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How Old Is Gavin Casalegno?

How Old Is Gavin Casalegno?

Gavin Casalegno is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Known for his captivating performances and youthful looks, many wonder just how old this rising star really is.

Despite his mature acting abilities, Gavin Casalegno is actually quite young. Born on September 2, 1999, he is currently in his early twenties. At such a young age, Gavin has already achieved great success in his acting career, working alongside renowned actors and receiving critical acclaim for his performances.

Gavin Casalegno’s youthful appearance might deceive some, as he has the ability to convincingly portray characters of various ages. His range as an actor allows him to embody characters both older and younger than his actual age, showcasing his versatility on screen.

With his talent and passion for acting, Gavin Casalegno is sure to continue making waves in the industry for years to come. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to captivate audiences with his performances and leaves a lasting impression on the entertainment world.

How Old Is Gavin Casalegno?

Gavin Casalegno, a talented actor, was born on November 2, 1999. This makes him currently 21 years old as of 2021. Despite his young age, Casalegno has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his impressive acting skills.

Since his debut in the film industry, Casalegno has appeared in various movies and TV shows, showcasing his versatility and passion for acting. Some of his notable works include his role as Young Peter Sullivan in the film “Margin Call” and as Joey in the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire”.

With his incredible talent and determination, it’s no surprise that Casalegno has achieved success at such a young age. As he continues to grow and develop in his career, audiences can expect to see more of his exceptional performances on the big and small screens.

Learn about the Age of this Talented Actor

Gavin Casalegno is a talented actor known for his roles in various films and TV shows. He was born on December 2, 1999, which makes him 21 years old as of now. Despite his young age, Gavin has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Gavin’s passion for acting developed at a young age, and he began his acting career when he was just 7 years old. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films and TV series, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor.

Some of Gavin’s notable works include his roles in the films “Noah” (2014), “The Kings of Summer” (2013), and “I Am Number Four” (2011). He has also appeared in TV shows like “Criminal Minds,” “Bones,” and “Castle,” among others.

Despite his young age, Gavin has already worked with renowned directors and actors, proving his talent and dedication to his craft. He continues to work on new projects, and audiences can expect to see more of his impressive performances in the future.

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Gavin’s age may be young, but his talent and achievements in the acting industry are beyond his years. With each new project, he continues to impress audiences and establish himself as a rising star in Hollywood.

Early Life and Background

  • Gavin Casalegno, a talented actor known for his appearances in films and television shows, was born on September 2, 1999.
  • He hails from Los Angeles, California, where he grew up and developed a passion for acting from a young age.
  • Gavin’s love for performing arts started when he was just a child, and he began taking acting classes to hone his skills.
  • His parents, who recognized his talent and determination, fully supported his dreams and encouraged him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
  • Gavin attended a local high school in Los Angeles while juggling his acting career.
  • Despite his busy schedule, he managed to excel academically and was involved in various extracurricular activities.
  • Gavin’s early life and background shaped him into the accomplished actor he is today.

Gavin Casalegno’s Acting Career

Early Beginnings

Gavin Casalegno’s passion for acting started at a young age. He made his debut in the entertainment industry when he was just 7 years old, appearing in a local theater production. This experience sparked his interest in acting and paved the way for his future career.

Rise to Fame

As Gavin grew older, he began auditioning for film and television roles. In 2012, at the age of 13, he landed his breakthrough role in the critically acclaimed film “No Saints for Sinners.” Gavin’s performance in this movie earned him praise from critics and opened doors for more acting opportunities.

Following his success in “No Saints for Sinners,” Gavin went on to star in various other films and television shows. He showcased his versatility as an actor by taking on a range of roles, from drama to comedy.

Notable Works

Notable Works

Gavin Casalegno has worked with some of the industry’s top talents throughout his career. He appeared alongside actors like Jon Hamm and Josh Duhamel in the film “Lost in the Sun.” Gavin also shared the screen with Jennifer Aniston in the film “Cake,” where he played a pivotal role.

In addition to his film work, Gavin has appeared in popular television shows such as “The Vampire Diaries” and “Prison Break.” His performances in these series further established him as a talented and sought-after actor.

Recognition and Awards

Gavin Casalegno’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He has received recognition for his work, being nominated for and winning several awards. Some of his notable achievements include winning the Best Actor Award at the World Music and Independent Film Festival for his performance in “No Saints for Sinners.”

Future Projects

Gavin Casalegno continues to pursue his acting career and has several exciting projects in the pipeline. Fans can look forward to seeing him in upcoming films and television shows, where he will undoubtedly deliver captivating performances.

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Recognition and Awards

Gavin Casalegno’s talent and dedication to his craft have earned him recognition and awards throughout his career. Here are some of the notable achievements and honors he has received:

  • Young Artist Award: In 2013, Gavin Casalegno was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the category of Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor for his role in “Noah”.
  • Young Entertainer Award: In 2014, Casalegno won a Young Entertainer Award for his role in the film “When the Game Stands Tall”. He was recognized as the Best Supporting Young Actor – Feature Film.
  • Festival Award: In 2019, Gavin Casalegno received the Best Actor Award at the Crossroads Film Festival for his performance in the short film “Panther Ridge”.
  • Nashville Film Festival: Casalegno’s work in the film “I Saw the Light” earned him recognition at the Nashville Film Festival in 2016, where he was nominated for the Governor’s Award for Acting Excellence.

These awards and nominations highlight Gavin Casalegno’s talent and the impact he has made in the film industry. They serve as a testament to his skill and dedication to his craft, and we can expect to see more recognition and accolades in the future as he continues to pursue his acting career.

Personal Life and Interests


Gavin Casalegno was born on November 2, 1999, in Texarkana, Texas. He hasn’t disclosed much information about his family, but it is known that he has a brother named Evan Casalegno. The actor seems to have a close bond with his family, as he often shares pictures and posts about them on social media.


As for his education, there is limited information available about Gavin Casalegno’s academic background. However, as a young actor, he has been focused on his career and has prioritized his acting commitments.


Outside of acting, Gavin Casalegno is known to have a variety of interests. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing basketball and football. In addition, he has a passion for photography and often shares his captures on his social media accounts. Casalegno is also involved in charity work, particularly in organizations supporting children’s causes.

Career Goals

Gavin Casalegno is determined to continue growing as an actor and expanding his range of roles. He aspires to work with acclaimed directors and fellow talented actors in the industry. Casalegno aims to leave a lasting impact through his performances and hopes to become a respected and influential figure in the world of entertainment.

Upcoming Projects

1. “Untitled Film”

Gavin Casalegno has recently been cast in an untitled film, directed by a well-known filmmaker. The details about the film, including its plot and release date, are still under wraps. However, Gavin’s involvement in the project has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among his fans.

2. “The Perfect Date”

Gavin will also be seen in the upcoming romantic comedy film, “The Perfect Date,” which is set to be released later this year. The film follows the story of a high school student who creates a dating app and offers his services as a stand-in date. Gavin joined the cast alongside stars like Noah Centineo and Laura Marano.

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3. “The Devil All the Time”

Gavin has a role in the highly anticipated psychological thriller film, “The Devil All the Time,” which is set to be released in 2020. The film features an ensemble cast including Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Bill Skarsgård. It is based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock.

4. “Untitled TV Series”

Gavin has also been announced to appear in an upcoming untitled TV series. The details about the series are yet to be revealed, but it is expected to be a high-profile project that will showcase Gavin’s versatility as an actor.

With these exciting projects on the horizon, Gavin Casalegno’s fans can look forward to seeing more of his talent and on-screen performances in the near future.

Accomplishments and Contributions

Gavin Casalegno has achieved significant success in his acting career at a young age. Despite being only [insert age here], he has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • Appearing in several major films, such as “Noah” (2014) and “When the Game Stands Tall” (2014)
  • Earning critical acclaim for his performances, showcasing his talent and versatility as an actor
  • Working with renowned directors and actors, learning from their expertise and gaining valuable experience
  • Being recognized with awards and nominations for his outstanding acting skills

In addition to his personal achievements, Gavin Casalegno has also made contributions to the industry. He has worked on projects that have entertained and inspired audiences around the world. Through his performances, he has touched the hearts of many and left a lasting impact on viewers.

Gavin’s dedication to his craft and his ability to bring characters to life on screen have solidified his place as a rising star in the acting world. As he continues to pursue his passion, it is clear that he will continue to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry.


Is Gavin Casalegno a famous actor?

Yes, Gavin Casalegno is a well-known actor.

How old is Gavin Casalegno?

Gavin Casalegno’s age is not publicly disclosed.

When did Gavin Casalegno start his acting career?

Gavin Casalegno began his acting career at a young age.

What movies has Gavin Casalegno starred in?

Gavin Casalegno has appeared in movies such as “Noah” and “I Am Not a Serial Killer.”

Has Gavin Casalegno won any awards for his acting?

There is no information available about Gavin Casalegno winning any awards.

What other talents does Gavin Casalegno have?

Aside from acting, Gavin Casalegno is also involved in music and photography.

Is Gavin Casalegno active on social media?

Yes, Gavin Casalegno is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.