’ll want to get your hands on a bottle of WD-40 or generic lubricant.

    1. Start by spraying a small amount of the WD-40 or lubricant into the entry of the seat belt pretensioner—otherwise known as the buckle.
    2. Make sure not to spray the actual seat belt material or other internal aspects of your vehicle, because the oil can leave a noticeable stain.
    3. Once you have sprayed it, let the WD-40 sit for a few minutes.

    Then, hold down and release the buckle button. The buckle should easily become undone in a swift and smooth motion. You’ll then want to reconnect the seat belt with the buckle in order for it to lock into place. Pull against the safety belt to ensure that the buckle is clasped and secure.

    Finally, soak the end of a Q-tip in some rubbing alcohol. Rub the Q-tip inside the front opening of the seat belt buckle and remove any gooey scum that is found in the buckle. To prevent future seat belt jams, you’ll want to keep both the seat belt buckle and the metal fastener on the end of the actual belt clean.

    If this entire process does not work for you, you might want to send your seat belt in to a professional company for them to take a look. You can turn to the company Safety Restore. The company specializes in the repair of seat belts and will surely know how to get a seat belt buckle unstuck.

    How do I get a closer look at the seat buckle?

    3. Remove the Buckle – To get a closer look, you must take the female end of the buckle off of the seat. In some cases, this simply requires you to unscrew the buckle, while other models may force you to take off the seat. You can find the directions for your vehicle in your service manual. Either way, it’s the easiest way to get inside of the buckle itself.